Brewery Series: Florida Beer Company


Today we look at the most well-known brewery on the Space Coast. Florida Beer Company has been in the area for many years and now brews beer for all over the country. This is a great place to go to hang out with friends, take a tour or pick up some delicious beer.


We love this place so much we came here after my sister’s graduation to celebrate. Their tap room not only has a cool circular bar, but you can view the distillery or play games while you hang out there. We have been before and went on the tour and found it quite informative. They give a tour of the manufacturing facilities multiple times a day and you can learn all about their brewing process and see how the bottling works. It is fun for all ages!


After the tour, you are given a flight where you can choose u to 4 different flavors, which is fun for all ages over 21. I have had just about every flavor here. They add in seasonal ones on occasion but have a pretty standard list most of the time. They are known for their Florida Lager and the Key West Southernmost Wheat which are both solid choices. My favorites are the Surplus Honey Citrus Ale and the Hurricane Reef Caribbean Pilsner. They both have a light, crisp flavor, with the honey one being sweet and the caribbean one tasting more tropical. If you like a hoppy beer, the Swamp Ape Double IPA is Andrew’s favorite and he recommends it for a good IPA. We have also always enjoyed the ciders which they have varying flavors of!


You really can’t go wrong at Florida Beer Company. It is a very entertaining place to visit and I think everyone can find something to enjoy here. We often see people coming off cruise boats and checking this place out and I can’t think of a better activity to do before you go back on the ship after a day at the beach.