90 Florida Dog Name Ideas for Sunshine State Pups

Planning to get a puppy that will call Florida his or her home? If so, you might be looking for the perfect name that captures the spirit and beauty of this unique place.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into 100 Florida-themed dog names that celebrate the state’s rich landscape, diverse wildlife, and iconic landmarks. From names that evoke the warm, tropical breeze of the Gulf Coast to those that reflect the vibrant hues of a sunrise over the Atlantic, we’ve got you covered.

guide to florida dog names

1-20: Beachy Dog Names

Florida’s beautiful beaches are iconic, so obviously a dog that bears a beachy namesake is quite fitting! This first section has twenty beachy Florida names that would be cute for any four-legged friend.

  • Sandy: Perfect for dogs that love frolicking at the dog beach
  • Marlin: Like the deep sea fishing catch
  • Shelly: Especially if she might sell seashells
corgi at beach with conch shells
  • Coral: Great for dogs whose owners love scuba diving
  • Piper: Like the sandpipers that scurry in the surf
  • Tiki: As in a fun beach decor or drink
  • Mako: Named for the extremely fast shark
  • Reef: Another suba-focused idea
  • Skipper: Ideal for dogs that might go boating
corgi and girl in front of st augustine lighthouse
  • Tide: As in the seashore
  • Dune: Could be cute for pups that like to dig
  • Flipper: After the fictional dolphin that lived in Florida
  • Gill: A humanish name that works for water-loving dogs
  • Splash: This could be a warning if you have a pool
corgi in sprinkler pool
  • Bubbles: Adorable for a little pup
  • Mahi: Like the fish that are plentiful off the coast
  • Salty: As in the ocean or maybe their attitude
  • Stormy: Fitting for a dog born around hurricane season
  • Sunny: Obvious, but so cute for a golden retriever or a golden doodle
  • Gully: Like the seagulls, AKA Florida pigeons
seagulls at melbourne beach

21-40: Florida Landmark Names

Next up are dog names that draw inspiration from places and landmarks across Florida. I have included some inspired by towns and other notable Florida icons. If you want a special Sunshine State name, this section should spark some ideas.

  • Biscayne: After Biscayne Bay or Key Biscayne in South Florida
  • Key: Like Key West and the many keys surrounding Florida
  • Pete: As in Saint Petersburg and St. Pete Beach
  • Gator: An obvious Florida icon, and fitting if your dog is snappy!
corgi with alligator statue
  • Rusty: Like many cars that have fallen prey to the salinity in the air
  • Vero: After Vero Beach, meaning true in English
  • Siesta: Pay homage to Siesta Key with this name that means nap
  • Sabal: As in one of Florida’s most common types of Palm Trees
  • Largo: Meaning large in English, this name is inspired by Key Largo
  • Jax or Jackson: Perfect for a Jaguars fan or someone from Jacksonville
  • Auggie: A cute spin on the town of St. Augustine
dog and girl in front of Flagler College
  • Mel: Like Melbourne, Florida– where I am from!
  • Cocoa: Works for Cocoa Beach or a chocolate lab
  • Titus: Meaning “a title of honor”, this can refer to the town of Titusville
  • Ponce: A big name in Florida, this name refers to the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon
corgi in front of ponce de leon lighthouse
  • Marco: Fans of Marco Island could consider naming their pup Marco or even Marky
  • Juno: Known as the goddess of marriage and childbirth, Juno can also refer to Juno Beach
  • Amelia: If you don’t mind a human name, this one is inspired by Amelia Island
  • Rocket: Like the things that are launched at Cape Canaveral
  • Atlas: As in a specific type of rocket frequently launched here
rocket garden at kennedy space center

41-60: Disney-Inspired Dog Names

Many Floridians also happen to be huge Disney fans! If you are one of those and would love to reference the theme parks of Florida with your dog’s name, here are twenty ideas that draw inspiration from Disney movies and entertainment.

  1. Figment: As in the purple dragon mascot of Epcot
figment mural at Epcot's Festival of Arts
  • Jack: Ahem, Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Rover: The name of the dog in Carousel of Progress
  • Elsa: If you have a husky or cold-loving dog, you could name them after this ice queen
  • Olaf: Additionally Olaf is another cute Frozen-inspired name
elsa lego statue
  • Woody: As in everyone’s favorite sheriff from Toy Story
  • Buzz: Just like the astronaut toy that wants to fly
  • Wally: Like the little Pixar robot, WALL-E
  • Simba: More of a cat name but Simba could work for some Florida dogs
simba, timon and pumba statue at Art of Animation Hotel
  • Ariel: For those dogs that want to be under the sea
  • Belle: If they are a beauty, you might just want to name them Belle
  • Lilo: After the little Hawaiian girl from Lilo and Stitch
  • Stitch: For dogs with a high badness level, you could also go with this alien name from the same movie
stitch spaceship decoration
  • Mickey: A name inspired by the mouse who started it all
  • Minnie: An equally cute name inspired by a mouse
  • Goofy: Silly dogs could make for a cute Goofy
  • Pluto: Take a page from Mickey’s book and name your dog Pluto
  • Moana: Another islandy Disney name, Moana is ideal for adventurous dogs
  • Dory: For those one brain cell doges, Dory from Finding Nemo could be cute
  • Nemo: And of course, Nemo is for dogs who like to swim

Find out even more Disney-inspired dog names here!

61-70: Famous Floridians

Another idea is to name your dog after a notable Floridian! For those who prefer human names for their dogs, these next ten ideas make for fun references.

  • Kennedy: Though not a Floridian, JFK did inspire the Kennedy Space Center and makes for a cute name
  • Lilly: As in the famous Palm Beach fashion designer Lilly Pulitzer
Lilly Pulitzer Style Jupiter Mural
  • Nelson: Like the astronaut and former senator Bill Nelson
  • Jimmy: For dogs on island time, pay homage to Jimmy Buffett (RIP)
  • Pitbull: As in the Mr. 305, although could be confusing if they aren’t a pitbull
  • Henry: After Henry Flagler, the American Industrialist who founded the Florida Railway and much of St. Augustine
flagler college with statue
  • Donald: Like the Disney duck or the former president, your choice
  • Walt: As in Walt Disney, who made Orlando the theme park capital it is today
  • Ernie: Like in Ernest Hemingway, who resided in Key West
Hemingway House Fountain
  • Flo: Inspired by the rapper Flo Rida

71-80: Tropical Names

We named our dog Kiwi and being around so much tropical fruit inspired it. These next ideas are great for any dog that will be living that island life.

  • Mango: As in the fruit that grows plentifully on trees here
  • Coconut: Another tropical fruit you can grow in Florida
  • Kiwi: My personal favorite for a fruity pup
corgi butt with kiwi fruit
  • Papaya: Great for a reddish-orange dog
  • Lychee: A lesser-known tropical fruit, this would be cute for a little dog
  • Jose: For those who like making margaritas with Jose Cuervo
  • Havana: To reference the Cuban culture of Florida
little havana wall mural
  • Calypso: Referring to island music
  • Marley: Like the famed reggae artist Bob Marley
  • Isla: As in island in Spanish
Jupiter from Above

81-90: Florida Sports Names

Last but not least, these final ten dog name ideas are inspired by Florida sports teams. These are cute for diehard fans wanting to honor their team.

  • Bucky: For a scallywag of a dog, Bucky is a fun reference to the Buccaneers
  • Thunder: As in the Lightning mascot Thunder Bug
lightning hockey game at amalie arena
  • Albert or Alberta: These are the alligator mascots representing the University of Florida
  • Knight or Nitro: The University of Central Florida’s Mascot is a knight named Knightro so either could be a cute homage.
  • Rocky: For USF fans, you could name your dog after their mascot, Rocky the Bull
  • Jag: A fun name for any Jacksonville Jaguar fans
  • Magic: The Orlando Magic’s mascot is named Stuff, but I think Magic works better for a whimsical dog name.
orlando magic mickey statue
  • Raymond: Fans of the Tampa Bay Rays could name their dog after Raymond, the fluffy seadog mascot.
  • Burnie or Bernie: This is an adorable name for Miami Heat fans
  • King: After the lion Kingston who is the Orlando City Soccer team mascot
orlando soccer game

Before You Go

I hope this guide helped you figure out a name for your Floridian puppy! Be sure to check out my guide to Dog-Friendly Things to do in Orlando so you can experience the Sunshine State with your dog!

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