The 10 Best Breweries in Orlando for 2024

While many people may know Orlando for its theme parks and tourist spots, there is actually a large craft brewing scene here as well. Throughout the past ten years, so many breweries have opened up in the City Beautiful that is had started to make a name for itself. Since I live a little over an hour away, I have been working on finding out the best Orlando Breweries.

I have visited fifteen different breweries in Orlando, and have found these ten to be my favorites. Since new breweries continue to open up, I will update this post regularly. Currently, this is what I think are the ten best Orlando breweries as of Fall 2021

Ten10 Brewing Company

Of all the Orlando breweries, Ten10 Brewing Co. definitely has one of the best reputations. It has been around for a while now and is known for its diverse selection of brews. The taproom is a cozy spot in the Mills 50 District where you can drink, eat and often enjoy live music.

Unfortunately for those outside of Orlando, you can pretty much only find their beer at the brewery. They do offer growlers and crowlers to go and I can never turn one down. Some of my favorites from here include the Sundae Best Neapolitan Brown Ale, the East West IPA and the Subtropical Saint Kolsch. There are no guarantees what will be on the ever-changing tap list, but I’ve yet to be disappointed.

best breweries in orlando

The Ravenous Pig Brewing Company

Though the Ravenous Pig is easily one of my favorite Orlando restaurants, it only just recently has started standing out as a top Orlando brewery. Since opening up their beer garden in 2020, I have been here a few times and can’t get enough of their beer or atmosphere! Open week nights and all-day weekends, the Ravenous Pig Beer Garden has over a dozen beers to try, as well as wine, cocktails and snacks.

Every time I go, Ravenous Pig Brewing finds a way to come up with more unique beers. Though I love staples like the Foxtail Coffee Blonde, have been really impressed by their farmhouse ales and the use of wild yeasts. The Fancy Boiii barrel aged red ale I recently had was a surprising mix of herby, yet refreshing and I have not tasted anything else like it. You really can’t go wrong with any of the tap list, so grab a flight to try some new flavors and take your time at this beer garden!

ravenous pig orlando brewery

Ellipsis Brewing

Over on the other side of town by the airport is Ellipsis Brewing, another Orlando brewery you have to visit. This spot is a simple warehouse style with some games, but the beer is definitely not simple. They make some of the best Imperial and New England IPA’s you can find in the area. Their tap list is very large and often has sours and stouts and lighter beers too. The IPA’s are what I can’t resist though!

If you are lucky, you might be able to get some cans, but Ellipsis Brewing also has crowlers and growlers too. My all-time favorite is the Brazil Loves New England IPA, which is a Brazilian version of a New England IPA. It’s such a robust flavor that you can’t find anywhere else around here! Another brew I adore is the Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls Tropical Punch Sour that tastes like a refreshing smoothie. Ellipsis is really a versatile brewery, but for those who love IPA’s, this is a must-visit.

ellipsis brewing flight

RockPit Brewing

I recently discovered RockPit Brewing and have since been enamored with this mining themed brewery. It’s got everything I like in a brewery including an indoor and outdoor seating area, a variety of beers, a good snack list and even its own home brew store! Because of this, I wasn’t surprised at all when it was packed with people on a Saturday.

RockPit’s core beers are crisp and refreshing, like the H.L.’s Pale Ale and the Cackler IPA. However, they also have a bunch of dark stouts and dopplebocks that are over 10% ABV, but don’t even taste like it! Other unique brews I have loved from here are the Hibiscus and Rose Be My Sourtine and the Tambogrande Mango. There is always plenty of variety at RockPit Brewing and a fun atmosphere to enjoy it in.

rockpit brewing

Park Pizza & Brewing Company

Though many of the breweries on this list offer food, Park Pizza & Brewing Co. is one that is primarily a restaurant. You can find it in the center of Lake Nona, right across from Boxi Park. Because of its mouthwatering pizza selection, it is a place you can enjoy with the whole family!

The beer is not to be missed either though. They have a huge brewing system set up in the back to see and are always making some awesome brews. Right now, they have exceptional beers on tap, like the New Zealand Pilsner, the Plum Pixie Plum Gose and the Rauchbier Smoked Lager. This is another spot with beers of varying styles. Between this and the plentiful pizza selection, there is something for everyone here!

Park Pizza & Brewing Co. Flight

Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company

One brewery I have enjoyed cans of for ages, but just recently visited in person is Persimmon Hollow Brewing. Last month, I took a trip to nearby DeLand and had a great time tasting fall classics at the original taproom. Though DeLand is not too far out of the way from Orlando and well worth a trip too, they now have a second taproom in Lake Eola for those hanging out downtown!

This brewery is known for their Beach Hippie IPA and Blood Orange Wheat Beer you can find throughout the state, but the taprooms have up to twenty different beers to try. I found myself loving their traditional brews, like the Hollowtoberfest Marzen and the Laraha Witbier. You can usually find whatever you are in the mood for at Persimmon Hollow with their own funky twist!

persimmon hollow deland

Sideward Brewing Company

The brewery I’ve been to most on this list is definitely Sideward Brewing Co. They opened up in the Milk District last year and they are always tempting me with amazing can releases! Their social media game is definitely on point, in addition to their brewing of course! We first found them at the Rocky Water Brew Fest pouring the fantastic Cat Poster New England IPA’s. From there, we were hooked!

My favorite beers from here are definitely the IPA’s, but their sours, lagers and German styles are excellent too. I also love the theme of the brewery with its cheeky Grim Reaper theme, as well as the large outdoor patio. The core beers are just as good as the can releases, so don’t be sad if the Moon Boots IPA and the Punks in the Waiting Room Lager are the only cans left. With only a couple years in the business, I can’t wait to see what else Sideward Brewing will do!

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Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company

Another Mills 50 spot craft beer lovers need to try is Ivanhoe Park Brewing. Right next to Lake Ivanhoe, this Orlando brewery has an industrial feel with a nod to Old Florida. They offer four core beers you can find in cans, each drawing on imagery from the area’s past, as well as a large tap list of creative brews.

When we visited, there were plenty of fruity, sour beers to try, perfect for a hot Florida day. I really liked the Appley Ever After and the Guavacation, which had lower ABVs (something that is annoyingly hard to find these days!) and refreshing flavors. For beer purists and IPA lovers, the tap list had plenty of variety too. Whether you want sweet, sour, hoppy or crisp, Ivanhoe Park is a delightful place to taste some brews!

ivanhoe park brewing orlando

Crooked Can Brewery

One of the beloved breweries in Orlando is Crooked Can Brewery. This one if a bit out of the way too, over in the Plant Street Market at Winter Garden. The whole area is delightful with a variety of food vendors and street fairs all centered around the brewery. Inside the brewery is an industrial atmosphere to match the old timey mascot named McSwagger, although there is plenty of outdoor seating too.

The beer is easily found all over Orlando, and frequently at Disney World. I have enjoyed the Tri Wishes beer specially brewed for Raglan Road many times. I also am fond of the core beers like the High Stepper IPA and the McSwagger’s Own Red Ale, which have their own distinct smooth and hoppy flavor. If you visit the brewery, you will be treated to many more brews you can’t find elsewhere, and also an awesome food selection! You can even take a brewery tour, if you want to learn more about the brewing process.

crooked can at raglan road

Deviant Wolfe Brewing

You may argue that Deviant Wolfe Brewing is not in Orlando, as it is all the way in Sanford, but I say it is close enough! I recently made the trip over here and can say it is well worth the drive! Since visiting the Rocky Water Brew Fest last year and trying their Bitter Memories IPA, this Central Florida brewery had been on my bucket list.

The tap room is a large, yet cozy space in Historic Downtown Sandford, amongst other creative eateries and bars. The beer flavors are what I find especially unique here though. Currently, their tap list has 16 different beers. This includes everything from a Black Saison to a Strawberry Lemonade Berliner, fittingly named Matturdays. This is surprisingly one of many breweries in Sanford. If you are up this way, I think Deviant Wolfe Brewing is your best bet!

deviant wolfe brewing

Know Before You Go: The Best Breweries in Orlando

There are still plenty of other breweries in Orlando to try, but if you have not been to any yet, these are my recommendations! Whether you are in the mood for just a brew on the patio, a full meal with a flight of beer or even a brewery tour, this list has you covered! I plan to update it as more breweries in the area open and expand as well. Here’s everything to keep in mind before visiting!

  • Most of these breweries are pretty spread out, however, Ten10, RockPit, Sideward, Persimmon Hollow, and Ivanhoe Park are all in the Lake Eola area and around a 15-minute drive apart.
  • All the breweries listed offer tasters and also have Growlers or Crowlers to take home.
  • The tap lists are constantly changing, so be sure to check out the brewery’s website if you are looking for something specific.
  • All the breweries listed offer a food menu, with the exception of Ellipsis, Ivanhoe Park and Deviant Wolfe.
  • There is outdoor seating for all the breweries listed except for Ten10 and Ellipsis.
10 Orlando Breweries to visit

What’s your favorite Orlando brewery? I don’t think I could narrow it down much farther than these seven! To find out more ideas for Florida breweries to visit, check out my Top 20 Florida breweries post. Or head over to nearby Tampa Bay, and try my top breweries there too!