The 6 Best Breweries in Clearwater to Try in 2024

I have already covered my top breweries for Tampa and St. Petersburg, but in this post, I want to cover the other beautiful beach area of Tampa Bay. This post is all about the best breweries in Clearwater and it covers the area from Largo to Palm Harbor.

Known for some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world and a laid-back vibe, Clearwater is also an amazing place to enjoy craft beer. In fact, there are many cute neighborhoods, like Dunedin and Tarpon Springs, to explore while tasting some craft beer.  I have tried about a dozen Clearwater breweries and I am rarely disappointed! However, there are some that really stand out to me and in this post, I will break down what I think are the six best breweries in Clearwater, Florida.

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Dunedin Brewery

One of the first Florida breweries I ever went to was Dunedin Brewery. Though my taste in beer has changed a lot since then, Dunedin Brewery still stands out as a favorite. This is the oldest microbrewery in Florida and they have been brewing small batch, European focused brews since 1995. You can find them in Downtown Dunedin, where they have a large patio and cozy taproom for beer tasting.

The brewery itself pays homage to the towns Scottish roots and you can spend a while enjoying the quirky décor. As for the beer, I love their fruit beers, likes the Apricot Peach Ale. They also make crisp, clean pilsners and lagers, which can be so refreshing in the summer. Between the variety of beer options, the menu of comfort food and the outdoor atmosphere, this is an awesome Clearwater brewery to enjoy, especially with friends and family.

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Clearwater Brewing Company

Just south of Dunedin is Clearwater Brewing Company, a local favorite by the bay. This is an open air, dog friendly brewery that is always a lot of fun. They frequently have live music, food trucks and there is even a pool table!

In regards to the beer, the name is not the only reason this place is on the best breweries in Clearwater list. They tend to have at least a dozen brews on tap of varying styles, from brown ales to session IPA’s. This is another spot that skews to more towards traditional styles. No matter if you like the Gator Guava Kolsch or the Hazy Celestial Railroad IPA, there is something on the menu for everyone.

7venth Sun Brewing Company

Arguably one of the Clearwater breweries that put the Tampa Bay area on the map for craft beer is 7venth Sun Brewing, located in Downtown Dunedin. They are also on my best Tampa brewery list, but this location is where they started. Craft beer fanatics need to visit 7venth Sun and try some sours, dark beers and saisons.

The tap list is always massive, with a mix of their favorites and experimental brews. Luckily, their flight trees allow you to try five at a time, because it is so hard to choose! Favorites of mine in the past have included the Sakura Obscura sour and the Disputed Origins Pina Colada stout. It’s pretty rare that you can find 7venth Sun in stores, so make sure to check them out in Clearwater or Tampa!

7venth sun brewery tampa

Arkane Aleworks

I love all the breweries on this list, but my favorite is probably Arkane Aleworks. Though it is actually located in Largo, it is by far one of the best breweries near Clearwater Beach and well worthy of being on this list. I first tried them at the Rocky Water Brew Fest and have ever since been enamored with their unique sours and flavorful hazy IPA’s.

The location itself is surprising, as it is right in the middle of a strip mall. However inside is immediately welcoming to people and dogs, as well as on the back patio. There are usually at least two dozen beers to try, on tap or in cans, mainly in the sour, IPA or dark side category. I love the perfectly balanced pastry sours, like the Grandma Fingers series, and they now offer pastry seltzers as well. Some people will find the beer descriptions too wild for their taste. For those that venture this way, make sure to get a flight and try something you can’t get anywhere else!

Cueni Brewing Co.

Another one of the must-visit breweries in Dunedin is Cueni Brewing Co. This charming Clearwater brewery offers indoor and outdoor seating just off the main strip. Here you can try all sorts of styles of beers on tap, in a flight or in cans or growlers. They even have gluten-reduced beer and gluten free ciders.

I love core beers like the Buzzed coffee blonde ale and the Black Revolver IPA, however, there is one beer that they are especially known for. That is the There Goes my Pickle Sour beer made with salt, coriander seeds and pickle brine. It’s one that everyone has to try once and shows the creativity this brewery strives for! Whether you pucker up for it or not, there is always something enjoyable to experience at one of the most laid-back Clearwater breweries around.

cueni brewing in clearwater

Soggy Bottom Brewing

Last on my list of the best breweries in Clearwater is Soggy Bottom Brewing. Also in Downtown Dunedin, this no-frills brewery with beer and pizza that everyone will love. Not only does it have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, but also pool tables, darts and frequent live music.

There are over a dozen house brews to choose from, as well as guest taps and wine. I recommend getting a flight of four so you can try a mix of their classics and unique originals. My favorite is the Toasted Coconut Porter, but I have also enjoyed flavorful brews like the Mint Lime Berliner and the Blueberry Maple Scotch Ale. Soggy Bottom Brewing is the quintessential Clearwater brewery with a friendly atmosphere, excellent beer and always something entertaining happening.

Know Before You Go: The Best Breweries in Clearwater Florida

The Tampa Bay area is known for excellent craft beer and Clearwater is no exception! Whether you like sours and IPAs or classic German ales, you can satisfy your craving at these six best breweries in Clearwater. Mana bey visitors end up doing a beer crawl in Downtown Dunedin, home to four of the breweries on this list. Or you can simply enjoy a refreshing brew near Clearwater Beach after a day in the sun! No matter what type of experience you are looking for, here are some things to keep in mind when checking out the best breweries in Clearwater:

  • If you are staying in Downtown Dunedin, Cueni, Soggy Bottom, 7venth Sun and Dunedin Brewing. are all within walking distance of each other. Arkane and Clearwater Brewing are each a fifteen-minute drive from Dunedin.
  • All of the Clearwater breweries listed have outdoor, dog friendly seating. However, Cueni and Arkane allow dogs inside the brewery too!
  • The tap lists are constantly changing, so be sure to check the brewery website or Facebook page if you are looking for something specific.
  • The Clearwater breweries on this list that serve food are Dunedin, Soggy Bottom and Clearwater Brewing. Arkane usually has food trucks on the weekends too.

Do you agree that these are the best breweries in Clearwater, Florida? If I missed any, comment below! For more brewery recommendations, check out my guide to the top breweries in Florida here.

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