Cocoa Village Food Tour Review

We recently got the opportunity to take a culinary tour of Cocoa Village with Halim. He is so passionate about local eats, that he has started a business offering tours to some of the best spots in town! Currently the Cocoa Village Food Tour is offered six days a week and is a fun and delicious way to experience the area.

We joined Village Food Tours on a chilly February night, ready for snacking. After promptly meeting at the Myrt Tharpe Square Gazebo, we were treated to bites at four different restaurants and some history along the way. Another couple from out of town took the tour with us, and we had such a great time connecting over food and drinks. This review includes everything you need to know before booking your own Village Food Tour!

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Full Disclosure: We received a free tour in exchange for promoting Village Food Tours, but all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Food Tour Stop #1 – OSSORIO

Halim started our tour at one of the most popular Cocoa Village spots, Ossorio. This cafe is known for their pizzas, salads and bread. Recently, they won an award for their chicken curry salad, so we got to try that with a croissant.

Everything about this salad was the ideal dish to start off our tour. It wasn’t too heavy, but was so flavorful, especially the chicken and the side croissant. This bakery definitely makes some of the best bread in town, so try it next time you are around!

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Food Tour Stop #2 – El Bodegon

Before our next stop, we took a little stroll around the block to learn more about Cocoa Village. Halim shared some interesting facts about the origin of the town include history of the Brevard County Bank and Edward Postel Porcher House. We even learned an intriguing rumor that Cocoa Village was named that because a woman used to sell Hot Cocoa to fisherman by yelling “Cocoa” so frequently, that the name stuck!

From there, we went to El Bodegon, a Spanish tapas restaurant that had live music playing. We got a table on the balcony which was perfectly cozy and had a great view. Most of us ordered sangria to go along with our snack, which is paid for separately from the tour. Cocoa Village Food Tours does offer a drink package that includes a drink at each restaurant for $25. We figured we did not need alcohol at each stop though, so just ordered as we went instead. The sangria was a refreshing accompaniment to go along with tapas.

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For food at El Bodegon, they first brought out a flaming dish of chorizo. We each got a piece of chorizo that was extremely tasty and tender. Then there was a crab stuffed pepper for each of us and a shrimp with a manchengo dipping sauce. Everything was spiced to perfection!

I will say, this was the one stop of the tour I would have preferred a larger portion at. It ended up being a only a few bites each and this was the longest stop of the tour. I was starting to get hungry and the shrimp and peppers left me wanting more! The portions got a lot larger afterwards, though and at least we had lots of time here to enjoy the violinist.

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Food Tour Stop #3 – REC 225

As we continued on the tour, we went to one of the newest Cocoa Village restaurants, REC 225. This is a game themed bar with a pool table, darts and more. I didn’t realize they had food, but they actually have a pretty amazing sandwich menu!

At this stop, I ordered an Intracoastal Brewing Dragonpoint IPA to go along with the sandwich. We each got a half French dip sandwich with some fries, and it really hit the spot! The au jus was super flavorful, as was the tender beef. This ended up being the biggest hit of the night and everyone really enjoyed the food and atmosphere here.

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Cocoa Village Food Tours Intermission at Dirty Oar

While talking throughout the tour, we learned the other couple was also into craft beer. Halim asked if anyone had a strict time limit, and if not, would we want to stop at a brewery. We were all flexible,so we took a stop at Dirty Oar Beer Company for a drink. This was not a planned stop and therefore no food was provided.

It was a fun experience regardless and I was glad to see our tour mates enjoyed the crazy beer here, like the Smurfberry Milkshake. If you take a Cocoa Village Food Tour and want to stop at a brewery, make sure to let Halim know! He will try and accommodate that.

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Food Tour Stop #4 – Snug Pug

The last stop of the night was at the cozy Snug Pug. Here, we were given the choice between a sweet or a savory snack. Andrew and I went with savory and the other couple went sweet. They did serve drinks here, but we had had enough beer earlier, so we did not order any.

When the food came to the table, we were very surprised by the portion sizes. They were by far the largest of the night! Andrew and I were each given a large bowl of pastrami mac and cheese. The other couple each got big portions of bread pudding, so we decided to swap one of each, so everyone could try everything.

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The mac and cheese was decadently cheesy and creamy. It was a bit of heavy to end the night with though, and I would have preferred it earlier. However, The Snug Pug is one of the best dessert spots in town and this bread pudding was a wonderful representation of this. It was the perfect mix of chocolate and caramel, and even had ice cream on top too!

Overall, it was such an enjoyable night and we loved trying some different food and chatting with our tour group. They told us that they take a food tour in every city they visit, because it’s a great way to learn about the area and taste a variety of food. After our Cocoa Village Food Tour, I have to agree! If you are visiting the Space Coast, a Village Food Tour is a unique way to experience the area.

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Know Before You Go: Cocoa Village Food Tours

If you are traveling to the area or just want to take a guided foodie tour of the area, then I highly recommend Cocoa Village Food Tours. Our guide Halim was extremely knowledgeable and the food was fantastic.

  • Tours depart five days a week (Wednesday through Saturday and Monday) at 9:30 AM, 11 AM, 2:30 PM and 6 PM
  • The cost is $78 per person. This does not include tip or any drinks.
  • There is a drink package option for $25 which gets your a drink at each restaurant. I recommend just ordering as you go like we did, unless you plan to drink at each stop.
  • If you have any food allergies or sensitivities, mention that when you book the tour. Keep in mind, almost every dish we had contained dairy and meat, so if you prefer otherwise, be sure to tell Halim. The same goes for other dietary restrictions, including vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free preferences.
  • Village Food Tours can be booked through this website.
  • You can also do a Port Canaveral food tour and try restaurants like Rising Tide Tap and Table!
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Have you taken a food tour before? I think it’s a great way to try local cuisines! For more ideas for things to do in Cocoa Beach, check out this guide.