Boca Raton Things to Do

IMG_2716We decided to spend the day after our friend’s wedding exploring the Downtown Boca Raton area. We had an awesome time at the wedding and were amazed by the beautiful Addison. If you are looking for a wedding venue in South Florida, the Addison would be a great spot to check out. This venue was also conveniently located in the heart of the city, less than a mile from our hotel. This area is the place to be if you are taking an overnight trip to Boca Raton, as there was so much to do. IMG_2714We started the day with some much needed Cold Brew Nitro coffee from The Seed. This coffee was so smooth and flavorful  This cafe was a quick walk from the hotel and also had a lot of great breakfast options. They sell an assortment of smoothies and acai bowls. img 0517We got the classic acai flavored one and it was one of the most refreshing breakfasts I have ever had. There were four different kinds of delicious fresh fruit along with some tasty granola, hemp and chia seeds. I wish we had a cafe like this in Melbourne, it had such a cute vibe and so many different kinds of coffee and smoothies. IMG_2726After breakfast we walked over to Mizner Park. This is the main shopping and dining area in town. I was shocked by the amount of stores they had. There were at least fort different options along this beautiful plaza. There were standard stores like Francesca’s and Lord and Taylor, along with some boutiques and art galleries. Not only are there so many stores to check out, it is also just such a nice area to hang out in. There is an amphitheater here that has frequent events, as well as a Art Museum that looked interesting, but was not open on the Monday we were there. If you are in Boca Raton, Mizner Park is a must-see as its sophistication and beauty are symbolic of the town. IMG_2734It was hard to decide where to go to lunch with so many great options, but we landed on Kapow Noodle Bar because of its enticing Asian menu. They had a vast craft beer selection so we both got a Mango Wit from Proof Brewing Company. It was a fruit beer that went well with the spicy flavors we ate. We started out with Crispy Spicy Beef Wontons which were so delicious with the spicy sauce. My guilty pleasure Chinese food is Crab Rangoon and this was definitely an upgrade from that with its succulent beef and extra crispy wontons. IMG_2738For lunch, we decided on ramen, with Andrew getting the pork belly tonkotsu option and I got the vegetable option. Both dishes were amazing! The broth  was so flavorful and we loved the little accompaniments that we used to spice it up. I enjoyed the bamboo shoots and mushrooms in mine. It was extremely filling for a vegetarian dish as well. Andrew’s Pork belly was so tender and there was also a hard boiled egg in his which added a lot to the dish. Overall we found that the ingredients were very high quality, especially the fresh wheat noodles. We saw multiple ramen restaurants on the walk from our hotel to here, but this one really drew us in with it’s atmosphere and inspired dishes. IMG_2741After all this food, we were practically ready for a nap, so we decided to check out the beach. I have found that with many places in Florida, you can drive down the road by the beach and see dozens of public beach parks to stop at. We found out the hard way that Boca Raton is not like that!When we crossed over the inter coastal, the South Beach Park looked crowded so we decided to keep going to another beach. There are so many condos and hotels that we did not come across another beach park for 7 miles. You can usually find a park every half a mile where we are from! So if you are in the Boca area, plan to either go to South Beach Park or Atlantic Dunes, which is further north. Atlantic Dunes was a lovely beach with that bright blue water we don’t get in Melbourne looking so inviting. It was a great way to the end the day, as you can’t really go wrong with a beach in Florida! There is still a lot we need to do in Boca Raton, but I was glad we got a flavor for the area that weekend.img 3924