Civil Society Brewing Company

img 7978Today I am spotlighting Civil Society Brewing Company, an excellent brewery in Jupiter, FL. We stopped by here to try a pint after choosing our wedding venue and it has been a favorite ever since! We since go back every time we are in Jupiter, including multiple times during the wedding weekend and it now holds a special place in my heart.

img 7962Civil Society Brewing Company is located in the Abacoa Town Center along with the Roger Dean Stadium and the Courtyard by Marriott Palm Beach Jupiter. It is a pretty big brewing facility for such a small shopping area, They usually have at least ten different brewed in house beers to try and I really have never had one I didn’t like. They specialize in unfiltered hoppy beers, which might be a turn off for some, but trust me, they are delicious even to those who don’t normally like IPA’s.

We had a welcome party here the day before the wedding and everyone was shocked by how good it was, especially the non-craft beer drinkers. The only catch is they are often high percentage beers, so proceed with caution! A lot of our friends and family were not used to such strong beer, which made for an amusing time. default 1492804747

The best thing about this place is the variety of hops they use. The first time I had “Blonde Makes Me Hoppy w/ Nelson Sauvin” I was blown away by the earth and unique flavor of a blonde Ale. The Nelson Sauvin hops are a lot different then Mosaic, the most common hops used to make beer. This gave a slight fruity taste, with a lot more body than most blonde ales. I know this might be a bit too much nerdy craft beer talk, but I just need to stress the uniqueness of this brewery! img 4043If you get a chance to visit, you will most likely see Fresh, which is one of their signature beers. Its a New England IPA that has a juicy flavor and looks like it too with it’s hazy appearance. This is a good introduction to the brewery as you can get a sense of the different hoppiness and “mouthfeel” that these have. If you like fruity drinks, you will be surprised at how much you like this beer!

img 4276They recently started canning so we pick some up every time we are there. We hope we will be able to buy them in stores soon! They also have a lot of variations of Fresh, with Fresh Drops being a more recent one. This rendition was slightly more better than Fresh, but still tasty. I also loved Fresher than Fresh which was a strong Double IPA and fresh Galaxies, which featured the beloved Galaxy Hops.  It’s fun to get two types of Fresh and compare the different flavors. img 3324They have gotten very into the space themes with beers called Space Puppies, Space Bunnies, and Cars in Space. I tried Puppies and Bunnies at the Rocky Water Brewfest and was amazed. They both have a a distinct hop floral and tangy flavor. Cars in Space follows suit and is somehow even a higher percentage alcohol content. These are all strong beers, but yet still very sippable on a warm day. img 4047I would recommend getting a flight on your first visit there so you can try a few different flavors. Surprisingly all three beers above are different, despite having the a very similar appearance. Civil Society definitely specializes in a certain type of beer, unlike other breweries I have been to that produce very different styles. However, I have yet to find someone who doesn’t enjoy this brewery and appreciate the unique flavor they have managed to produce. Whether you stop by the tap room and pick up a Crowler or stay for a while on the outside patio, I am sure you will enjoy checking this brewery out. img 7980