Albury Court Bed and Breakfast

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In Key West, Andrew and I had the pleasure of staying in the Albury Court Hotel, which was a delightful bed and breakfast. When we first started planning our trip to the Keys, we started looking at chains or bigger hotels. However we soon found out that bed and breakfasts are the way to go as you can be closer to all the fun activities in town. This was one of the historic key inns and after reading the reviews we decided to stay there. Our room was very clean and tidy. It was small, but that was all we needed. The shower was a nice stand in one. The only issue was their was no room on the sink for me to put all my items for getting ready!

blogger image 1726630640We had a room right next to the pool, which was nice because we were right near there to relax and eat breakfast. The fountain was malfunctioning during our visit, but we actually saw them trying to fix it one day so at least they are on top of things. blogger image 1420070991This is a picture of the stairway to our room with a little visitor at the door! There were roosters and chickens and chicks everywhere in the Keys! Most of the time it was funny and cute, but it got a little annoying having to watch out for them at breakfast. The food here was pretty good for a free breakfast, though I wish they had a slightly bigger space for it. This was a perfect place to stay during our trip though and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to stay at a relaxing little Inn during their stay.