2019 Magical Dining Month at Disney Springs Options

Despite the rain and humidity, there is one thing to look forward to for September in Florida. Every year, over 100 restaurants participate in Orlando Magical Dining all month long. Throughout the Orlando area, the finest restaurants around offer a prix-fixe meal for only $35! For 2019, there are ten restaurants to choose from for Orlando Magical Dining Month at Disney Springs. I will go through each of them below and discuss the menu options. If you want to try any of these, Orlando Magical Dining Month runs from August 23rd – September 30th.

We went to Morimoto last year during Magical Dining Month and had a wonderful time. It was a great way to try a restaurant that would normally be hard to experience for less than $50 per person. Whether you are an Orlando resident or visiting Disney World on vacation, this is a fun option for getting a deal at these Disney Springs restaurants.

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2019 Magical Dining Month at Disney Springs Options

There are ten different Disney Springs restaurants to choose from with their own $35 prix-fixe menus. I have reviewed six of these restaurants and have links to them below.

Of these options, five of the restaurants are signature dining (aka two table service credits on the Disney Dining Plan). These ones are where you will find the most value from the menu options, although there are a few exceptions. You can also expect to find the meals to be an appetizer, an entree and a dessert, except at Jaleo and Wine Bar George, which are more tapas style.

I have looked at each of the menus for these restaurants and compared them to the normal menus. Most places offer the same menu items, but some do create their own specialties for this month. The other caveat is that they may have smaller portions for Magical Dining Month. However, I find it to be worth it because you still get a three-course meal at a nice restaurant for a reasonable price, and that can be hard to find. I’ll go through what I would recommend ordering and how to get the best value at each restaurant.

Enzo’s Hideaway

Value of Meal: Up to $62

Considering Enzo’s Hideaway isn’t a signature restaurant, I was didn’t expect this high of a value from Magical Dining. All the items on the prix-fixe menu here are offered on the regular menu and I don’t think the portion sizes were changed.

I have dined here a few times, and if you like Italian food, this is the best Disney Springs option. Ordering Branzino is what will really get you the most value, as that normally costs $30 alone. Add in a normally $14 appetizer and a $12 dessert, and spending only $35 ends up being a steal! The other entree options are a veggie pesto rigatoni and eggplant parmesan, so there are plenty of options to please everyone here.

Enzo's Hideaway Magical Dining Month


Value of Meal: Up to $65

I was not surprised that this restaurant is where you can get the second most bang for your buck, but I was surprised that I wouldn’t recommend it. The problem here is that the prix-fixe menu doesn’t have a lot of the dishes that they are known for. You would be remiss if you go there and don’t get some charcuterie with Ibérico ham, however that is not an option for Magical Dining.

You do get five courses which is nice, especially at such a pricey place. Of the menu items they are known for, you can still get the Croquetas de Pollo, the Gamas al Ajillo (Garlic Shrimp), the Patatas Bravas and the Paella. Since this is an individual menu as opposed to orders for the table, I would expect smaller sizes. Still this should be plenty of food and if everyone orders something different, you can get a big variety. If you only get to go to Jaleo once, I would splurge instead and get Ibéricos and Quesos, but if you like this restaurant a lot, this is an affordable way to experience it.

Jaleo Magical Dining Month

Maria & Enzo’s

Value of Meal: Up to $56

I still have not tried this restaurant, mainly because it seems like your run of the mill Italian spot. I found the atmosphere at Enzo’s Hideaway to be a lot more unique and the menus are pretty similar too. If you are in the mood for classic Italian, this is one of the three options you have here.

Everything on the prix-fixe menu is normally served. I would definitely get the burrata, as an appetizer, not only because it is usually $18, but because it is one of the best kinds of cheese! For entrees, your choices are ravioli, chicken parmesan or eggplant parmesan, so it’s pretty basic. Dessert is typical Italian options of tiramisu, a cannoli and gelato as well. I would order off the regular menu here, because it doesn’t provide a ton of value and it is serving the most simple options.

Mario and Enzos Magical Dining Month Options

Morimoto Asia

Value of Meal: Up to $52

As we found out last year, this restaurant can be hard to quantify the value of. Morimoto’s Magical Dining Month Menu is entirely different than the regular. I estimated the value but looking at similar menu item prices. Still it’s hard to tell, especially because of portion sizes.

Last year Andrew ended up with what we would say was an appetizer sized portion of pork belly for his entree. I would expect the Sweet & Sour Pork offered this year to be small as well. If I were going this time, I would definitely get the Sashimi salad because their sushi is amazing and possibly the hot pot since it has lobster and crab! Don’t count out their desserts either, as the lime crème brûlée sounds especially good!

Magical Dining Month Morimoto


Value of Meal: Up to $54

Paddlefish can be quite the costly experience, but most of the expensive items are not available on the prix-fixe. I still think this is one of the best options, as the items offered are very high quality and the atmosphere is lovely here. They also are offering items normally on the menu.

Again, the ahi poke is a no brainer for an appetizer, as I had this last time and it was so good! For those who don’t like raw fish, I would recommend the fried green tomatoes. For entrees, the most expensive is the normally $28 pork chops. However, I loved the cornmeal catfish last time, so don’t scoff at that option! The desserts are normally $10 and they have some classic options like key lime pie and cheesecake. The real struggle here will be avoiding ordering the crab or lobster for an additional price, however you may still come out ahead even with that on the side.

Paddlefish Magical Dining Month


Value of Meal: Up to $69

STK was hard to quantify, but I still think it’s the best value of all the options. I have yet to dine here, but this Magical Dining Month Menu has me intrigued enough to go. If you didn’t know, STK is a renowned steakhouse with $40+ cuts of meat.

You can definitely expect the portion sizes to be smaller here, as most options are not on the normal menu. If you want to maximize the value, the waygu sliders are the obvious best value of an appetizer. The Calamari and toy box tomatoes are intriguing as well. For a main course they are serving a coffee spiced rib eye steak of an unspecified size, but I still estimate this to be worth at least $35 alone. The Angry Fried Chicken and the Pan Seared Salmon, also sound like enjoyable options for those not feeling the steak.

This is one spot where the desserts stand out to me too. STK has a key lime dreamsicle and a Nutella banana tartlette. Hopefully, Andrew and I will get to go here this month and I will let you know if it is actually this good of a deal!

stk Magical Dining Month

Terralina Crafted Italian

Value of Meal: Up to $54

This is the third Italian restaurant option at Disney Springs and possible the weakest. I have not been here since it was rebranded from Portobello, but it’s reopening has not really given me a reason to go. If you like seafood, but not branzino, this is a better choice than Enzo’s, as it offers a catch of the day.

The other entree option to consider is the housemate porchetta, as this is something they don’t normally serve. There is also Chicken Parmesan, and I found it amusing that all three restaurants served either chicken or eggplant parmesan. The appetizers are super basic here with options of meatballs, a caesar salad or mozzarella rice balls. Same with the dessert choices or panna cotta and cannolis. I’m really not sure if Maria and Enzo’s or Terralina is a better option, but honestly I wouldn’t go to either for Magical Dining Month at Disney Springs.


The Edison

Value of Meal: Up to $51

I have been to the Edison many times for drinks, but still have not ordered food here. This is because I find the atmosphere most enjoyable late at night. They are really trying to push themselves as a restaurant here, but can’t seem to find a niche.

The food here is more American style and everything offered on the prix-fixe is offered on the regular menu. The best value is in getting the meatloaf, the caprese and the banana split. However, the entree people love here is the grilled cheese and tomato soup. I would recommend ordering that on its own, and not doing Magical Dining Month here. There’s no need to get three courses at the Edison, and you will probably spend a lot more on drinks anyways.

The Edison Magical Dining Month

Wine Bar George

Value of Meal: Up to $47

Wine Bar George is one of my favorite restaurants on this list, but still one of the worst deals here. Everything on the prix-fixe is on the regular menu, and I can assure you it is all delicious though. Instead of a three course meal, you get three small plates and a dessert.

If I were to go, I would choose the chicken skewers, the mac and cheese bites, and the jicama salad. This leads a value of only $41 though! If you planned to get dessert, you can still save $6, but it’s not a deal if you wouldn’t normally get dessert. The one upside thing about these options is that if you have 2 people you can order the entire menu and share. However, I would just not to do Magical Dining here and have the freedom to pick anything on the menu instead.

wine bar george Magical Dining Month

Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill

Value of Meal: Up to $55

This last Magical Dining Month at Disney Springs restaurant is another excellent choice. Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill is a rustic, fine dining establishment focused on California cooking. I was surprised the value wasn’t more, but a few of the items on the menu are not normally offered so it was harder to estimate.

They offer a roasted half chicken and a salmon dish that are on the regular menu, in addition to a braised short rib dish. The appetizers vary from a ceaser salad, to a tomato soup, to mussels in a white wine sauce. You can add a pasta course or a wine pairing to your meal as well for an additional fee. I think this is a nice touch if you want to splurge on a date night, but you will still be able enjoy the Magical Dining Month menu on its own as well.

Wolfgang Puck Magical Dining Month

Know Before You Go: Orlando Magical Dining Month at Disney Springs

I am pretty excited that there are ten different options for Orlando Magical Dining Month at Disney Springs. Most of these restaurants are an excellent experience as it is, and this makes for a fun new way to experience them. Even better, during this event, $1 from every Magical Dining Month meal goes to local nonprofits dedicated to helping children.

Magical Dining Month at Disney Springs 2019

Here is my ranking of where I would go for Orlando Magical Dining Month at Disney Springs. This is mainly based on value, but also how compelling the menu is.

  1. STK – Max Value $69
  2. Morimoto Asia – Max Value $52
  3. Paddlefish – Max Value $54
  4. Jaleo – Max Value $65
  5. Enzo’s Hideaway – Max Value $62
  6. Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill – Max Value $55
  7. Maria and Enzo’s – Max Value $56
  8. Terralina – Max Value $54
  9. The Edison – Max Value $51
  10. Wine Bar George – Max Value $47

The ranking would be a lot different if I was looking at just restaurant experience! Wine Bar George is one of my favorites, so I hate to put it last. I just don’t think it is worth doing the Magical Dining Menu there. Here are a few other things to keep in mind if you go.

  • The program takes place from August 23rd, through September 30th for 2019 and features over 100 restaurants in the Orlando area.
  • Reservations are recommended for these restaurants and they can be made here.  Be sure to cancel your reservation a day ahead of time, because you will be charged if you do not make it.
  • If you are not given a Magical Dining Menu, be sure to ask for one.
  • The table is free to have some people order the Magical Dining Menu and some not. However, two people cannot share one three-course meal.
  • You can order from the Magical Dining Menu for lunch and dinner.

Hopefully I get to try STK soon, and I’ll be sure to post all about it here when I do! I also want to go to non-Disney restaurants, like the Ravenous Pig, for a change. Will you be dining during Magical Dining Month?

Disney Springs Magical Dining Month 2019

For more tips on where to eat at Disney Springs, check out my best restaurants guide here! If you would like to find out more about Orlando restaurants, I have my Orlando restaurant guide here as well.