Celebration, FL

blogger image 373122227After mini golfing, we went over to Celebration to meet up with friends for dinner. This cute little Disney town looks like a suburb from the fifties and was decorated very nice with classic Christmas Decorations. Andrew finds the town a bit creepy, almost Twilight Zone-esque how everything looks so perfect! It was a nice place to stroll around though.

blogger image 2098763342We walked around the lake and into a few little boutiques before dinner. Then we met up with our friends and want to Cafe D’Antonio. It was a very good Italian restaurant! It had a traditional menu with a few twists.blogger image 634499040I got the sun dried tomato gnocchi which had an incredible cheese sauce. I loved the texture of the gnocchi and thought the tomatoes added an excellent flavor. Andrew got the sausage risotto which he was skeptical about having as an entree and not as a side but it ended up being very filling and delicious! The service at the restaurant was great and they didn’t rush us as we chatted with our friends.blogger image 455583413I am glad we explored this part of Florida that we had not been too before. There’s not a lot to do in the town but it’s definitely worth stopping by for dinner.