Be Our Guest

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Last November, Andrew and I finally dined at the new Be Our Guest restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. We went for lunch, but it is now open for breakfast as well, in addition to the table service dinner. The menu and the atmosphere is far superior to any other quick service restaurant at Magic Kingdom, so we had been looking forward to trying it. Unfortunately Disney had been making the system pretty difficult, sometimes offering fastpasses for it sometimes reservations. Now it is a reservation only dining experience, so you have to plan ahead of time if you want to go here.img 3925The restaurant is inside Beast’s castle and the architecture is beautiful. We ate in the ballroom, which looks exactly like the movie, but with added Christmas decorations since it was the holiday season. The tree below even features the Angel character (Angelique) from the Christmas sequel. Such a cute touch!

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The atmosphere was an A+ and I would give the food an A-, but compared to the other options at Magic Kingdom, it is definitely the best. The menu is diverse and I got the Nicoise Salad with seared tuna. This was great and much more unique then you would expect from a theme park, but it was not as filling as I would have liked for an over $10 option. Andrew got the clear winner though, the carved Prime Chuck Roast Beef sandwich. This sandwich was delectable and possible one of the best on Disney property. It was very filling and the meat is made to order and a great cut. We did not take pictures, but I am pretty sure every Disney blogger there is, has taken some, s to see the food, i recommend visiting Tom Bricker’s site . The food was great, but the only reason is gets an A- is because it is pretty expensive for quick service food.img 3937

We will definitely be back, mainly because we do not like the other counter service options at Magic Kingdom! Unfortunately, it gets harder every time to get a reservation. We are hoping the new Skipper Canteen will alleviate both of those issues when it opens.