Taco ‘Bout Delicious: Discover the Best Tacos in Orlando

If you know me, you know that I love burritos, tacos and pretty much all Mexican food! It’s definitely one of my top three favorite cuisines. In the past few years, the Orlando taco scene has improved a lot and I have made it my goal to try as much of it as possible.

Since I live pretty close to Orlando, I have found some favorite taco restaurants in the area that I just had to share. The following restaurants are my go-to places for tacos in no particular order. Each one offers a unique experience from the others and I wanted to highlight which is best for which scenario. Whether you are a local or visiting, here’s the top five Orlando taco spots.

bartaco is my favorite orlando taco spot


Of all the options on this list bartaco is the place I frequent the most. They have a beachy hipster atmosphere that feels like you are in Tulum. As for the menu, it is simplistic and perfect for sharing. Most importantly, the tacos are amazing. They offer fourteen different taco options sold individually so you can pick and choose what you like. They also have a secret monthly menu with a new taco. Last month’s was Miso Cod and shishito peppers on a blue corn tortilla and it was as delicious as it sounds.

two trays of bartaco tacos in orlando

The cocktail menu is also fantastic as it features so many unique cocktail creations. You would have a hard time finding hibiscus infused tequila sanguinas and so many different kind of nectars added to drinks at most other Orlando restaurants. The drinks are around $10, but are also on the strong side.

I almost always order at least one ahi tuna taco and one short rib taco and then usually whatever is the secret taco. However, I have had so many of the options and feel that you really can’t go wrong with any. My meal is not complete without the blistered shishito peppers and a side of Mexican street corn. Both can get spicy, but they really compliment the meal.

Inside seating at bartaco

Bartaco is located on Dr. Phillips Blvd and you can get there from Disney World in about twenty minutes. We also enjoy going after the airport as well! If you have a group that like to share this is a great choice. Or if you are like my Mom and need a margarita to compliment your chips and guacamole, this is the best spot for a stiff and refreshing drink.

Hunger Street Tacos

Hunger Street Tacos is my favorite for a casual meal. The menu consists of tacos, tostados and quesadillas that you order at a counter. This might seem simple, but the ingredients are anything from ordinary!

Delicious Hunger Street tacos

The tacos include ingredients such as seared brisket, avocado tomatillo salsa, sautéed hibiscus, fried avocado, and scrambled eggs. Of course the one that really caught my eye was the Grilled Cheese taco, but they always sell out. It consists of halloumi grilling cheese, refried beans, tomato, red onion, and salsa. They run out of the cheese often, so go early if you want to try that one!

I opted for one brisket, one fried avocado and one chorizo chicken taco and loved all three! The corn tortillas were so fresh and the meat was so tender. Somehow, the avocado tasted even more perfect in a lightly panko fried form.

Beautiful wall mural art outside of Hunger Street in Orlando, FL

I have not tried the quesadillas yet, but they also sound delicious and have quite a few vegetarian options. The squash blossom quesadilla sounds heavenly and the mushroom one is right up my alley. Hunger Street also serves beer, wine and sangria and has a large patio where you can enjoy your drink and meal outside and under cover.

If you are exploring Winter Park, this is an excellent spot for lunch or dinner (or brunch on Saturdays). It is also one of the cheapest restaurants in the area for the quality. Definitely check it out if you are a vegetarian as well. I would go to this one all the time if it wasn’t so far from Disney World!

Uncle Julio’s

For a traditional Mexican restaurant sit down dinner, I recommend Uncle Julio’s. The location is right on I-Drive conveniently near the Orlando Eye, TopGolf and other attractions. This is an ideal place for large groups because it has a varied menu and a gorgeous atmosphere.

Uncle Julio's taco restaurant with ferris wheel outside

You start your meal with complimentary chips and salsa, but I highly suggest adding the zesty guacamole as well. Then there are half a dozen tacos with options from a basic chicken to spicy seared tuna. You can get them on handmade flour or corn tortillas (both are quality options) and with a side of rice and beans. It ends up being a filling meal, but I find everything to be extremely well made.

If you aren’t feeling tacos, they also offer enchiladas, fajitas, quesadillas, tamales and salads. I think the tacos are the best option for the price though! This restaurant is technically a chain, but it tastes a lot more authentic than other Mexican chain restaurants.

Three tacos with beans and Mexican rice at Uncle Julio's

If you want to end you meal in a big way, they are famous for the chocolate piñata desert. This is hollow chocolate ball filled with mini churros and fruit that you break open! It then comes with sauces to dip the churros in fruit in. I have been dying to get this but am always so full at the end of the meal. I might just have to come for dessert one night because it looks too fun!

Tijuana Flats

For an affordable meal that doesn’t sacrifice flavor, then Tijuana Flats is a great option. This is a tex-mex chain that was founded in Winter Park and now has dozens of locations in the Orlando area. There are 130 locations total, so you may have seen them around. If not, visiting Orlando makes for a good time to try out the tacos and of course all the hot sauce options.

Inside Tijuana Flats that was founded in Winter Park, FL near Orlando
Tijuana Flats sauce bar

This is another order at a counter stand restaurants where you choose the ingredients for your meal. They offer tacos, burritos, bowls, enchiladas, salads, quesadillas, nachos and tostados so there are plenty of options! I love going on Taco Tuesday where you can get two tacos, chips and a drink for $6.

It’s pretty cheap the rest of the week too, with prices around $7-$8 per entree. What really makes it stand out on this list though is the hot sauce selection. Tijuana Flats has over fifteen different hot sauce in all sorts of flavors and spice levels. I love trying a few with my tacos and we always give the spiciest one a try as a challenge. Its become part of the experience!

Tijuana Flats tacos with fresh chips and guacamole salsa

With so many different options, I think anyone would have an enjoyable meal here. The chicken and pork tacos are my favorite with the flaming fruit hot sauce. All the restaurants have fun murals on the wall and a punk-rock kind of vibe, so it isn’t your average chain restaurant. I would be surprised to meet a local who hasn’t tried Tijuana Flats, so don’t hesitate to go if you are from out of town!

4Rivers Cantina Taco Truck

If you are taking a trip to Disney World, it can be a hassle to leave property, so I wanted to find the best taco spot there. I can say without a doubt that the 4Rivers Cantina is serving the best tacos in Disney World. This food truck is permanently placed next to the World of Disney store and makes some amazing barbacoa.

Street Tacos in Orlando from 4Rivers Cantina Taco Truck

I wasn’t surprised by this because 4Rivers is actually a local barbecue chain that is known for tender smoked meats and savory side dishes. Disney wanted to feature their food at Disney Springs, but since they already had a barbecue option at the Polite Pig, the taco truck was born.

If you are looking for a yummy meal or snack at the Disney Springs, this where to go. They offer five kinds of proteins (Barbacoa, chicken, sofritos, steak and beans) which can be added to either tacos, burrito bowls or nachos. They are also famous for the taco cone which is a crunchy tortilla chip like cone filled with meat and toppings.

4R Cantina Burrito Bowl

Most of the other taco options at Disney World are very basic, so save your cravings for the 4R Cantina at Disney Springs. I was blown away by the flavorful meat and fresh avocado salsa when I went. I still haven’t tried the taco cone yet, but I hear it perfection, so give it a try and let me know what you think!

When to go to each Orlando Taco Spot, depending on what you are looking for:

  • bartaco: Sit Down Restaurant, Cocktails, Sharable, Unique, Near Dr. Phillips
  • Hunger Street Tacos: Counter Service, Vegetarian, Affordable, Near Winter Park
  • Uncle Julio’s: Sit Down Restaurant, Cocktails, Varied Menu, Traditional, Near I-Drive
  • Tijuana Flats: Counter Service, Affordable, Quick Meal, Anywhere in Orlando
  • 4Rivers Cantina Taco Truck: Counter Service, Customizable, Outdoor Seating, In Disney World
Orlando Taco Spots

The summary above should be helpful for decided where to go if you are looking for Orlando tacos. I’ve also heard Tin & Taco and Black Rooster Taqueria are great options, but I haven’t tried them yet. Let me now if your favorite made the list!