Dine on a Dime: Orlando’s Best Eats That Won’t Break the Bank

Orlando has a vibrant food scene with so many world-class restaurants to try. However, even though some are Michelin Star rated, there are also plenty of affordable options. In this blog post, I am sharing the top twenty-five cheap Orlando restaurants that still deliver on flavor.

I have broken up the blog post by location, so you can find affordable restaurants in Lake Eola, near the theme parks, in Winter Park, and beyond. Most of these options are counter-service style so you can have a quick meal as well. If you are looking to save some money while exploring the city’s food scene, check out these cheap Orlando restaurants.

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Affordable Downtown Orlando Restaurants

In my opinion, the best place to go for cheap Orlando restaurants is Downtown and the Mills 50 District. This area has all sorts of unique cuisines that can be found in hole-in-the-wall eateries.  These eight Orlando restaurants are mainly counter-service and offer excellent food for less than $15 per person.

1. Tako Cheena – Fusion Street Food

First up is Tako Cheena a fan favorite offering tacos, burritos, and sandwiches with Pan-Asian flavors.  Here you can get everything from a butter chicken burrito to a Korean beef taco. With most meals costing less than $12, Tako Cheena makes for an affordable and unforgettable meal.

2. Chi-Kin – Korean Fried Chicken and Bowls

One of my favorite Orlando restaurants for Korean food is ChiKin, which is ideal for a cheap lunch or dinner. They offer bowls and plates with larger servings of Korean fried chicken, vegan seitan, kimchi, and more. Everything is so flavorful and I frequently have leftovers!

korean chi-kin downtown orlando eateries

3. Sticky Rice – Laotian Cuisine

For a street food counter experience you won’t find anywhere else in Central Florida, head to Sticky Rice for an amazing Laotian meal. This small spot is great for an intimate dinner or takeout where one can try a variety of mouthwatering from ramen to crispy rice. With almost everything on the menu under $10, it is one of the best Downtown Orlando restaurants for eating out on a budget.

4. Tin and Taco – Unique Tacos

Whether you want traditional or creative tacos, Tin and Taco has three locations throughout Orlando, that make for a great budget meal. The Lake Eola location is an especially awesome spot to get your late-night taco fix. The line can be long, but it is always worth it for tacos you cannot get anywhere else, like a caesar salad taco or a mac and cheese beef taco!

5. A La Cart – Food Truck Park and Bar

For the atmosphere alone, A La Cart and its outdoor food court is a hit, but the rotating food trucks that visit and the craft beer bar, make it even better. I have enjoyed both the poke bowls and the waffle sundaes recently and have no doubt this outdoor spot will continue to bring in the best local food trucks!

a la cart orlando

6. Beefy King – No Frills Sandwiches

Everyone needs to try Beefy King before they can call themselves a true Orlando local. This institution is known for its giant and tasty sandwiches that cost less than $7! Do not let its humble location fool you, as there is a reason this place has been open since 1968.

7. Saigon Noodle & Grill – Vietnamese Soups and Bowls

Another Orlando restaurant great for trying unique cuisine on a budget is Saigon Noodle & Grill. This intimate eatery serves authentic Pho, summer rolls, spring rolls, rice platters, and more. Most dishes are less than $15, although they do have some to-go deals as well. The soup lover or dry vermicelli family meal is a great deal at $29 per couple! 

8. Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria – Paninis and Salads

For a cozy lunch or dinner, locals love Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria. In addition to a huge selection of tea, you can chow down on over two dozen paninis options all for less than $13. Favorites include the Thanksgiving sandwich, the Billy Chang, and the harvest salad for vegetarians. You can also order to go if you want to have a picnic.

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Cheap Orlando Restaurants Near the Theme Parks

The Orlando theme parks are known to be cash guzzlers. Just one walk around the Magic Kingdom and all the “Most Expensive Vacation Ever” shirts confirm that! However, if you are trying to save money, consider eating dinner outside the theme parks. These five options are cheap Orlando restaurants within a ten-minute drive of Disney World or Universal Orlando.

9. Sofrito Latin Cafe – Latin American Counter-Service

Just a few minutes from Disney Springs is Sofrito Latin Café. This affordable spot serves delectable Colombian, Venezuelan, and Cuban food and more for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With its accessible hours and easy-to-get-to location, this is a convenient option for theme park goers looking to save money.

10. Sushiology – Sushi and Pan Asian Cuisine

For an affordable sushi meal near the Vineland outlets, Sushiology has all the sushi combinations you can imagine for under $8 per roll! Sushi lovers will have a hard time finding a better deal than that and there is also dim sum for those who don’t like fish. This is another great option for escaping Disney World prices without having to drive too far.

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11. Little Greek Fresh Grill – Mediterranean Fast Food

With multiple Orlando locations, Little Greek Fresh Grill is a favorite for a fast and healthy meal. Here you can find salads, wraps, and platters with zesty flavors at an affordable price. If you are at Disney World, check out the Lake Buena Vista location or the Dr. Phillips location if you are staying near Universal Orlando.

12. Selam Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine – African Specialties

For an exotic dining experience that is hard to find in most American cities, Selam is an affordable and delicious option. This Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurant is known for kifto, lentil samosas, and more. With most entrees under and the location just minutes from Disney World, theme park goers can have an awesome meal without hurting their wallets.

13. Pao Gostoso Bakery – Brazilian Bakery

For a quick and unique breakfast, Pao Gostoso offers Brazilian baked goods right on I-Drive. This bakery is one of the most authentic places around and features sweet and savory pastries, sandwiches, crepes, and cakes. Most love the cheese and chicken Coxinha, but it also has flan and chocolately brigadeiro for sweet tooths. Stop here for breakfast before heading to Universal Orlando for a filling meal for less than $10 per person.

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Winter Park Restaurants for Budgeters

Winter Park is known for being one of the most affluent parts of Orlando, but surprisingly, you can find some affordable gems here. These next five restaurants are great for dining on a budget and still getting to try the foodie cuisine of the area.  

14. Black Bean Deli – Classic Cuban Cuisine

For some of the best Cuban food in Orlando, Black Bean Deli is a must-visit. You can get yourself a traditional meal here for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The portions are huge, especially of the sandwiches! Andrew and I often share a Cuban sandwich, rice, and beans. This only costs us $17, which ends up being less than $9 per person. It is more than enough tasty food and they have weekday specials too!

black bean deli cuban sandwich and rice and beans

15. Hunger Street Tacos – Unique Tacos

Probably my favorite taco place in all of Orlando is Hunger Street Tacos! This is an authentic counter-serve spot where you can get tacos and quesadillas on handmade tortillas. Everything is a la carte, so you can order any taco you want, starting at $3 per taco. Most will be satisfied with three tacos, making for an excellent meal under fifteen dollars per person.

16. The Coop – Comfort Food

The COOP is a fast-casual restaurant that specializes in fried chicken and all the fixings. This is one of the first restaurants in Winter Park I ever tried, and I have loved it since! The portions are giant, so you definitely want to go with a crowd and try as many sides as possible. You can get 8 pieces of chicken and a few sides for $32, which feeds at least four people.

fried chicken platter from the coop in winter park

17. Farm & Haus – Farm-to-Table Sandwiches and Bowls

When I need a quick bite, the Farm & Haus is my usual go-to. This affordable Orlando restaurant serves local, made-from-scratch breakfast all day and lunch too! Whatever your diet, there is no shortage of creative options here from coconut curry to gluten-free buckwheat pancakes. With most entrees costing less than $15, this spot does an excellent job developing mouthwatering dishes for dining on a budget.

18. Winter Park Biscuit Company – Vegan Southern Breakfast

Another East End market restaurant I love for an affordable meal is Winter Park Biscuit Company. This restaurant serves up its famous vegan fried chicken and biscuits! Everything is totally plant-based and unlike many vegan restaurants, super affordable. You can get a sandwich or meal for just $12.

winter park biscuit co east end market

Cheap Places to Eat in Lake Nona, Winter Garden, and Beyond

This last section includes recommendations for affordable restaurants outside the main areas of Orlando. If you don’t mind leaving the city, you can find tons of tasty options at cheaper prices than other Orlando restaurants. I have included Lake Nona, Eatonville, Winter Garden, and more below!

19. Island Fin Poke – Rice Bowls

Poke bowls are always a good option for a sushi fix on a budget and Island Fin Poke does just the trick. They have the best selection of poke I have seen, including octopus and spam, in addition to tuna, salmon, and chicken! You add in whatever toppings you like and the bowls always come out massive for a cheap price. And with over 35 ingredient options, I am sure there is a topping for every poke lover!

lake nona poke

20. DaJen Eats – Caribbean Vegan Food

Foodies need to drive up to Eatonville and give DaJen Eats a try. This restaurant is known for serving amazing Caribbean food that also happens to be vegan! You can build a bowl with Jamaican rice, peas, rainbow broccoli slaw, and a variety of different plant-based proteins for $12. The sides are also amazing with surprisingly delicious vegan jerk mac and cheese and buffalo cauliflower. Make sure to save room for dessert, as the dairy-free ice cream is not to be missed!

21. Boxi Park – Outdoor Food Hall

If you like food halls, Boxi Park is an outdoor version made out of shipping containers. There are all sorts of cuisines to try, live music, and outdoor games, so it always feels like a celebration here! Prices vary by food stand, but I love the three for $10 tacos the most!

lake nona restaurants orlando

22. Lazy Moon Pizza – Classic Slices

Another local favorite throughout Orlando is Lazy Moon Pizza. You can find this restaurant by UCF and Mills 50 and try out their giant pizza slices. One slice costs between $8-$10, but believe it or not, it can be a whole meal! They also serve calzones, and salads and have a full-service bar. Just be sure to save enough room for all the toppings on these massive slices!

23. Perrotti’s New York Deli – Subs and Wraps

With so many transplants in Florida, Perrotti’s New York Deli offers a piece of home for many. This Winter Garden sandwich shop has all your favorite New York sandwiches from a Classic Italian to a Pastrami on Rye. The ingredients are super fresh and the portions are pretty big for a $7 sub. This spot beats Jersey Mikes on taste and price any day.  

24. Yellow Dog Eats – Barbecue and Sandwiches

The one Winter Garden restaurant I have been to here is the groovy Yellow Dog Eats, which has an awesome patio and barbecue food, including options for vegans. The large sammies have a unique array of toppings on them and cost between $12 to $14. With frequent live music and so many cozy spots to eat, it has something for everyone!

yellow dog eats orlando

25. FK Your Diet – Comfort Food Breakfast

This Southwest Florida restaurant now has an Orlando location in Edgewood! FK Your Diet is a Florida favorite with some of the most indulgent breakfast options imaginable. Their “Bellybuster” breakfast burritos are as tasty as they are huge and the pancakes come with a matching shake!

Though it’s definitely not the place for health food, the FK actually refers to the foster kids that this restaurant aims to help. A large portion of the revenue from dining here goes to charities that help foster kids. Eating here will make your stomach, your wallet, and some kids in need very happy!

Know Before You Go: Cheap Orlando Restaurants to Try

I hope this guide was able to help you find some options for delicious Orlando restaurants that do not break the bank. From tacos to stir fry to Cuban to sandwiches, there’s something for everyone in Orlando. Before you visit one of these cheap Orlando restaurants, keep in mind the following for your visit.

  • It is customary to tip 20% in Orlando at table service restaurants, but tipping at counter service restaurants varies. Most people tip between 10% to 15% when ordering at a counter that does not have a wait staff.
  • The best way to save money in Orlando when going out to eat is to go to places further from the theme parks and tourist destinations. You can often find lunch deals during the day as well.
  • The dress code is casual for all the restaurants listed here.
  • Parking can be a pain in Downtown Orlando and Winter Park. You will usually have to pay at least a few dollars for street parking, so check with the restaurant beforehand to see if there is a dedicated lot.

Have you been to Orlando? If you have, let me know what your favorite budget spot is! For more recommendations for eating out in Orlando, check out my neighborhood guide for restaurants in the area.

25 cheap orlando restaurants for people on a budget