Chicken Guy at Disney Springs Review

Disney Springs is home to many restaurants started by celebrity chefs. There’s Jaleo by Chef Jose Andres, Homecomin’ by Chef Art Smith and Morimoto by the Iron Chef of the same name. However, if you want a more simple and affordable meal for the whole family, Guy Fieri has you covered with his fast casual Chicken Guy.

I have been a fan of Guy Fieri since he won Food Network Star back in the day. Now, he gets a lot of flack for his style, but you can’t deny that he’s a great cook! As of 2019, he’s starting to open Chicken Guys’ all over the country to share his perfectly fried chicken tenders. Disney Springs was the first place for one to open and my family tried it in a recent visit. After sampling much the menu, I am sure it will be a favorite!

chicken guy at disney springs

Location and Atmosphere

Chicken Guy is conveniently located right across from the Orange Garage, outside Wolfgang Puck and Planet Hollywood. It’s one of the smaller spots, and the line often stretches outside the restaurant. Luckily, it moves pretty quick and is still a faster place to eat than sit down restaurants.

After ordering at the counter, they give you a buzzer and bring the food to your table. There are a few tables inside and a bunch more outside. Because of this, there’s not much of an atmosphere. However, if it as nice night, the patio is the perfect place to sit and people watch while waiting for your food.

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The Chicken Guy Menu

The menu at Chicken Guy is pretty simple with only a few options. You can get chicken tenders, a chicken sandwich, or a salad with fried chicken on it. There are also a few sides and desserts to choose from.

The hardest thing to decide on the menu is what sauces to get. Chicken Guy offers twenty-two different sauces and you get to pick two with your entree. Additional sauces can be ordered, but if you have a multiple people, the portions are big enough to share a bunch!

As you can imagine from the name, they only serve chicken here. Vegetarians and vegans have very limited options. Without chicken, you are pretty much limited to the sides of Mac and cheese or fries or possibly a salad without chicken. Disney Springs has plenty of other options, so I would just recommend somewhere else if you don’t eat chicken or want a healthy meal.

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Our Experience

We came here on a busy Sunday night during the Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend. It took about twenty minutes from the moment we got in line to get our food. For our family of five, we ended up ordering 18 tenders, one sandwich, one order of loaded fries, one regular fries and one order of fried pickles.

This was a huge amount of food and if you are getting sides, I think you would be okay with the three tenders per person instead of five. They are slightly on the small side, but definitely some of the best I have had. They beat Chick-Fil-A by a mile!

My parents actually preferred the sandwich, but they aren’t big tender fans. The sandwich they shared was the B.L.A.T, which has chicken and avocado with your typical BLT. I tried it and thought all the toppings overpowered the chicken. disney springs chicken guy scaled

The biggest hit was the loaded fries! These were fries smothered in cheese, bacon, green onions and topped with chicken. The cheese was super delectable and everyone was dipping fries and chicken into it! The pickles were a nice side, but the loaded fries are the way to go in my opinion.

For dipping, we tried over ten different sauces. My favorite was the Buffalo sauce and the Nashville Hot Honey. They both had a slight kick and so much flavor. I actually ordered the Hot Habanero and the Avocado Crema and found them both to be bland in comparison to the others. They have plenty of mild flavors like ranch and garlic parmesan and even crazy ones like Cumin Lime Mojo.

We really enjoyed everything we tried and it was a great deal for a family of five. With so many options for fine dining at Disney Springs, it’s nice to see some good food at the cheaper spots too.

When to Visit Chicken Guy at Disney Springs

Chicken Guy is an awesome spot for families to eat at, especially those with young kids. A lot of families may not have the time or budget to eat at places like STK, and this is a much better option. You still get something unique, but at a much lower price.

I also recommend Chicken Guy to anyone without a reservation at Disney Springs. Though the line may get long, you can still get food even if you haven’t booked a table anywhere else.

Chicken lovers, especially those who love tenders, will be the happiest here. I still haven’t tried the new Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich, but the food here is only a couple dollars more and probably a shorter line.

As for when not to go to Chicken Guy, I definitely don’t recommend it if you are a vegetarian. If you are on a date, there are dozens of better spots for that as well. Basically if you want affordable and fast, Chicken Guy is the place, but for atmosphere and experience, check out one of the table service spots.

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Know Before You Go: Chicken Guy

With the addition of Chicken Guy, Disney Springs really has something for everyone! A lot of times at Disney World, you have to sacrifice on experience if you want a cheap meal. However Guy Fieri’s Chicken Guy is still delicious and fun for a cheap price. Here’s everything to keep in mind before you go:

  • Chicken Guy at Disney Springs is open from 11 AM to 11 PM Sunday – Thursday, and 11 AM to Midnight Friday and Saturday.
  • Reservations cannot be made here and waits can get long in the evening.
  • The restaurant is located in the town center at Disney Springs and is closest to the Orange Garage.
  • Seating is mainly outside, with little covering and a small section inside.
  • You do not need a park ticket or hotel reservation to dine here and parking is free.
  • Chicken Guy is part of the Disney Dining Plan and costs one quick service credit.
chicken guy disney springs review

Have you been to Chicken Guy? And what is your take on Guy Fieri? For more tips on where to eat at Disney Springs, check out my best restaurants guide here!