Fun Central Florida Date Ideas for 2024

With Valentine’s Day coming up, many couples are looking for Central Florida date ideas to experience with their loved ones. Andrew and I have explored all over this area and I can assure you, there are plenty of romantic things to do in Orlando and around the coasts. This post is full of fun date ideas for Valentine’s Day or any other time of year!

I have mentioned many of these attractions in my Things to Do Guides for Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete and The Space Coast. However, I have tried to include ways to make these experiences more of a romantic date for this post. Of course, you would have just as much fun doing most of this list with family or friends, especially if you want a Galentine’s Day! I hope this list does spark some ideas for you and your significant other, whether you are looking for a relaxing, active, or nature Central Florida date.

Central Florida Date Ideas

Active Date Ideas in Orlando and Beyond

If you are the type of couple that likes an adrenaline-pumping date, this section is for you! I have scoured everywhere from St. Pete to New Smyrna for exciting date ideas for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want a workout or like experiencing something new, here are some active Central Florida date ideas.

Go for a Boat Ride

There is nothing more romantic then being on the water with your true love! There are all sorts of places throughout Central Florida to rent a boat, whether it be a paddleboat or a pontoon for a sunset cruise experience. You can also take a boat tour, and though that usually is not private, it can still be an entertaining date! Here are some ideas for different on the water dates in Central Florida

Play Mini Golf or Top Golf

Another classic date idea that you always see in the movies is playing mini golf. Central Florida has no shortage of putt-putt courses to challenge your significant other at! I prefer the more advanced form of mini golf that is starting popping up around here, commonly known as Top Golf. This is basically a driving range, but it has interactive games and a full bar and restaurant! You don’t need to be a golfer to have fun either. Here are some mini golf and interactive driving range options in Central Florida

Take a Paddle Tour

If you want to put your relationship to the test, you can always rent a kayak and see if you can keep the boat afloat! Jokes aside, Central Florida is full of excellent areas for kayaking, canoeing or paddleboarding. This is one of our favorite date ideas because we always see something new! You can rent a watercraft pretty much anywhere on the coast or you can take a tour for more of an educational experience. Here are some of the best places for a paddle date.

Check out a Skate Park or a Bike Trail

For couples who skateboard or rollerblade, there are dozens of skate parks all over for an extreme Central Florida date idea. You can even find a few mountain biking trails for some rugged biking as well. However, for a more scenic experience, heck out one of the many Central Florida cycling trails.

Take a Yoga Class Together

Couples that stretch together, stay together! I have become quite the yogi, and the few times a year that Andrew joins me is always an amusing experience. If you don’t take it too seriously, yoga is a great way to unwind with your partner. Even better, if it is at somewhere cool like a biergarten or the beach! Here are some Central Florida places to try yoga.

Visit a Theme Park

If you live in Central Florida, you probably have been to your share of the local amusement parks. However, going with just your significant other is a fresh experience if you have never done that before! To make it feel more like a date, you can have a themed day at the parks! This could be planning to just experience certain rides (only rollercoasters, only dark rides, etc.) or stick to a certain land. I also recommend reserving a nice meal or a special experience (like a fireworks cruise) if you can to make the day extra special!

Below are all the different Central Florida theme parks that would be good for a date. You can also go to a water park if the weather is nice!

Go Rock Climbing or Take a Ropes Course

As long as you both do not mind heights, going rock climbing together can be an exhilarating date idea! Being without mountains, you will have to settle for rock climbing gyms all throughout Central Florida. On a similar note, ropes and zipline courses are also exciting outdoor ways to see new heights. Here are my recommendations!

See a Sports Game

This may not be an active date for the two of you, but watching a sport game alone can be invigorating if you are a fan! Central Florida has many professional sports teams to see a game at and even more minor league and college sports teams. If you really want this to feel like a date, try and get on the jumbotron kisscam! Here are the main teams to check out for game tickets

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Relaxing Central Florida Date Ideas

If you prefer to unwind with your partner, then there are plenty of Central Florida date ideas for you as well. This section includes everything from a spa day to indulgent tasting experiences for a romantic time. Experiences like these are especially easy to find around Valentine’s Day, but you can still try this section of the list for a date any time of year. Here are some fun ways for couples to relax together.

Enjoy Live Music or an Outdoor Movie

Experiencing the arts with your significant other, whether it be music, a movie or a show, is a fun way to grow closer. I find experiences like this to be some of our most memorable dates! Concerts are always a blast, but even a simple performer at a restaurant can be great too. Even though movies are a typical date, most movie theaters are not the most romantic spots, so I prefer an outdoor screening with a little picnic. Here are some spots that usually have music or movies going on.

Take a Class Together

With the business of life, a date night can be a great time to learn something new together. Even if you are not that artistic, you may be surprised by each other’s painting skills at a Painting with a Twist Night. Other’s dates like this include pottery making, candle making and cooking classes! Here are some Central Florida spots to learn something with a loved one.

Go Shopping (And try this TikTok Challenges!)

Depending on your personality, shopping may not be that relaxing. I find that outdoor shopping centers at places like Disney Springs make the experience a lot more enjoyable, so I have included a bunch of areas like that below. However, to make your shopping experience feel even more like a date, you can try the TikTok Target Challenge. This can be done at a target, or any downtown or shopping mall. Basically, you come up with a short list of things and each partner buys it for the other. For example, the list can be; favorite drink, favorite animal, favorite color, something that remind you of them. Have each person try and find a little something for each item on the list and then see what they come up with! This can be especially interesting at a downtown with lots of thrift stores! Here are some places to try this challenge out at.

Try a Food or Drink Tasting

Another great way to try something new with your partner is to experience a food or drink tasting. This can be in many forms, but my favorite is to try different beers from a craft brewery. Getting a flight is the perfect way to sample a variety of beer that you may be skeptical of tasting.

On the other hand, if beer is not your thing, you can also check out a winery or a distillery! For non-drinkers, there is always a foodie tasting. You can pick up different cheeses or desserts from your local market and then have a tasting at home. Some places are even doing a home tasting this year, like a beer and donut pairing for GB’s bottle shop!

Visit a Spa

If you are in need of a spa day, making it a date can be a romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any times of year. With so many luxury hotels in the area, there are tons of options for getting a couple’s massage, facials and more. Here are some places to go for Central Florida date at the spa!

Check out a Farmers Market

One of my favorite weekend activities is checking out local farmer’s markets and it often becomes a date! Not only can you find something tasty to eat, but most farmers markets also have neat crafts and plants to purchase too. And the best part is you usually see lots of dogs! Here are some farmers markets to peruse for a lowkey Central Florida date.

Visit a Museum or an Aquarium

Whether you are a couple that enjoys art, science, history or anything else, there is a museum in Central Florida for you! Visiting a museum is an entertaining way to bring out your inner child and curiosity. There are also lots of local aquariums for those interested in seeing the beauty of sea life. Here are all the museums and aquariums you can find in Central Florida.

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Central Florida Date Ideas in Nature

Lastly, for a mix of a relaxing and exciting date, I recommend an outdoor date in nature. For us, this usually involves walking around somewhere and taking in all the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. This may sound boring to some, but we usually see some pretty unique things and also have fun taking pictures too. Here are some places I love to go for a Central Florida date in nature.

Visit a Garden

There are so many gorgeous gardens to see all over Florida and this is one of the best ways to spend an outdoor date. You can see and smell all sorts of pretty flowers, as well as observe other interesting natural features like waterfalls, animals and trees. If they let you bring a picnic to the garden, that makes for an even more fun experience!

Pick Fruit

Central Florida is known for it’s fresh produce and you can find fruit to pick here all year. The best time for fruit picking is in the winter, when berries and citrus are in season. However, there are some farms with mango and other tropical fruit picking later in the year. Here are some U-Pick fruit experiences for a very Central Florida date idea.

Explore a Nature Trail

Though you would be hard pressed to find some elevated hikes in Florida, there is still lots to explore at sea level! Nature trails are an adventurous way to view your hometown and see what creatures live around you. I have seen alligators, deer, dolphins, manatees, turtles, birds of all kinds and more while touring some of the nature trails below. If you want to liven it up, you can make your own nature BINGO card and get competitive too! Here is an extensive list for places to take a nature walk in Central Florida.

Visit a Zoo

For a chance to see animals that don’t naturally live here, going to the zoo is always a fun Central Florida date idea. There are three different ones in the area, so anywhere in Central Florida should be less than an hour from one. Most offer upgraded experiences to interact with the animals too! In addition, If your loved one has a favorite animal (like penguins or giraffes) this can be your chance to surprise them with the experience of a lifetime!

Go to the Beach

This would not be a list of Central Florida date ideas without mentioning the beach! The coasts are lined with so many excellent free, beach parks for sunning and swimming. To make an extra special date, book a luxury picnic through a service like Picnic by the Water. They will set up a glamorous picnic spot and bring you food! You can also go at sunset or sunrise to get a romantic view. Here are my favorite local beaches.

Take a Day Trip to the Springs

The freshwater springs of Central Florida are a sight not to be missed! If you have the whole day, it is worth it to take a drive to the springs. There you can explore, kayak or swim with your significant other. Here are the best springs for a Central Florida date.

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Know Before You Go: Fun Central Florida Date Ideas

This list is pretty extensive, so hopefully you and your loved one could find something appealing to do on it! No matter what experience you decide on, I always recommend going into it with an open mind and a sense of humor. Above all, that is the true key to a successful date!

What is the best Central Florida date you have ever been on? Andrew and I have had so many, but I would say my favorite recently we spent at the Leu Gardens and then a brewery after! Let me know yours in the comments. If you need more ideas, check out my 101 Things to do in Florida guide here.

Central Florida Valentine's Date Ideas