D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs

IMG_5603We visited Disney Springs many times this past spring, mainly because I kept having to make after work trips to get my wedding dress sized in Celebration and I could not resist stopping by afterwords. There are still restaurants we haven’t tried at Disney Springs too, since there really are so many offerings! During one of these visits, we decided to try D-Luxe Burger since we had heard many good reviews. IMG_5574The restaurant is your typical “craft” burger place, with a variety of topping and drink options. I was very intrigued by the alcoholic shakes, but decided to hold off today. The burgers here are much better than the fast food ones found throughout the theme parks as they have a signature beef blend of brisket, angus, chuck and short rib.IMG_5587

Andrew and I could not decide between the Southern burger or the El Diablo burger so we decided to get both and split them. Nancy decided to try the Cluck burger, which is another enticing option. We of course had to try the fries and some of their dipping sauces, so we got those as well. After trying all three burgers, the Southern burger seems to be the best option. The beef blend makes for a delicious burger that is even better with the toppings. The fried green tomato is cooked perfectly and the pimento cheese adds a nice flavor. IMG_5581The cluck burger was surprisingly juicy for a chicken burger. The avocado was a good stand in for cheese, and makes this burger a less greasy, lighter option. The Southern Burger still was a winner over this one, but if you aren’t looking for an extremely filling and messy meal, this would be ideal. IMG_5596The El Diablo burger below was good, but did not compare to the other two options. The chorizo patty was a bit dry for my liking and not that spicy either. We did not get the chipotle mayonnaise, so maybe that would have improved the traits, however I feel like they could have found better ways to make it spicy than some mayo. The zest of the banana peppers was nice, but frying them seemed to be overkill. IMG_5598The six different sauce options were also a nice touch, and it was fun experimenting which ones were the best. This quick service definitely has a lot more going for it then most, and you can have a table service quality meal here without an Advanced Dining Reservation. These are by far the best quick-service Disney World burgers, and comparable to many restaurant ones as well. The view by the springs also makes for an enjoyable dining experience at a lower cost than most at Disney Springs. If you are only making one visit to Disney Springs, I would encourage something more adventurous. However, for a quick visit without a reservation, this is a great option.

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