4R Cantina Food Truck at Disney Springs Review

There’s a new food truck at Disney Springs, and it beats all the other food trucks and many of the restaurants here! Disney teamed up with a local barbecue joint to create the tex-mex 4R Cantina Food Truck. How does a barbecue place also run an amazing taco truck, you ask? One word: Barbacoa.

4R Cantina Food Truck

4Rivers was determined to prepare the brisket barbacoa using a fusion of traditional Caribbean and Mexican cooking methods. The final result is absolute perfection and you can tell they worked hard on this recipe. 4Rivers Smokehouse is a beloved Orlando barbecue chain that is known for its smoked brisket. Because Disney Springs already has The Polite Pig barbecue spot that was collaborated on with another local restaurateur, 4Rivers is now proving they can do Mexican food as well with this food truck.

The resulting food truck is simple, well-done and a real crowd pleaser. We have tried three of the different entrees and have been pretty pleased with the results. Disney World is seriously lacking good Mexican food, so you’ll want to keep this place in mind for Taco Tuesday!

4R Cantina Food Truck

Location and Atmosphere

You can find the 4R Cantina Food truck between the World of a Disney store and Ghirardelli, near the  Stitch entrance. There’s not much atmosphere to speak of because it’s just a truck and some tables. There are four sit down tables and three standing tables and we have found this is not enough.

We have shared a table with other guests almost every time we have gone. Luckily everyone had been friendly, but it still can be a pain to scope out a spot. I think the food truck is a lot more popular than they expected!

4R Cantina Food Truck

The Menu at 4R Cantina Food Truck

The menu at 4R Cantina works similar to Chipotle, although there’s no assembly line. You can get a taco cone, burrito bowl, tacos or nachos as an entree. Then you choose which protein you want on that meal. The options are Brisket Barbacoa, Chicken Tinga, Pork Sofritos, Tri-Tip Steak or Black Beans.

Different toppings come on each entree, but since it’s made to order, you can swap out anything you want. The tacos and the taco cone cone with guacamole, sour cream, salsa and cheese. The bowl has the same toppings and can be served over rice and black beans or lettuce. Then the nachos also come with black beans and are obviously served over chips.

4R Cantina Menu

In addition to making one of the above items vegetarian, there also is a squash blossom quesadilla on the menu. This is priced at $10, and the rest of the menu is either $11 or $12 (guacamole isn’t extra here!).

The kids menu only consists of a cheese quesadilla for $6. There are also a couple of desserts which are dulce de leche churro balls and hazelnut nachos. As for drinks, you are much better off getting a cocktail or a beer to-go somewhere, like Wine Bar George, because the drink menu is limited. It’s just bottled water and soda and a few very basic light beers.

Our favorites at the 4R Cantina Food Truck

Andrew and I have now been three times we love it! It is one of the few easy and cheap options at Disney Springs. The first time we went, we just wanted a snack so we tried some tacos. From there we were hooked!

4R Cantina Taco Truck

We have literally only had the barbaco as a protein because it’s that good! I have never had such tender and flavorful brisket like this. In the past few months we have ordered the tacos, the burrito bowls and the nachos. We still haven’t gotten the infamous taco cone yet, only because it looks kind of difficult to eat.

Andrew loves the tacos, but I think the burrito bowl is my favorite. It always seems to have the perfect ratio or rice, protein and salsa and sour cream. The bowl ratio is my main struggle at Chipotle, so I am impressed they have these ones so down! The fact that the guacamole is included is also a nice touch, and they have a fresh and limey guacamole.

4R Cantina Burrito Bowl

Nachos and More

We got the nachos last time and both agreed that was the weakest item on the menu. There was not a ton of cheese and the lettuce was extremely overpowering. If you are really craving nachos, get it without the lettuce!

4R Cantina Nachos

We still have yet to try dessert yet. Though it does sound good, there are so many unique dessert spots in Disney Springs, that I tend to prefer to walk around and get something later. As for the rest of the menu, I think this is perfect for adults looking for a quick and tasty meal at Disney Springs. Now whenever we show up at Disney Springs without a reservation, it’s hard to resist stopping here.

Know Before You Go

  • The 4R Cantina Food Truck is located between World of Disney and Ghirardelli.
  • Seating is outdoors only with limited seating.
  • This is a counter service food truck that does not accept the Disney Dining Plan.
  • Reservations can not be made and it’s open from 11:30 AM to 10 PM every day.
  • The entire menu can be modified to accommodate vegetarians.
  • The only drinks served are Coke, Sprite, Water, and three types of light beer.

4R Cantina Food Truck has quickly become a fan favorite, so don’t be surprised if waits are long around lunch time! I am all for the addition of casual food and snack options at Disney Springs and it sounds like there will be more to come. Disney recently announced that a Mac and Cheese Food Truck will be opening soon! You know I’ll be there to try that!

4R Cantina Food Truck

Have you been to the 4R Cantina Food Truck? How do you think it compares to these other Orlando taco spots? For more tips on where to eat at Disney Springs, check out my best restaurants guide here!