Cafe Surfinista is the Space Coast Spot for Acai Bowls

I have been loving Acai Bowls for a few years now, but sadly there were no local restaurants that made them. Finally this fruity trend came to the Space Coast in the form of multiple cafes!

Of the three new options, I have to deem Cafe Surfinista in Indialantic the best. It is located right by the beach on 5th Ave and has all the makings of the perfect coastal cafe.

I think there have been at least five different businesses in that building since we have moved here. However, Cafe Surfinista already has a thriving location in Cocoa Beach, so I bet they are here to stay!

Cafe Surfinista Acai Bowl

The Cafe Surfinista Atmosphere

cafe surfinista Acai Bowl

I pretty much loved this place from the second I walked in! They have perfected the surf shack look with boards mounted on the walls alongside TV’s and photography displaying the surfer lifestyle. The focal point is a beautiful teal wave mosaic fireplace that matches the backsplash behind the counter.

I also love that this place is counter service because it is much more convenient for breakfast and lunch. You can get your food to go, but I had to dine in to fully soak up the fun vibe. There is a mix of tables and booths, and even a cozy couch nook!

Cafe Surfinista embodies the space coast lifestyle with it’s laidback, beachy atmosphere and emphasis on surfing, skating and biking.

Cafe Surfinista Acai Bowl

The Cafe Surfinista Menu

Even though Acai bowls are the stand-out menu item at Cafe Surfinista, they serve all sorts of other breakfast and lunch items too. For beverages they offer a variety of coffee, tea, juice and kombucha.

The menu also features over ten types of smoothies with all sorts fruit and add-on options. For food, you can get a bagel with a choice of toppings, avocado toast, an egg souffle, yogurt, or oatmeal. They even have some really healthy and delicious lunch items like quinoa salads and sandwiches on sprouted grain bread.

This is much needed in Melbourne, where I feel like there are so many unhealthy restaurants. I have included pictures of the menu since I currently cannot find it online.

cafe surfinista Indialantic menu
cafe surfinista Indialantic menu

Acai Bowls

Cafe Surfinista Acai Bowl

I really want to try their salad or their avocado toast, but every time I go, I can’t resist the acai bowls! This past visit, Andrew and I both ordered a bowl as well as coffee. He got the iced coffee and I got the iced americano.

Both drinks were robust, but smooth for an iced black coffee beverage. We found ourselves a little nook to chow down on The Tropical Bowl. This acai bowl as described as:

“Acai and apple juice blended with banana, blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry. Topped with granola, fresh fruit, bee pollen and coconut.”

This bowl stands out because it comes with coconut and bee pollen instead of having to be added on. Pretty much all the bowls come with fresh fruit and granola. They can also vary in the acai mixture, whether it be acai and fruit juice, acai and coconut milk or acai and chocolate hemp milk.

You can always add whatever toppings for seventy-five cents each and you can substitute acai for pitaya (dragonfruit) for a dollar.

cafe surfinista Acai Bowl

We both love the acai mixture for the tropical bowl. I was worried the juice would make it too sweet, but it had an excellent balance of flavors. The toppings are also always super fresh and plentiful.

I am obsessed with bee pollen on these bowls and their’s is some of the tastiest I have had. This bee pollen had a nice crunchy texture, as did the granola.

The portions of the bowls are on the larger size for an acai bowl, which is good, since I have been to other places that charge the same for much less. The bowls vary from $8.95 to $12.95, with the higher price ones having more toppings.

Cafe Surfinista Acai Bowl

Of the newly opened acai bowl cafes on the Space Coast, Cafe Surfinista stands out for many reasons. As far as the acai bowls go, you get a lot more for your money here in terms of quality and quantity. It also has the advantage of offering a lot of other great food options.

This is an awesome place for vegetarians, vegans or any sort of special diet. They even have bulletproof coffee if you are on that diet. As this area expands, I hope more restaurants that cater to different diets will open, but for now I am glad to see Cafe Surfinista pave the way.

Cafe Surfinista Acai Bowl

The Cafe Surfinista Location

cafe surfinista Acai Bowl

The other reason this cafe stands out is the location. It is only a few steps from the beach which makes it the perfect place to eat a tropical acai bowl. Between this and the atmosphere inside, you can’t help but appreciate living in Florida (or being on vacation here if you are visiting)!

It is in a plaza with Bizarro’s (an awesome pizza place), a Starbucks, a Coldstone Creamery, and a Brazilian restaurant. At first this wasn’t ideal because it was hard to find free parking. However, now they have free spots reserved just for Cafe Surfinista! So now it is convenient to get to as well.

Cafe Surfinista Acai Bowl

I am just so excited that we have such a cool cafe right down the street from me, that I had to share it. A day at the beach in Melbourne is not complete without checking out the local eats, and this place is the perfect spot.

Make sure to try it the next time you are in the area and let me know how it compares to your local acai bowls!

cafe surfinista Acai Bowl