Where to Find the Best Florida Murals in 2024

If you have visited a major city or been on Instagram, you have probably noticed murals are trendy. All over the country, street art is covering walls with colorful and quirky designs. I have noticed the Sunshine State especially embracing this, possibly because Wynwood was one of the first places to gain notoriety for their street art. However, this is not the only place you can find some of the best Florida murals.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite spots for finding murals in Florida. All these areas are excellent places to walk around and view them in between getting a snack or doing some window shopping. With Florida’s beautiful weather, it’s almost always a great time for street art viewing. Whether you like cutesy or thought provoking art, here is a guide for the best Florida murals.

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Downtown St. Petersburg Murals

One of the first places I came across murals was St. Pete. While Wynwood may have been the first, Downtown St. Petersburg was also an early adopter. Walking down Central Avenue, you will see so many creative designs!

The current count of St. Pete murals is up to 87 and you can find a map of them here. I love the colorful ones like the St. Pete Birds and Mr. Loudmouth. Other ones perfect for posing by are the You Are My Sunshine mural and the Greetings from St. Pete. I could honestly walk around for hours finding different murals and recommend you do the same! Make sure to stop in Green Bench Brewery while you are there for a break from the sun and a refreshing pint.

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The Eau Gallie Arts District Murals

The next place to see some amazing Florida murals is right in my town at the Eau Gallie Arts District. This area is just bursting with creativity and with that comes beautiful murals. It all started with this spectacular shark mural done by Shark Toof a few years ago. Now every business in the area has their own little piece of art.

Besides posing with a giant shark, you can also find a wall of LEGO celebrities and a NASA astronaut. I also love checking out the two at Intracoastal Brewing, especially the giant octopus. Eau Gallie is right by the water and a wonderful place to walk around and grab a drink or a snack while seeing the murals. If you can making it during the first Saturday of the month, you can also experience FleaGAD, an artisan flea market!

Downtown EGAD scaled

Downtown Gainesville Murals

Of course college towns are another great place to find Florida murals. With a school as big as University of Florida, there are over hundred amazing murals to see all over Gainesville. I have visited in the past and loved seeing all the creativity flourish in the area. You may be noticing a trend, but the brewery First Magnitude has an adorable mermaid one that I had to see for myself!

first magnitude mural

My friend Kayla of the Happy Floridian is a local, so I asked her to share a few of her favorites from around town. Here’s what she had to say about this college towns art scene:

“Downtown Gainesville is a mecca for unique murals! Nearly every wall is covered with a new work of art, and the styles range from flowery and feminine to street art. If you are in Gainesville, I highly recommend exploring all the murals in the area.”

One thing Gainesville is especially passionate about is the 352walls initiative that started a few years ago. This movement has attracted visitors to come to the area for reasons besides the college to see works done by internationally known artists. If you want to learn more about this area while you are there, check out this website to get access to the free one hour walking tour.

gainesville florida murals

The Orlando Mills 50 District Murals

Orlando tends to be known more for big corporations then independent artists, but that is shifting. The Mills 50 District is now brimming with culture and all sorts of amazing small businesses. With that, some beautiful murals have been popping up from the Milk District to Winter Park.

7 Bites Mills 50 Bakery Mural

Another blogging friend of mine, Sam from WDWExpert, lives around here and is constantly finding new ones. Some of her personal favorites are the Love Orlando orange and the Fernet-Branca mural. This one is especially amusing because it features a girl walking an alligator!

Other spots to check out are the Monarch butterfly mural on Magnolia and the Pulse mural on Colonial. You especially need to stop by Hunger Street Tacos to see the colorful designs here and get some tacos. Disney World has even gotten on board with a few of their own murals, but make sure to check out the Mills 50 District for the true experience.

orlando florida murals

Wynwood: The Best of the Best Florida Mural Spots

Of course I have to mention the original mural spot, Wynwood. This Miami neighborhood is by far the best place to find Florida murals. The Wynwood Walls were started over ten years ago in an effort to make it a more walkable area. Now the streets are filled with so much color and interesting designs that you would be herd pressed to see every mural in a weekend!

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Wynwood is definitely the kind of place you can spend the day at or even more. Once the walls gained popularity, tons of restaurants, bars and stores started popping up, making it a must-visit destination. I especially recommend trying the Taiyaki soft server ice cream while in the area! Other fun places include Concrete Beach Brewing, Beaker & Gray and Panther Coffee.

If you want to see the walls, you can simply walk around and even reference this map to find specific ones! However, there are also a variety of tour options for whatever you are in the mood for.

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The official Wynwood Wall tour is $20 and goes for 50 minute every hour. This is a great way to learn more about the art and the area. If you want to splurge, you could also check out the Wynwood Food & Art tour, a tandem bike tour, or a bicycle pub crawl! You can cover a lot more murals if you are biking and there really is so much to see. If you are goal is to see Florida murals, Wynwood is definitely a must visit.

Know Before You Go: The Best Florida Murals

The new murals are popping up all over the state every day, but for 2020, these are the Florida spots with the best murals. All of the locations listed are free to visit, though you may need to pay for parking in the area. They are also all located near breweries and coffee shops, so I recommend taking at least one stop for a refreshment on your mural walk and wearing lots of sunscreen!

Where to Find the Best Florida Murals

What’s your favorite Florida mural spot? Let me know if I missed yours. For more ideas of things to do in Florida, check out my Ultimate Florida Bucket List here.