Feast in the Ancient City: St Augustine’s Top-Rated Restaurants

Every Floridian needs to take a visit to the Ancient City, and when you are here you will not be without tasty eats! St. Augustine restaurants are as delicious as they come and there is something for everyone here. Today I am sharing the best places to eat in St. Augustine that I have enjoyed through the years.

I have found thirty different St. Augustine restaurants that will not disappoint. I have divided them up into cheap eats, moderately-priced restaurants, and places to splurge. This way you can find cuisine on any budget! I have also made sure to highlight restaurants with vegetarian options in the community. Hopefully, this guide provides you with plenty of recommendations for trying some unique St. Augustine restaurants!

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Affordable St. Augustine Restaurants

Even if you are on a tight budget for your St. Augustine trip, there is no need to worry about finding delicious places to eat. There are tons of affordable St. Augustine restaurants to dine at any time of day. The following ten places are perfect for a meal under $15 per person.

1. Mojo BBQ

Everyone knows that the more North you go in Florida, the more South you actually get, meaning St. Augustine is a town you need to try some classic Southern BBQ in! My favorite is Mojo BBQ, which has every type of in-house smoked meat you can imagine! You can get platters of BBQ or fried fish with a dozen sides to choose from or have it sandwich style. The portions are large, so meals can be shared, although it is hard to not want leftovers of the pulled pork and brisket.

2. Decent Donuts

For those with a sweet tooth, Decent Donuts is the best spot to find yeast or gluten-free cake donuts of all sorts of flavors. Favorites include Crushed Cookie, Sea Salt Maple, and Caramel Apple, but the selection varies daily! It’s off US 1, right on the way to Old Town, so pick up half a dozen or so for a sweet start to your trip.

3. Juicy St. Augustine

If you are looking for some healthy food to break up all the indulgent vacation eating, Juicy St. Augustine is ideal for breakfast or lunch. This little café makes acai and pitaya bowls, as well as smoothies, fresh juice, and avocado toast. We found the fruit to be so fresh and loved all the different toppings to customize your bowl with.

acai bowls st augustine

4. Schmagels Bagels

For breakfast and lunch in Old Town Schmagels Bagels is a huge hit. They have freshly made NY-style bagels either with cream cheese or as a sandwich. You can get egg sandwiches or lunch-style sandwiches like turkey or a BLT. And for those watching their carb intake, they also have wraps and salads.

5. Burrito Works Taco Shop

A local favorite you cannot miss is the Burrito Works Taco Shop, either in Old City or Beachside. They offer burritos, bowls, nachos, and tacos all for under $10. You can get them land style with meat or veggies or sea style with fresh mahi-mahi. They can even make them super spicy too! There is nothing like some Baja Mexican food to hit the spot after a day at the beach!

6. Maple Street Biscuit Company

On the less healthy, but equally delicious breakfast and lunch front, Maple Street Biscuit Company is an indulgent must-visit! What started as a café in Jacksonville is now a thriving franchise across the south serving up delicious biscuits. You can get them topped with fried chicken, sausage gravy, or an egg, along with plenty of other toppings. And now that they have mimosas, it is the perfect brunch spot!

maple street biscuit company St. Augustine

7. African Love Kitchen

One might not expect to find authentic Tanzanian food in St. Augustine, but now the food truck African Love Kitchen has got you covered! Often at local farmers’ markets, this Black-Owned food truck makes delicious sambusas with meat or veggies. You can also get savory dishes like lamb curry or mango chicken. It’s the place to find a meal unlike any other!

8. Nalu’s Tropical Takeout

Another food truck worth visiting is Nalu’s Tropical Takeout which serves tacos, poke bowls, and more, right by the beach! We grabbed fish tacos before heading to Anastasia State Park and it was the ideal pre-beach meal. They have a picnic table in the shade, but most get food to go for a picnic. Though there are many places to get tacos in St. Augustine, Nalu’s has the best fish tacos for sure!

st augustine food truck tacos

9. The Kookaburra

St. Augustine’s favorite coffee shop is hands down The Kookaburra with three different locations in the area. This is an Australian spot with single-origin direct trade coffee. Here you can get coffee in any style from espressos to lattes to iced brews. If you are hungry, they also have breakfast and lunch pies, just like in Australia! This is my choice for a caffeine fix and a quick bite any time of day.

10. Cousteau’s

For a dessert unlike any other, Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshake Bar has some of the craziest creations. This nautical little shop makes fresh waffles topped with fruity or sweet toppings, with everything from cinnamon apples to ice cream. For an extra refreshing side, you can get a milkshake to go with it for the sugar high of your life!

best st. augustine restaurants

Moderately Priced Places to Eat

For those looking for more sit-down style St. Augustine restaurants, these next ten are some of the best. All of these options are ideal for meals in the $15-$30 range. Most are found in the historic district of St. Augustine, but there are a couple options beachside as well. You can easily have a celebratory or a relaxing meal at these, without pushing your budget.

11. Sunday Gathering Table

I have a new top breakfast restaurant in St. Augustine and it is Sunday over on San Marco Ave. This is just the cutest café where you can dine in the adorable courtyard or bright and cheery dining room. They make fresh bread daily that makes for some of the most amazing food! I loved the Smoked Salmon toast, but you can also get sandwiches, eggs benedict, and more. Whatever you do, make sure to try the sourdough and check out the artisan goods sold inside!

sunday gathering table breakfast st augustine

12. Amici Italian Restaurant

Whether you are craving pizza or pasta, the beachside spot Amici Italian Restaurant has you covered. They have a casual, old-school vibe with food that put all the Italian chain restaurants to shame. Most love them for their homemade pasta, and dishes like the Baked Ziti and Manicotti show why. However, you can also get pizza and calzones in a few different styles and all the tasty soups, salads, and appetizers that go with them.

13. Odd Birds

Odd Birds is especially known for its artisanal cocktails and because of this, it is often packed on weekend nights. However, they are now offering full menus for dinner with creative specialties like a Frita Burger and Chilaquiles. Whether you are looking for some bites to go along with a handcrafted drink or a full meal, this is a local favorite.

odd birds st augustine

14. The Blue Hen Café

If you are looking for a charming breakfast and lunch spot, The Blue Hen Café has pretty much everything you could desire. The breakfast menu has classics with a Florida twist like the BBQ Pork and Grits or the Blue Crab Quiche. There are also plenty of soups, salads, and sandwiches to choose from for lunch and mimosas for any time of day! It’s a small spot, so don’t be surprised by the wait on the weekends, but don’t let that deter you from this upscale diner.

15. Osprey Tacos

Clearly, tacos are pretty popular in this town, but Osprey Tacos has a lot going on that other places don’t. They keep it simple sticking to just tacos and taco bowls with plentiful topping options. You can find traditional street tacos with meat, cilantro, radish, and onion or insane creations like a Cuban taco with prosciutto, swiss cheese, and pickles! No matter what you get, you can expect top-notch quality tacos and tasty churros to finish the meal.


16. Back 40 Urban Café

Another cozy spot you want to check out is Back 40 Urban Café, located in a little old house built in 1897! Their menu is a unique mix of Tex-Mex and Caribbean fare, that is also surprisingly vegetarian friendly. Salads and wraps are popular here, with zesty flavors like Jerk Chicken Caeser Salad and Cajun Mahi Mahi Fiesta. Of course, this is another great taco and burrito spot too, especially if you like food with a spicy flare! Between the fresh ingredients and the charming atmosphere, there is no doubt that this is one of the quintessential St. Augustine restaurants.

17. FarmHand Kchn

My family stumbled upon FarmHand Kchn on our last visit, as it was a short walk from the Holiday Inn St. Augustine where we were staying. This ended up being perfect for us, as they had a pretty healthy breakfast and lunch selection. I had a delicious salad loaded with cauliflower, green beans, and savory goat cheese. The salads were excellent, but my family unanimously agreed that the Brie, Fig, Honey Butter, and Prosciutto sandwich was definitely the best thing on the menu. However, splitting this and a salad, would make for a perfectly balanced meal, and make sure to grab some coffee on the way out!

st. augustine restaurants affordable

18. Prohibition Kitchen

In a town like St. Augustine, it is impossible to not want to take a step back in time and The Prohibition Kitchen will give you a taste of the 1920s. Not only does this St. Augustine restaurant make drinks like no other to enjoy with live music, but the menu is a foodie’s dream come true. They have indulgent dishes like Lobster Mac and Cheese and a Portobello Wellington, as well as Oysters on the Half Shell and a charcuterie board. If you simply prefer a burger, there are plenty of options for that here and even alcoholic milkshakes to go with it. Couple all that with the fact that they use local farms as suppliers, and now you have endless reasons to dine at this fun establishment!

19. Little Margie’s FA Café

For a beachy diner vibe, Little Margie’s FA Café is a cute spot we ended up one morning. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with plenty of seafood options, ideal for a beach day. We loved the crab cake benedict, but for an all-out seafood meal later in the day, you can get everything from Snow Crab Legs to Coconut Shrimp. It’s everything you would want out of a roadside Florida stop during a beach vacation!

20. The Floridian

Last, but not least is my personal favorite of the best St. Augustine restaurants, The Floridian. I have been here every time I have visited the area, despite feeling the tug to visit other spots on this list for the sake of the blog. However, I cannot skip cocktails, which are a work of art and only $11, or the innovative southern dishes. I have had their burger, the cheese board, the fried chicken, the Pork ‘N Waffles, and the Fish ‘N Grits and have been nothing but impressed by each dish. Everything is elevated in unexpected ways, like the crunchy cornmeal waffle with ricotta or the ginger-mango reduction topping the grits. Some of the options start veering toward the expensive side of the list, but I have to assure you, that it is worth it. You will love the food and the quirky atmosphere!

St. Augustine best restaurants

St. Augustine Restaurants To Splurge At

Lastly, I want to cover ten St. Augustine restaurants for an all-out meal. If you are taking a celebratory trip or want to have a romantic date night, these are the places to go. Of course, they come at a price and most of these will cost at least $30 per person for a meal. However, you are guaranteed an unforgettable meal to complete your visit to St. Augustine!

21. Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille

There are a lot of St. Augustine restaurants serving seafood, but none are as famous as Harry’s. This spot is equally known for its airy courtyard with frequent live music and its signature Bourbon Street dishes. You can definitely expect to find flavorful eats here, including Andouille Crusted Grouper and Crawfish Etouffee. Though this is one of the cheaper spots on this part of the list, you can save a few dollars by dining at lunch, or simply enjoy some appetizers while sitting on the patio!

22. The Llama

One of the most unique St. Augustine restaurants would have to be Llama restaurant, right across the street from The Local – St. Augustine Hotel. This is an intimate spot where chef Marcel serves up authentic and artistic Peruvian dishes. The ceviche here is some of the best I have ever had and the pork belly with pesto pasta was to die for! There is also a large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes so everyone can enjoy it. You will definitely want to get a reservation here for a stunning night out!

ceviche from the llama st augustine

23. Preserved Restaurant

When I think of St. Augustine dining, Preserved is the ideal. This is a fine-dining spot with Southern eats in the historic Jefferson House. It’s open for dinner and Sunday brunch, each having their own small, but thoughtfully cultivated menu. You can’t go wrong with surf or turf here, and favorites include the Pomme Puree Braised Beef Short Rib and the Mussels Frites. Whether you dine in the refined dining room or the airy front porch, you will get a taste of Southern charm.

24. Ice Plant Bar

Any foodie would be remiss not to visit the Ice Plant Bar. This restaurant is part of the St. Augustine distillery and has food to match the famously good spirits made here. Another spot where you can get dinner or brunch and at a variety of price ranges too. Though the more expensive options are my favorite, like the Goat Cheese Polenta Beef Short Rib, there are plenty of tasty smaller dishes like Blue Crab Beignets and the Grilled Pork Shoulder Cuban. Whatever you do, make sure you get a drink from the bar and enjoy the speakeasy vibes while sipping it.

st. augustine ice plant restaurant

25. Blackfly

Closer to the beach, Blackfly is a new St. Augustine restaurant that is making waves. Though it specializes in seafood, there are unique options you can’t find anywhere else. This varies from Ahi Tuna dishes to Lobster Mac and Cheese to a Mushroom Wellington for vegetarians. There’s also brick over pizzas, so plenty of variety for families or larger groups. From the outside, it doesn’t look like much, but the artsy inside will charm you and the food will leave you wanting more!

26. Michael’s St. Augustine

For a classic steakhouse meal, Michael’s is the place to go. The dining room in Historic St. Augustine has a refined, nautical feel, and there is a classy courtyard to eat in as well. The restaurant offers dry-aged steaks and all the cheesy and savory sides you could want with it. For an upgraded experience, you can do a 3 or 5-course meal with wine pairings. They also have seafood including a sea-chuterie board, for those wanting surf and turf.

27. Columbia Restaurant

If you want Spanish food and a taste of the past, you have to check out the century-old Columbia. This restaurant started in Ybor City in 1905 and has since opened multiple locations across Florida, including St. Augustine. The menu continues the legacy with classics like The 1905 Salad, Crab Croquettes, and a traditional Seafood Paella. When we dined here the entrees were gigantic, so feel free to share. This way you have more room for tapas! Considering Columbia has been a family-owned restaurant for 5 generations, it’s the perfect place for a celebratory, family meal.

columbia tampa restaurant

28. Collage

For an upscale meal with something for everyone, Collage is the place to eat at. The cuisine is described as global and includes specialties from all over the world. Whether you are in the mood for French Escargot or New Zealand Lamb Chops, they offer this and everything in between. With the cozy atmosphere creating an intimate dining experience, you are set for an adventurous meal for your taste buds.

29. Costa Brava

With so much emphasis on Seafood and Spanish cuisine in this town, Costa Brava is one of the St. Augustine Restaurants that stand out with something different. Located in the Casa Monica Resort, this is probably the only place you can find an elegant Bohemian meal around. The menu features unique options like Pink Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin or a Tapas Hunter’s Board. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you can enjoy the well-appointed dining room anytime, although dinner features the best meal options.

30. St. Augustine Fish Camp

I’ll end this list with one more seafood restaurant, St. Augustine Fish Camp, for a meal on the water. This stunning dining room offers lunch and dinner entrees for a homestyle, Floridian experience. There are plenty of locally caught options from Blackened Mahi to Bacon Wrapped Scallops. The food and drinks are creative and unlike places that you might normally associate with fish camps. Life in St. Augustine is always like a vacation, and with a dining experience like this, you will feel like you are on one!

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Know Before You Go: St. Augustine Restaurants to Visit

I hope this list provided you with enough options for where to eat in St. Augustine. Whether you are taking a vacation here, a day trip or you are a local, there is no reason not to support local businesses when eating out, especially with all these delicious options! Here are a few tips for making your meal in St. Augustine even better.

  • It is customary to tip 20% in St. Augustine and most restaurants do not include this in the final bill, unless you have a large party.
  • A lot of restaurants do not take reservations, so there can be a wait. A few here take them on Open Table, so be sure to check beforehand.
  • The best way to save money in St. Augustine when going out to eat is to go during Happy Hour when many places have deals on drinks and appetizers.
  • Dress codes vary, but for the upscale restaurants on the list, I would err on the dress to impress side.
  • Most restaurants in the area have free parking, but it can be hard to find, especially during the Nights of Lights weekends.
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Do you think these are the best St. Augustine restaurants? Let me know if I missed any of your favorites! For more tips for visiting the area, be sure to check out these posts on things to do in St. Augustine and things to do in Jacksonville.

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