The 21 Best Florida Breweries for 2024

Today I am sharing the best Florida breweries to visit this year! When you think of craft breweries, states like California and Colorado may come to mind as the best places to find them. However, Florida has a rapidly growing brewing industry and is home to over 250 craft breweries. This can be a lot to narrow down, especially with areas like Tampa. I have been all over the state trying them for years now and I can now confidently say that list contains the best Florida breweries.

I decided to cap my list at 21, although there are so many other great ones that could be added. Originally, I ranked them in order of my favorites, but it has changed too much that now there is no order. Though the quality of the beer is the main factor, I do include brewery experience as part of this list as well. Here are my top Florida breweries for 2024.

best florida breweries

Civil Society Brewing Co. – Jupiter

Of all the Florida breweries, Civil Society Brewing Co. has been my favorite since 2016! Originally opening in Jupiter, they now have another location in West Palm Beach where you can get their juicy brews. IPA lovers, especially New England ones, will be in heaven here, although they do make some pretty good stouts frequently too.

It can be hard to find Civil Society beer, as even the brewery is constantly running low on cans. However, I have started to see their Fresh IPA on tap in Central Florida. If you get the chance to try Fresh and love it as much as I do, make the drive down to Palm Beach for some more amazing beers!

civil society best Florida brewery

Hidden Springs Ale Works – Tampa Bay

A Florida brewery that I have fallen in love with in more recent years is Hidden Springs Ale Works. This spot also has some amazing IPA’s, as well as groundbreaking sours.

You can find their cans, especially ones like Bear Lazers and ZFG, around Florida, but you have to go to the tap room to find some of their best. I love the lactose sours, including Never Nude, Serenity Now and Electric Pegasus. You will find the small taproom near Armature Works in Tampa. It’s an understated spot, but well worth the trip, especially if they have some unique cans in stock!

Hidden Springs Tampa Breweries to visit

J. Wakefield Brewing – Wynwood

J. Wakefield Brewing has a little bit of everything. It’s a Star Wars themed craft brewery in the heart of Wynwood that is known worldwide for their craft beer. They even had a collab with a brewery we went to Barcelona! I have had all sorts of styles from here and have yet to be disappointed.

Visiting the brewery and trying their award winning berliners is what especially gave me appreciation for J. Wakefield. They had such a diverse selection of beer and a fun atmosphere. Unfortunately, I rarely see their beer in stores or restaurants in Central Florida. If you do see one of their core beers like the Hops 4 Teacher IPA or the El Jefe Hefeweizen, you have got to try them!

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Angry Chair Brewing – Tampa Bay

Another Tampa Bay favorite I have to include is Angry Chair Brewing. Across the board, this brewery has done spectacular things with every type of beer. I tried their Space Grass IPA for the first time at Oak and Stone and ever since I have been hooked!

This brewery really has made some of the most flavorful beers I have found, whether in the form of fruity sours or chocolatey stouts. I also love their lactose beers, like the marshmallow puffs series. It has the perfect balance of creaminess and zestiness. This is another one that can be hard to find outside of Tampa, so make sure to visit and sit in an angry chair next time you are in the area.

Angry Chair Brewing Tampa

Playalinda Brewing Company – Titusville

I support all the Space Coast breweries, but Playalinda Brewing Company is constantly surprising me with what they do next. There are two locations in Titusville, with the Hardware Store being the original location and the Brix Project being their larger brewpub. I enjoy coming here for a flatbread pizza along with a flight of beer.

I first became enamored with this brewery because of their refreshing Key Lime Wheat Ale. It is perfect for after a day at the beach. I have now had dozens of their beers and each is unique. You can find the hoppy Pleasure Chest IPA and the strong bodied Robonaut Red in many stores now, but I especially like seeing the specials they make for Epcot festivals! The #RainbowSherbertGlitterDreamAle beer and the Violet Lemonade Ale are two of the many interesting brews you can try from Playalinda Brewing!

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Cycle Brewing- St. Petersburg

Tampa’s neighbor St. Pete is also bursting with top notch breweries and Cycle Brewing is one I keep coming back to. The brewery is of course bicycle themed and has an industrial taproom in the downtown area. They are also one of the most popular Tampa Bay Beer Week brewers, with their special releases selling out in hours.

You may have seen the Crank IPA or the Cream and Sugar, Please Porter in stores and both live up to the hype. Cycle Brewing’s super hoppy IPA’s are what always keep me coming back and make it my number one spot in St. Petersburg.

downtown st. pete breweries

Deviant Wolfe Brewing – Sanford

Recently Sanford has made some strides in the Florida brewery scene and Deviant Wolfe Brewing is definitely one of the best you will find here. Located in Historic Sanford, this brewery has a lineup of distinct beers for whatever you are in the mood for.

They are not distributing yet, so you will have to visit the chill taproom or a brewery fest to try their beer. My favorites are the crazy sounding, but so good, Sourmanjaro Coffee Sour and the fruity Matturdays Berliner. Deviant Wolfe Brewing is always adding different beers that sell out fast, so come to the brewery to try what’s new!

deviant wolfe beer

Intracoastal Brewing Company – Melbourne

When I moved to Melbourne, Florida, I definitely did not expect any breweries to open up here-never mind one good enough to make it on a best in Florida list! However, Intracoastal Brewing Co. has really shaped the area since opening and now we have a full Ale Trail full of beer options! This brewery especially has grown from a tiny tap room, to a pretty large can production plus biergarten with beer that is recognized statewide.

You can now find their citrusy Dragonpoint IPA at many local restaurants, but their brewery offers so much more. I love going for their Coastal Series IPA’s and the super sour berliners, that are often made into slushees! If that’s not enough of a reason to go, the fact that it is such a community orientated place with weekly fun runs, yoga sessions, trivia nights and live music. There’s a lot to do in Melbourne, Florida, but if you are a beer lover, I would recommend checking out the area for this brewery alone!

melbourne fl ale trail

First Magnitude Brewing Company – Gainesville

This may not surprise you, but the college town of Gainesville is shaping up to be an excellent brewery town. On my last visit, First Magnitude Brewing Co. was the highlight of my trip. I was enamored with the brewery atmosphere and all the great beer they make!

They usually have a good mix of heavy and lighter beers for whatever mood you are in. The Pale Ale’s like 72 and Ursa were the highlights for me, but they also had saisons and porters and everything in between. I am starting to see cans with their mermaid logo popping up in Orlando. However, the large tap room and the fun scene there definitely added to my admiration of First Magnitude Brewing.

First Magnitude Brewing Gainesville Florida

Green Bench Brewing Company – St. Petersburg

I said earlier that Cycle is my favorite St. Pete brewery, but Green Bench Brewing Co. is a very, very close second. They have a huge tap list with all sorts of beers and the relaxing biergarten area that Cycle does not. It is always a great experience going to Green Bench Brewing!

You will see their Sunshine City IPA in stores now and it is a good representation of the tropical, hoppy beer they make. Recently, they opened Webb’s City Cellar next door to experiment with barrel aging and mixed culture sours. It adds a whole new experience to visiting this brewery and I know I’ll be back to try more soon.

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Sailfish Brewing Company – Fort Pierce

I’m a little over an hour north of Sailfish Brewing Co. so I have been seeing their beers around for a while. They have some solid core beers like the Sunrise City IPA and the Tag & Release Amber. However, when I finally made it to their brewery, I found some of the most interesting and delicious beers I have tried!

The tap list is always changing here, but I really enjoy the sours. Some of my favorites include the Sour S.M.A.S.H. and the Passing Lane Gose. The tap room is also a really fun spot in the heart of downtown Fort Pierce. We stayed here for a while on their large patio filled with games like corn hole! This is definitely a Florida brewery that every brewery fan should visit.

Sailfish Brewing Co.

Sideward Brewing Co. – Orlando

Possibly the newest Orlando brewery on this list is Sideward Brewing Co. It has only been open for two years and have already made some unique and impressive brews. We have came here over half a dozen times because they always have can releases that we can not resist!

Between the beer, food and surprisingly cute Grim Reaper theme, it is a place you will want to visit. Moon Boots and Skull Tattoo are both excellent IPA’s you can find often here. However, do not miss New England IPA’s like Cat Poster or their new Yacht Money. There’s also plenty of other styles and we were especially happy with the German style beers made for Oktoberfest. I can’t wait to see what else this Orlando brewery has to offer!

Sideward Brewing Cans scaled

Cigar City Brewing – Tampa Bay

One of the most famous Florida craft breweries is Cigar City Brewing, a brewery I have known and loved for years. You can find their beers all over, including the Jai Alai IPA, the Guaybera Pale Ale and the Maduro Brown Ale. Their Florida themed beers come in a variety of nuanced flavors and I am always excited when I see a new brew in stores.

The brewery is located in Tampa where you can try beers in the taproom and even take a tour. It did not fully live up to my expectations and most of the taplist was different alterations of their core beers. Regardless, it is still an awesome option for beer wherever you are in the Sunshine State.

Review of Cigar City Brewing

Tripping Animals Brewing Co. – Doral

The Miami selection of best Florida breweries is also growing and there are a few new spots I am obsessed with. One of them is Tripping Animals Brewing. I have just started finding their cans of beer here and I am very impressed, especially with the New England IPAs!

The taproom is a laid-back venue with indoor and outdoor space and a game area. They offer food and hard seltzer here, but of course the beer is here they really shine. The hazy IPA and sour options are plentiful, but you can usually find a few darker beers too. My favorites that I have found are Mahi Did It and the I Sea Through You, but everything I have tried from here is fantastic.

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Swamp Head Brewery – Gainesville

I was hesitant to put two Gainesville breweries on the list, but after our recent Gainesville visit, I had to include Swamp Head brewery. This is located in a scenic, natural spot near University of Florida with plenty of grassy area to hang out on. We had enjoyed their beers, like the Big Nose IPA, for years, but visiting the brewery and getting to try a flight of different pale ales and wheat beers was an all-around wonderful experience.

You can usually find a few of their core beers distributed throughout Central Florida, but you will have to take a visit to Gainesville to try their latest and greatest brews! Some that stood out to me were the Lazer Panther NE IPA and the Down Deep Guava IPA. Seeing a little gator hanging out near a swamp really enhances the experience while drinking it though!

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7venth Sun Brewery – Tampa Bay

While 7venth Sun Brewing may not be the most notable Tampa Bay brewery on the list, it is definitely one you can’t miss. I had never seen their beer in stores anywhere, so I was pleasantly surprised by how good the beer is here at the brewery. They had a huge tap list of all sorts of amazing things to try!

Some of my favorites include the Graffiti Orange Wheat the Tootsie Pop Pour series. They are renowned for their sours and IPA’s, but have plenty of delicious dark beers on tap too. If that is not enough reason to go, then you definitely will want to just for the stunning beer flight trees!

7venth sun brewery tampa

Barrel of Monks Brewing – Boca Raton

Another brewery that I have not visited, but is on the top of my brewery bucket list is Barrel on Monks Brewing. I’ve had a few beers from this Boca Raton spot, but the figgy pudding brew they had for the Epcot Festival of Holidays, solidified them as one of the best Florida breweries.

Barrel of Monks specializes in Belgian inspired ales, so if you prefer classic beer, this is the brewery for you! They are known for witbiers, dubbels, tripels like The Wizard and Three Fates. You can occasionally find their beer in stores, but the stylish tasting room is worth a visit on its own.

barrel of monksPhoto by Barrel of Monks

Funky Buddha Brewery – Fort Lauderdale

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to include Funky Buddha Brewery on the list. I was a huge fan of them when I first moved here and it was one of the first breweries I visited. Unfortunately, I have not been as happy with their beer since they were bought by Constellation Brands.

I used to love their dessert themed beers like the Lemon Meringue and the Strawberry Shortcake, and their brown ales and stouts. Now, it seems like they are never releasing new beers to stores and the Hop Gun IPA and the Florida Hefeweizen that I can’t get, aren’t as distinct as they used to be. Still, it is a really cool brewery to visit, and they do have solid beer options, so I decided to include it. Hopefully they will live up to their original self again soon!

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Aardwolf Brewing Company – Jacksonville

Jacksonville is another spot with an up-and-coming brewery scene, and I am starting to see a lot of great beers from here. My favorite that I have tried is Aardwolf Brewing Company. You can find them in Historic San Marco where they have a large outdoor biergarten and a cozy, brick taproom.

When we visited, they had a huge list of beers to try including IPAs, sours, stouts and even their own hard seltzers. My favorite was the Rainbow in the Hops Imperial IPA, that is extremely deceptive 10.5% ABV. I really like the mix of trendy brews and trying out different creations, like a barley wine. They aren’t distributing yet, but I hope to see them in stores eventually!

jacksonville florida breweries

Invasive Species Brewing – Fort Lauderdale

Though Funky Buddha often dominates the Fort Lauderdale craft beer scene, we found a few other notable breweries on our last visit. My favorite of these was Invasive Species Brewing. The taproom has a funky, rustic vibe going on with some old Florida quirkiness. This was unique, but even more so was the beer!

I hope I don’t sound like a broken record, but this was another Florida brewery that excels in IPA’s and sours. However, as opposed to the others, it had a wide variety of beer offerings, including light and crisp lagers that I do not see often. Invasive Species also had some very interesting creations like a beer sake hybrid and a mixed culture, barrel aged sour. My top taster was the hazy Battle Llama, but I enjoyed the more west coast style IPAs too.

best florida breweries fort lauderdale

Millennial Brewing Company – Fort Myers

I had a hard time picking which Fort Myers brewery should be included, but based on the beer and the atmosphere, I think Millennial Brewing is the best. Located in a warehouse downtown, this brewery serves up so many different kinds of flavorful brews. You can relax with your pooch in the open concept market inside or on the outdoor patio.

When we visited, I was very surprised by how much I like the sweet beers, as I usually prefer hoppy and sour ones. However, Millennial Brewing has a great balance of making sweet beers that are still refreshing and not too heavy. The French Toast Brown especially stood out to me, but the X-Wing Apricot and Blueberry Pancakes were right up there too!

This brewery is also extremely community minded and often hosts other business, food trucks and even offers nonalcoholic cocktails. It feels very Floridian and good choice to end this list with!

millenial brewing flight

Know Before You Go: The Best Florida Breweries

Currently, I have visited 57 different Florida breweries and have tried the beer from many more! I would love to visit every single one eventually. For now, these are the ones that stick out to me, whether I have tried them in the taproom or in cans. I will update this list yearly, so let me know if there are any I need to add! Here’s some things to know before visiting your next Florida brewery.

  • You will find the highest concentration of the best Florida breweries in the Tampa Bay area. Other areas with a large brewing scene include Orlando, Jacksonville, the Space Coast and Miami.
  • Most of the breweries on this list frequently have live music, events or food trucks. Check out the brewery’s individual website or Facebook page for more info.
  • Technically dogs are not allowed inside Florida breweries, but restrictions vary. Pretty much all breweries allow dogs on the patio if they have one though!
  • Many of the best Florida breweries offer 32 ounce and 64 ounce growlers and crowlers if you want beer to go.
  • Never drink and drive! I recommend calling a Lyft when you are touring breweries.
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where to find the best craft beer in florida

Which places do you think are the best Florida breweries? I had a hard time even narrowing this list to 21! To find out more Florida breweries to try, check out my Ale Trail to Cocoa Beach and Melbourne, Florida.