The 7 Best Breweries in Miami to Try in 2024

Over the past few years, South Florida has seen a surge of new breweries in the area, with many creating delicious and innovative brews.  The number of excellent breweries in Miami is growing especially. On our recent trip, we made it our goal to try as many as we could, and now that I am back, I want to share my takeaways.

This post includes what I think are the best breweries in Miami as of Winter 2023. It covers taprooms from Wynwood to Doral of various sizes and experiences. Many of these Miami breweries have even made it onto my best breweries in Florida list, so this area is definitely worth exploring. I will share the distinctions of each below and hopefully, you will be inspired to try a new-to-you Miami brewery!

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J. Wakefield Brewing

The first brewery I want to highlight has been a popular spot that has only grown better over the years. J. Wakefield is one of the Wynwood Miami breweries and though its location is small, the flavors are anything but. In addition to its signature Berliners, this brewery also draws fans for its fun Star Wars theme and murals.

I always love trying different J. Wakefield beers, from their sour Bag O’ Donuts Saison to the creamy Big Poppa stout. You can get pours of different sizes and growlers and cans here, but be aware that this Miami brewery often gets crowded. I usually end up standing outside when we visit and it’s not the type of atmosphere that you can hang out in all day. However, if you are in Wynwood and a fan of breweries, Star Wars, or both, you have to stop and try some beer!

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Bay 13 Brewery and Kitchen

I probably would not have even visited Bay 13 Brewery had it not been located across from our hotel, but I am glad I did! Though it may not get a lot of attention, this Coral Gables brewery is a true crowd-pleaser. It is set up like a restaurant with lots of indoor and outdoor space for drinking and dining.

What is most special about Bay 13 Brewery is that it was started by two Australians, looking to showcase Southern Hemisphere-style beers in Miami. I found the brew style to be a sort of mash-up of Floridian flavors with a slightly European feel. There is more focus on malts and yeasts in these brews, as opposed to hops like many American breweries emphasize. It makes for a unique flavor and refreshing brews!

My favorite beer here was the Arvo with its tropical fruit notes, where as Andrew loved the crisp Larrikin Kolsch. They, unfortunately, don’t sell cans, but you can get a crowler or growler fill. For those who are not beer lovers, there is also wine, spirits, and soda, as well as a full food menu. I recommend visiting on a sunny day for a hang out on the patio and some beer paired with burrata or skewers!

Coral Gables brewery

The Tank Brewing Co.

For a Miami brewery with a fun atmosphere, one of the best options is The Tank Brewing. Just north of Miami airport, this brewery is a large warehouse with plenty to do and drink. They always offer over a dozen of in-house made brews to try and have plenty of cans to go as well.

The Tank is known as a popular place for birthdays because it is such a lively place to hang out. They have indoor and outdoor seating, pool tables, and even a cigar lounge! On Tuesday nights, there is a live comedy show that is a big hit too. If you are hungry, burgers and appetizers are available from Twisted Fork Kitchen.

Of course, the beer is the bread and butter of a good brewery experience and it is excellent here. They offer five core beers at all times that cover a range of styles. The La Playita is one of my favorite pilsners with its accents of earthy hops. However, you will also find IPAs and German and Belgian beers. European beer lovers should have The Tank at the top of their lists, as it is one of the best in the area for it.  With so many styles that appeal to many and an amusing atmosphere as well, The Tank is a stellar experience day or night!

Tripping Animals Brewing Co.

Of all the breweries in Miami I was looking forward to visiting, Tripping Animals Brewing was my highest priority. And of course, it did not disappoint! I have been enjoying cans of their hazy IPAs for over a year now and I just had to visit their Doral taproom to try the whole tap list.

Though a bit out of the way, this Miami brewery is a huge space with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. Your dog can hang with you outside or you can hang out inside and play ping pong or pool. If you are taking a day trip to the Everglades, this is a convenient place to stop at on the way back!

Tripping Animals produces all its beer here and often has a very large tap list, as well as a big selection of cans. This brewery is mainly known for IPAs and sours, so if you are looking for a light lager, your only option is often the solid No Mames lager. I love the dank and hoppy beers like the Ever Haze and I also had a big sour kick where I was obsessed with their fruity beers. There are a couple of wine and cider options, as well barbecue food. You can make a whole day of hanging out here, or just come for a pint, but either way, it is worth the trip.

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Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co.

Of the many breweries near Miami airport, Lincoln’s Beard Brewing is the most well-known. They have been brewing exciting flavors since 2015 when they were one of the first Miami breweries to open. You can still find them in the giant warehouse they started, complete with quirky décor and colorful murals.

We went on a weekend night, which is definitely a popular time to go, but we could still find seats. I would say this brewery is less family-friendly, at least at night. You can order from at least a dozen Lincoln’s Beard brews or guest wine or cider. There also is a food truck on-site that serves tacos and snacks daily.

The history is not the only thing that makes Lincoln’s Beard one of the best breweries in Miami. They have also stayed true to the craft and have mastered brewing a variety of styles to please any beer drinker. Between Andrew and I, we tried IPAs, stouts, sours, and a pilsner found each to be distinctly tasty. Along with the live music, artist showcases, and community events, there is something for everyone at Lincoln’s Beard!

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Unseen Creatures Brewing & Blending

Less than a block away, but a much different experience from Lincoln’s Beard, is a newer Miami brewery, Unseen Creatures. This mainly indoor taproom is an intimate space, that is focused on both the city and the environment. The name Unseen Creatures actually refers to the locally foraged yeast and bacteria used in all their beers!

We visited one night and enjoyed the comfortable space and the fact that we could bring our dog in. The beer was especially delicious with its nuanced flavors and complex aromas. If you like Farmhouse Ales like us, you have to try some of their fermented wild ales. I also loved the variety of tropical IPAs and the unusual blend of hops used in each.

You will want to be a slightly adventurous beer drinker to come here, as there are rarely any basic lagers on tap. There is wine if anyone in your group doesn’t drink beer and a food truck that serves Caribbean burgers and sandwiches most days. If you want to visit two of the best breweries in Miami at once, visit both here and Lincoln’s Beard while you are on this side of town.

unseen creatures brewery

King Fox Brewery

One more Miami brewery I want to highlight is King Fox Brewery in Hialeah. Though they have barely been open a year, there is already a lot of buzz about their IPAs and Sours. The brewery is located in a strip mall with a small indoor and outdoor seating area. The atmosphere is super friendly and while you may not plan to stay long with there being no food or games, many find themselves here a while chatting with patrons and the owner and trying all the beers on tap!

There are usually at least half a dozen beers to try and a fridge full of cans and bottles. My favorites are of course the Hazy IPAs, like the Duel of the Iron Mic stone fruit IPA. Their sours are awesome too, and I like how juicy and fruity they are, especially the La Guapa. You can currently find their brews at beer bars around town, but I highly recommend visiting the taproom to see it for yourself and try one of the best new breweries in Miami.

Know Before You Go: Best Breweries in Miami

Though many people visit Miami for nightclubs and pool parties, craft beer lovers should consider a trip as well! There are now dozens of breweries in Miami to try with all sorts of styles and atmospheres. I think this list has the 7 best Miami breweries and anyone should be able to find one that suits their tastes on it. No matter what type of experience you are looking for, here are some things to keep in mind when checking out the best breweries in Miami:

  • The breweries listed here are pretty spread out. If you are looking to try as many as possible, hit the breweries near Miami airport including The Tank, Tripping Animals, Lincoln’s Beard, and Unseen Creatures. There are also a lot of Wynwood Miami breweries, but many of them are large distributors.
  • All the breweries on this are dog friendly, but your dog must be on a leash and outside (Except for Unseen Creatures).
  • You can order food at all the breweries on this list except for J. Wakefield and King Fox. Many Miami breweries allow you to take in food from outside restaurants too.
  • There is outdoor seating at all of these breweries except for Unseen Creatures.
  • The tap lists are constantly changing, so be sure to check the brewery website or Facebook page if you are looking for something specific.
  • Most breweries on this list are open daily, with the exception of Unseen Creatures and King Fox.
  • Parking is free and not too hard to find at all the Miami breweries listed, except for J. Wakefield and Bay 13. You are often better off taking an Uber and not having to worry about parking or drinking!

What’s your favorite Miami brewery? Let me know if it made the list! For more tips for exploring Florida breweries, check out my guides to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando!

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