Business Trip to the Panhandle

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I recently took a trip to Fort Walton Beach for work. I was not very happy to go on this trip as we had to drive 7 hours with 6 people in a minivan, but it turned out to be not as bad as I expected.
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I got a room with a balcony facing the ocean so I loved hanging out up there after work. We stayed at the Four Points Sheraton and I thoroughly enjoyed. It has a few nice pools, was right on the beach and the beds were very comfy. I gained some Starwood rewards from this visit so that was a plus!
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Being the only twenty something girl of the group, I refrained from taking too many pictures. I did get one of the meal I had at Bochamp’s. This was an chic seafood restaurant right on the water. I ordered the Maine Lobster Mac and Cheese, so I know they did not catch my meal off the dock here, but that did not affect the dish. It was by far the best Lobster Mac I have had with big pieces of claw and tail and a great combination of cheese.
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The other restaurants we went to were not too special, there was a lot of barbeque and sandwiches. However we did go to McGuires pub which was a fun place with a tradition of hanging a dollar bill on the wall. They now have over a million! We all got the gigantic burgers they are known for and I could barely eat half of mine. There were some nice parts of the Destin area, but I have to say the seaweed had me missing the Atlantic side of Florida. I am sure I will be back here one day though, but I am not going on that long of a car ride anytime soon for it!