Chez Quan’s of Melbourne Review

I have another restaurant to add to the Best In Melbourne list and this one is all because of flavor. Chez Quan’s is a hole in the wall spot tucked away on Aurora boulevard that you should definitely go out of your way to visit. We made the mistake of waiting over a year, but once I did visit, I knew this place was a foodie hit.

They close at 7 PM most days, so it can be more of a lunch spot. A lot of people prefer grabbing Chez Quan’s for take out too. Regardless of where or when you eat it, any lover of Latin and Thai flavors will be very happy to try the food here.

Chez Quans

Location and Atmosphere

We live almost half an hour away from Chez Quan’s, so that’s part of the reason why it took us so long to get here. However, it’s located between US 1 and Wickham Road, so if you frequent those areas, it’s the perfect place to stop for a bite. The road doesn’t have a lot of restaurants on it and it is kind of a surprise to see this little spot.

Inside is nothing special, just some tables and booth to eat at. I would almost describe it as a dive, and it’s definitely the type of place Guy Fieri would love. There is some cool art on the wall though, and you get a bit of an a try vibe. We tend to eat there when we go and the service is always fast and friendly. There is a window for grabbing take out if you prefer as well!

Chez Quan’s Menu

The menu at Chez Quan’s is broken up in House Faves, Fried Rice, Noodles, Chicken dishes and Sandwiches. This is definitely not your typical Thai restaurant! They are mainly known for their noodles and rice dishes, but everything on the menu is sure to be delicious.

A lot of the dishes have Thai bases with either rice noodles or rice, but the then sauce and veggies are reminiscent of Latin flavors. If you like spice, definitely get one of the menu items with two hearts next to it. This indicates the spicy ones! I have tried most of these and they are all manageable spice levels, with the exception of the Thai Hot Beef Salad which I warn only people who love spicy food to get!

Chez Quans menu

I have yet to get their wings, but the sauces sounds pretty unique. We did have some of their chicken skewers at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival though. Those were cooked and spiced to perfection as well.

The other awesome thing about this place is how cheap it is! Most menu items are under $12 and you get a ton of food (perfect for leftovers) too. They also have options for every diet and indicate on the menu what is contains eggs and nuts. Anyone from vegans to gluten free eaters will be happy here. If you were worried about kids not finding anything appealing, there is even a kids menu with chicken fingers or noodles. I’m sure everyone will be as pleased as we are here.

Our Experience at Chez Quan’s

The first time I tried Chez Quan’s was actually at the Whiskey in the District event. They had their Thai Hot Beef Salad and it was deliciously spicy! That’s when I knew I had to go.

Our first time there, we decided to split the Sawdeezle and the So Dang. Since the names don’t tell you much about the dishes, basically the Sawdeezle is a hot beef salad on top of chicken fried rice. I thought that was the strangest combination in the world, and was so skeptical. However, you have to trust it, as it truly amazing! The hot salad aspect works, and the spicy beef mixed with rice and lettuce and veggies made my taste buds sing.

chez quans takeout

The So Dang is a noodle dish and I definitely recommend getting a noodle dish if you don’t get the Sawdeezle. The sauce is so flavorful and the perfect heat. It’s kind of a mix of pad thai along with thicker noodles as well.

We have gone a few times since and it is hard for me to resist the Sawdeezle. A couple of times we have gotten takeout, and I found their soups to be great for that. Andrew tends to get either a noodle dish or the fried rice and has always been impressed with the dishes.

Events and More

I mentioned above that I have tried Chez Quan’s at some local festivals. First was the Whiskey in the District where they had they Thai Hot Beef Salad for everyone to try. They also make an appearance every year at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. This year, they had an assortment of their most popular offerings and we waited in line for half an hour just to get some!

Occasionally, Chez Quan’s will have different in restaurant events. In the past, this has included a taco pop-up shop that went until midnight and had live music. They also hosted a buffet recent with seven of the house favorites available all-you-can eat. You can find out about these events on the Chez Quan’s Facebook page.

Chez Quans melbourne fl

Know Before You Go: Chez Quan’s

I have been known to judge a book by its cover in the past, but I am glad I did not with Chez Quan’s. Do not hesitate to check this place out for some of the best food in town. I find this area to be lacking with certain Asian dishes and often spice, and Chez Quan’s is the remedy for that. Here’s what you need to know before going.

  • Chez Quan’s is open 11 AM to 7 PM Monday through Thursday, 11 AM to 8 PM on Friday, noon to 7 PM on Saturday, and it is closed on Sunday.
  • The menu is the same for lunch and dinner.
  • There is no outdoor seating and dogs are not allowed.
  • You can order take-out, and delivery is available through third party apps.
  • Most meals include vegetarian as an option and they can be flexible with modifications.
  • There is a kids menu as well.
chez quans review

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