THESE are the Tastiest Spots to Eat at in Melbourne FL

Having called Melbourne, Florida home for over ten years, I’ve had the pleasure of dining at many wonderful eateries in this vibrant area. From the charming streets of Downtown to the serene shores of Indialantic, and extending up to the bustling hubs of Viera, I’m excited to share my top thirty restaurant picks that truly stand out in the culinary landscape of Melbourne. Whether you’re a local foodie or just visiting, these spots are a must-try!

I have another post for my top restaurants on the north side of Brevard County, which includes Cocoa Beach, Titusville, Merritt Island, and Satellite Beach. But for those of you in the southern part of the Space Coast, read on to find out why you need to check out these awesome establishments.

Guide to Melbourne, Florida's Best Restaurants

Affordable Restaurants

This first part of the list contains my recommendations for dining on a budget. At these ten places, you can get a meal for $15 or less. Most of them are counter-service restaurants, so they are also good for when you are short on time.

1. Chez Quan’s – Fusion Street Food

If you are in the mood for some creative cuisine, Chez Quan’s is my pick. They have two locations now, one in Aurora and one in Satelite Beach. Chez Quan’s is described as Asian-Latin fusion food and the menu has a variety of flavorful noodle and rice dishes.

noodles from chez quans in melbourne

You can get stir fry and soups here, but I love trying things I don’t see elsewhere, like the Thai Hot Beef Salad. I especially enjoy the super spicy menu items as well! Make sure you try this hidden gem if you are a foodie!

2. The Burger Place – Old School Burger Joint

There are a lot of good burger spots around here, but none are as iconic as The Burger Place. Decorated like a 50’s diner, this burger stand has traditional milkshakes and burgers, complete with chrome furniture.

burger and fries from the burger place in downtown melbourne

I can’t resist upgrading mine to a bacon and blue cheese burger, but there are plenty of other variations and even a veggie burger for vegetarians. If you are seeking a trip back in time, a burger and a shake here will transport you!

3. Cafe Surfinista – Tropical Bites

For beachy vibes, Café Surfinista in Indialantic is my breakfast fave! The inside feels like a coastal surf shack and it happens to be right by the actual beach too. They are open for breakfast and lunch with eats that include avocado toast, salad, smoothies, and more.

Cafe Surfinista Acai Bowl

The Acai and Pitaya Bowls are what I keep going back for! This perfectly tropical fruit-filled breakfast is so satisfying, before or after fun in the sun.

4. Mustard’s Last Stand – Unique Hot Dogs

It may seem odd to have a hot dog stand on a list of top establishments, but Mustard’s Last Stand is a Melbourne classic. There are two locations and both serve about 40 different kinds of hotdogs!

mustards last stand

The combinations are seriously endless and we love trying new ones. You can get fries with a number of toppings as well. I love heading here after a day at the beach for a simple meal with a twist.

5. Oceanside Pizza – NY-Style Italian

Our options for takeout in Melbourne Beach are limited, but I have found one place worth ordering from for takeout or in-person. Oceanside Pizza has been our go-to pizza for years, along with the excellent salads and calzones.

oceanside pizza

The large pizza seems pricey at $24, but it can easily feed three people with its giant slices. If you love cheese, you have to try the Rollatini pizza with ricotta galore!

6. Fish Bellies Food Truck – Surfer Style Seafood

For fresh seafood, Fish Bellies Food Truck in Indialantic is a can’t-miss spot. This food truck has some of the tastiest fish burritos and tacos I have ever had! All the ingredients are super fresh and the fries are amazing.

grouper burrito and fries from fish bellies

The burrito goes for $14, but between that and the large portion of fries, Andrew and I are full after sharing one. It is only open for lunch Wednesdays through Sundays, so make sure to find a nice beach day to visit!

7. Backwater – Rustic Brunch

For a classic Florida brunch, Backwater checks all the boxes. This elevated diner is open daily for breakfast and lunch and offers fun southern dishes like a Fried Green Tomato Benedict and Gator and Okra Gumbo.

eggs benedict and hash browns from Backwater

There are even make-your-own pancake tables with a grill that is fun for the whole family! Whether you want a simple breakfast or an indulgent mimosa brunch, Backwater is my choice for a morning meal.

8. Mister 01 – Artisan Pizza

If you want a unique experience, head to Mister 01. This eatery serves both pizza and salads for lunch and dinner. What makes it stand out is that the toppings are inventive and they serve star-shaped pizzas!

star luca pizza from mister 01

With a shareable pizza costing only $19, you and a friend can easily enjoy a meal for under $15 per person here. Just make sure to save room for dessert, so you can try the Nutella Pizza!

9. Foxtail Coffee Co. – Snacks and Drinks

Melbourne is home to over half a dozen coffee shops, but Foxtail Coffee is one that really stands out. This coffee shop started in Orlando and now has two locations in the area! You can find Foxtail Coffee Co. in Hotel Melby and their own shop on Babcock Street.

cold brew from foxtail coffee

Coffee and tea are the main attractions here, with a combination of handcrafted options from lattes to matcha tea. You can also get a bite, as they offer a bakery with breakfast sandwiches and pastries.

Whether you want breakfast or lunch or a refreshing drink and a relaxing ambiance, Foxtail Coffee Co. is worth stopping in.

10. Mel’s Tiki Café – Hawaiian Flavors

For a while, there was nowhere to get poke bowls in Brevard County and I was frequently missing this Hawaiian delicacy. Luckily, a few have popped up now, but the one I love the most is Mel’s Tiki Café.

poke bowl from mels tiki cafe

You can customize bowls here with whatever fish, base, or fresh toppings you like for less than $15!

If you aren’t a poke fan, that isn’t an issue either, as Mel’s Tiki Café has Hawaiian-style breakfast and lunch all day. The Belgian waffles with coconut are a big hit, and you can’t miss the Tiki Bacon either!

Moderately Priced Restaurants

If you are looking for a traditional sit-down restaurant with some affordable entrees, this next part of the list is for you! These next ten options offer meals for less than $30 per person while providing table-service experiences and incredible food!

11. Umami Restaurant & Sushi Bar – Traditional Japanese with a Twist

Without a doubt, Umami is the best place to get sushi in Melbourne, Florida. This is saying a lot because there are upwards of thirty different sushi spots in this small area.

sushi bento box from umami in melbourne

What really sets Umami apart is the seafood quality and inventive menu. There are about twenty different sushi rolls, each uniquely curated by the chef. Many feature ingredients I had never thought of like fried sweet potato curls or raw Japanese scallops.

You also cannot go wrong with any of the tempura dishes or noodle dishes. Whether you want a date night, a group dinner, or an affordable lunch, Umami is a great choice for spectacular Japanese food.

12. El Ambia Cubano – Cuban Cuisine

For a tropical meal, my favorite Cuban spot is El Ambia Cubano. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting here on the patio, listening to some salsa music while drinking a mojito. 

lobster paella from el almbia cubano

They also have some authentic, Cuban dishes like yuca fita and lobster paella. For dessert, you can’t go wrong with the flan and a cup of Cuban coffee.

This downtown gem is located right across from Crane Creek and has an extremely charming island atmosphere that everyone should check out at least once.

13. Crydermans Barbecue – Texas Meats and Sides

Compared to most of Florida, the Space Coast was lacking in barbecue food. That is until Crydermans opened up, which is now the best barbecue spot in the area.

brisket barbeque platter with sides from cydermans

You will find a number of delicious smoked meat, but the brisket and sausage are my favorites. these can be ordered as part of platters or sandwiches along with some scrumptious sides. As long as you like meat, this is definitely a must-visit.

14. FM Pizza Oven – Brick Oven Pizzeria

One Downtown EGAD eatery I can never resist is the brick oven pizzeria, FM Pizza Oven. There is something for everyone, including gluten-free crust and vegetarian pizzas. I love their tomato sauce, but the white pizza and barbecue pizza can make it hard to decide


The dining room is located in a historic bank and it has an old-school Italian vibe. You can even check out their next-door speakeasy for some impressive cocktails before or after your meal.

15. Naoki – Ramen and Sushi

If you are craving ramen, Naoki is where to find it. This cozy Palm Bay spot serves a variety of ramen dishes, as well as sushi and other Japanese specialties.

pork belly ramen from naoki in palm bay

We love both the ramen and the sushi and even enjoy a combo entree frequently. They are only open for dinner, so plan a special night for a lovely meal here.

16. Paisley’s Vegan Kitchen – Vegan Comfort Food

The restaurants of the Space Coast are not the most vegetarian-friendly compared to other cities, but you can count on Paisley’s Vegan Kitchen for an awesome feast without meat.

vegan cheesesteak and fries from Paisleys Vegan Kitchen

Herbivores and carnivores alike can appreciate the plant-based comfort food they serve here. I love the sandwiches, including the Mushroom French Dip and the Falafel Waffle Pita. Between this and sides of buffalo cauliflower and cheesy “bacon” ranch bites, you will not be missing meat here!

17. The Mansion – Casual Floridian

You cannot talk about the Melbourne food scene without mentioning The Mansion, a local staple. They serve everything from sandwiches to tacos to filet mignon, so there’s something on the menu for whatever you are craving.

The Best Melbourne Florida Restaurants

Another thing I love about the Mansion is that they have over 60 beers on tap and the selection is always changing! You can sit indoors, outdoors under a covered awning, and on the rooftop, for fantastic views. If you are visiting the area, come here to experience the eccentric beachy vibe of the Space Coast.

18. Mangetsu – Korean Barbecue

Mangetsu is a Korean BBQ spot that I have loved for years, however, it has really shined since moving to the new building. It is pretty much the only local place where you can get Korean options like Bibimbap and Kimchi Fried Rice.

tempura shrimp sushi from mangetsu

They even have Korean Barbecue that you can cook at the table! Though there is Japanese and Thai food here, I think Korean food is what they excel at. However, I appreciate the vast menu for dining here, as it guarantees that there is something for everyone to indulge in!

19. Hemingway’s Tavern – Al Fresco Floribbean

Tucked away in The Oaks is Hemingway’s Tavern where you can get a taste of Key West in Central Florida! This tropical find has Cuban and Caribbean food with a Florida twist. Their brunch is legendary with one of the top unlimited mimosas deals and creative Eggs Benedict dishes.

croquettes and apastelitos from hemingways cuban cafecito

It’s also a fun spot for date night or a casual breakfast at their walk-up Cafecito window! With a lovely patio and plenty of tropical drinks, add Hemingway’s to the list if you are on vacation!

20. Cedar’s Café – Lebanese Cuisine

Cedar’s Café specializes in Lebanese food, but they often push the envelope in an assortment of ways. You wouldn’t expect it, but it has won the award for the Best James Beard Blended Burger three times in a row.

croquettes and apastelitos from hemingways cuban cafecito

Burger Week aside, they have perfected classics like tabbouleh, gyros, and kebabs. I often go back for their gyros and never am disappointed here. This is a tiny hole-in-the-wall, so it can be good to make a reservation, as it is a favorite for Greek and Lebanese cuisine.

21. The Cottage Irish Pub – Pub Grub

Another spot in EGAD that you have to visit is my favorite Irish Pub, The Cottage. This pub has a lovely atmosphere with outdoor and indoor seating and very frequent live music.

guiness from the cottage irish pub in egad

We have tried most of the menu here, but our usual go-to’s are usually the Cottage Pie and the Guinness Beef Stew. Not only is the food top-notch, but I love coming here for live music and cold beer with friends.

Splurge Restaurants

This last section of the list contains ten options for a special occasion. These are the places I go for birthdays, fancy date nights, or celebratory occasions.

On average, it will cost at least $30 per person to dine at these spots, but there are often happy hour or lunch deals if you want to save a little. Without a doubt, these last ten options will provide a top-notch meal.

22. Crush Eleven – Foodie Experience

Crush Eleven is a fine dining spot that has done wonders for the area. The atmosphere has a refined elegance, and though I find it best for nights on the town, they welcome casual visitors.

bacon wrapped dates from crush 11 in melbourne

Everything on the menu is carefully crafted and beautifully presented. This goes for the unique cocktails made with in-house infused liquors to the inventive appetizers, such as the sweet and savory pierogi trio. This is one of the more expensive restaurants on the list, but it is worth the splurge.

23. Yellow Dog Cafe – Surf and Turf

You will find the ever-romantic Yellow Dog Café beautifully situated on the river just off US 1. Andrew and I have dined here for special occasions and are always impressed. The menu features seafood, as well as French-inspired cuisine.

waterfront meal at yellow dog cafe

For a multi-course dinner, Yellow Dog Cafe is highly recommended, but it’s also great for a simple salad or sandwich lunch! Sitting by the river, you can appreciate the nature of the area and we always find it to be a relaxing experience.

24. Djon’s Village Market – Rooftop Farmhouse

For a rooftop view and tasty eats, Djon’s Village Market is the new destination to go to. I have been for both brunch and dinner and have only had exceptional meals.

shrimp and grits from djons village market

They serve all sorts of seafood and farmhouse-style entrees, including an entire vegan section. This goes along great with the view and the specialty cocktail menu.

25. Ocean 302 – Farm-to-Table

Of the restaurants in Melbourne Beach, Ocean 302 is the one I choose to satisfy my foodie cravings. Foodie is probably the ideal way to describe it, as saying they just serve American cuisine would be a severe understatement.

ahi tuna risotto from ocean 302

Ocean 302 has pizzas, sandwiches, steak, and seafood on the menu all served in so many unique ways. We tend to come here for a casual lunch or dinner, but you can make it a splurge if you want to order one of the dry-aged steaks.

26. Cafe Coconut Cove – European Cuisine

Another Beachside spot worth the drive down south for is Café Coconut Cove. This oceanfront cafe is surprisingly a classic German eatery with a variety of elevated European cuisine.

german food at cafe coconut grove

Whether you want a simple dish of Schnitzel or Sausage or a more striking dinner of Spice Rubbed Beef Shoulder, Cafe Coconut Cove impresses. It may seem a little quirky for a date night by the beach, but you won’t find an experience like it anywhere else!

27. Skewers – Mediterranean Fusion

For a flavorful meal beachside, Skewers has been the local choice for years. They offer a selection of Mediterranean fusion food with broad appeal. Entrees like Grilled Pomegrante-Glazed Shrimp Skewers and Eggplant Caprese are prepared with just the right mix of traditional and imaginative.

greek salad from skewers in indialantic

Skewers will appeal to older and younger adult crowds and can bring them all together with an extensive menu and delectable dessert options.

28. Frigates Waterfront Bar & Grill – Waterfront Seafood

For a top-notch meal on the water Frigate’s has quickly become a local gem. It has the nicest atmosphere and you can often see dolphins in the marina!

ceviche at frigates in melbourne florida

Of course, this is another seafood-focused establishment, but the options are quite impressive. You can get grouper cooked and topped any way you want, as well as several sushi rolls! There are also salads, sandwiches, and chargrilled steaks, but with the atmosphere and the plethora of fish options, I can’t resist a tropical dinner at Frigate’s.

29. Le French Restaurant (Previously Trend Kitchen) – French Gourmet

Le French Restaurant is one of the top places to splurge for a romantic dinner in an intimate setting. They are known for some of the most elaborate food in town, with options like Octopus Carpaccio and Bone Marrow Escargot.

scallop and grits dinner from le french restaurant

Don’t let those options scare you away though because there are also steak and seafood dishes. No matter what you get, make sure to order a side of Truffle Mac and Cheese for the table as well, because it is all the savory deliciousness you can imagine.

30. 28 North Gastropub – Elevated Southern Food

Over in the Avenues of Viera, 28 North Gastropub serves up all sorts of elevated Southern and Pub Style dishes. Everything I have ordered here is absolutely savory from the Scallops & Grits to the Dry Aged Meatloaf.

fried chicken and mac and cheese from 28 north gastro pub

If you like sharing, it’s also fun to order a bunch of appetizers and sides. They have the best charcuterie board around in my opinion! With such well-crafted drinks and dishes, many with exotic ingredients, it is definitely one of the more expensive restaurants around, but well worth the price.

31. Ember & Oak – All Around Date Night

The one restaurant I have not been able to get enough of since it opened is Ember & Oak. We have tried everything from charcuterie to steakhouse boards to gourmet burgers and have found all of it to be extremely impressive!

ember & oak pour-your-own-wine

The whole concept of the place is to have a shared dining experience, so many meals come in board form with an entrée and multiple side dishes. If the food didn’t already put it over top, the cocktails are equally as amazing and there is even a self-serve wine room!

Know Before You Go

I had a hard time picking which places to include, but I know you can’t go wrong with a single option on this list. As of Spring 2024, these are the best Melbourne Florida restaurants, however, I plan to update this list regularly.

infographic with the best melbourne florida restaurants

For more information, click on the name of each restaurant above and many include a full review I have done. Here are a few things to keep in mind before eating out in Melbourne.

  • It is customary to tip at least 20% and most restaurants do not include this in the final bill unless you have a large party.
  • Few places on this list require reservations, with the exception of holidays or groups with big parties. For some of the splurge restaurants, it may be smart to call ahead just in case.
  • The best way to save money when going out to eat is to go during Happy Hour or for lunch. There are not a lot of early bird specials here.
  • Most restaurants on this list are pretty casual, and you can wear shorts to all of them. However, for upscale restaurants, I would err on the dress-to-impress side.
  • Parking is plentiful in Melbourne, except for Downtown on weekend nights. If you can’t find parking near the restaurant, there is usually some on Melbourne Ave. Valet is rare here!

Do you agree that these are the top places to eat in Melbourne? Let me know in the comments! For more tips on visiting Melbourne, check out my Space Coast Travel Guide.

30 best restaurants in melbourne florida