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If you didn’t already know, Andrew and I live right on the beach and have had our share of beach picnics. Though it can be fun to share a meal by the water, we don’t do it often because it can be a hassle prepping and a pain to sit on the sand. However. I was recently offered a luxury picnic in Melbourne Beach thanks to Picnic by the Water and this solved both problems! This new Florida picnic service will set up a glamorous, waterfront picnic on the Space Coast for you!

I have seen these beach picnics popping up all over, but Picnic by the Water offers a unique experience in Indialantic, Melbourne Beach and the surrounding area.  It is a perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, proposal and more. They gorgeously arrange a table, blankets and pillows so you don’t have to deal with balancing food on the sand and can just take in the views. This post explains everything you need to know about experiencing Picnic by the Water and how to book your own Florida beach picnic!

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Full Disclosure: I received a free picnic in exchange for promoting the service. However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Our Experience with Picnic by the Water

We picked a Thursday night to start off a long weekend with a dreamy beach picnic. We met Jerrica, the owner of Picnic by the Water at Spessard Holland and our picnic was already setup for us! I was blown away by the spacious table and comfy seating, with a perfect view of the ocean. It looked so romantic! After a brief overview of the charcuterie board and amenities, Jerrica left us to our picnic for two hours to enjoy.

This picnic included rose wine and a large charcuterie board for dinner. The boards are specially crafted by Chef Garrett at Djon’s Village Market, one of my favorite Melbourne restaurants. Ours had a variety of cured meats, cheese, nuts, crostinis and a few veggies! It was made fresh right before our picnic and was wonderful for snacking on the beach.

In addition to sipping the wine, there was also water, a Bluetooth speaker and selfie stick for us to get some snapchats of our picnic. We had brought our new drone, so we got some cool overhead shots as well! The beach Jerrica recommended is a secluded one, so we were able to have an intimate date to ourselves and just completely enjoy the picnic. The two hours flew by and the best part was we didn’t have to do any clean-up!  It was super convenient for a unique date night.

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Picnic by the Water Locations and Options

For anyone in Central Florida, it is definitely worth coming to Melbourne Beach or Indialantic for picnic by the water. You can choose to have your picnic on any of the beaches here or by the riverfront. Though the beach is a big favorite, the river can be ideal at Sunset since it’s on the west side and the views are amazing!

If you want your own Florida beach picnic on the Space Coast, you can book it through this website or by calling or texting 909-992-2454.  They offer picnics from 2 to 8 people, starting at $200 for the two-hour experience. The cost includes all the set-up including a table, seat cushions, rugs, and serving ware. Additional add-on services include food, drinks and flowers, but they are not required. Though we experienced this Space Coast beach picnic as a date night, you can have one for any occasion! They have done birthdays, anniversaries, proposals, bridal events and just for fun. Another popular request is surprise picnics where one partner initiates a walk on the beach that leads to a surprise picnic! When booking the picnic, be sure to mention any special requests to Jerrica, as Picnic by the Water can creatively handle a variety of accommodations!

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Beach Picnic Food and Amenities

For this beach picnic service, you can choose whether to add food on or bring your own. The food that is currently offered comes in a wide array, but the BYO option is nice if you want to prepare your own food. All the food is made at Djon’s Village Market, nearby in Indialantic. They offer charcuterie boards like we got in two different sizes.

If you prefer induvial meals, that have that too! You can get sandwiches, poke bowls, brunch and more. Jerrica will work with you to plan the ideal beach picnic meal. Beverages, including wine, can also be added on with whatever you prefer. It’s especially convenient having a wine chiller there for sipping rose or white wine. Another popular add on is flowers and you can request a bouquet or a whole arrangement to add a floral touch to your picnic. If you plan to have your picnic during the day when the sun is baring down, you can also add on an umbrella rental to stay cool.

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Know Before You Go: Florida Beach Picnics by Picnic by the Water

I have been looking for more ways to enjoy dining outdoors since the pandemic started and having a beach picnic in Melbourne Beach was probably the most fun I have had since! Picnic by the Water really elevates the beach picnic by making it more comfortable and convenient. It is definitely a splurge, but worth it for a truly unforgettable waterfront experience. Here is everything you need know to book your picnic:

  • Picnic by the Water offers waterfront picnics in Indialantic, Melbourne Beach, Indian Harbor and the nearby area. They have designated picnic spots, but if you have a location request, they can usually accommodate it.
  • Picnics start at $200 and include set-up and clean-up. Food and drinks can be added on starting at $10 per person.
  • Gift certificates are available as well.
  • You can bring your own food, drinks, games or anything you need for an amazing beach picnic.
  • Picnics typically last at least an hour and a half, but you can plan the exact time during booking.
  • As a special offer to my readers, Picnic by the Water is offering $25 when you book a beach picnic with them! Just mention that you saw The Florida Travel Girl’s post during booking and they will take $25 off the total price (Discount code: D101).

Have you ever had a beach picnic in Florida before? I can’t think of a better place to experience it! For more romantic experiences, check out my guide to Central Florida Date Ideas.

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