Our Fort Myers Beach Airbnb Stay Review

For our recent anniversary trip, we stayed in an Airbnb in Fort Myers Beach. We were searching for one with its own pool that allowed dogs, and this was just perfect. It was even only a few blocks from the beach and many restaurants. I wanted to share a review of our Fort Myers Beach Airbnb in case you are looking for one to stay at!

We usually stay at hotels when traveling, mainly because we like to pay with credit card points, but also because I like the amenities. With the pandemic going on and having a new puppy, we realized an Airbnb would be a better bet for this vacation. This way, we could feel safe having our own pool area and not have to leave our pup in the room while were hanging out there! I started searching for something in the southwest Florida area and found the Delmar Beach House in Fort Myers Beach. This seemed like a much better deal than any other nearby hotels and had rave reviews! I totally agree with the positive reviews of this Airbnb and will elaborate why in this review.

airbnb fort myers dogs allowed

Location and Atmosphere

This Airbnb is located in the heart of Fort Myers Beach. It is less than 1 mile from Times Square and the Matanzas Bridge Pass. This is very convenient if you are looking for a beach vacation. However, if you are trying to go mainland often, you will run into a lot of traffic. The causeway only has one lane each way and we sat in traffic for at least 20 minutes whenever we were trying to get over the bridge. I would recommend sticking to the beach and the southern Bonita Beach area if you stay at this Fort Myers Beach Airbnb.

As for the décor and style, the Delmar Beach House is modern and coastal. It fit in great with the area! The main living area was a lot of gray and wood tones and the bedrooms had a pop of beachy color. The pool area out back utilized wood and metal materials to give off a trendy vibe. There was plenty of greenery around too, including bamboo out back and a unique Gumbo Limbo tree in the front. The entire house exudes comfort in a modern way.

fort myers airbnb

Kitchen and Living Area Review

This Fort Myers Beach Airbnb was broken up into about five different areas. The main living area is right when you walk in with a large living room and an open concept kitchen. The living room has a big comfy sectional that could fit at least five people and a lounge chair. Even better, there is a big smart TV and an electric fireplace! We utilized the Netflix and Prime account during our stay and  were able to cast other streaming services.

The kitchen has everything you need including a fridge, dishwasher, oven and microwave. There were even pots, utensils and other cooking essentials. Though it is a small space, it is more than enough room for a vacation kitchen. A peninsula and five barstools separate the kitchen from the living room, so you can dine here if you like! However, there is also a dining room table big enough for six in the attached side area. I believe this used to be a garage, considering water got inside when it rained, but it is fully enclosed. The entryway to the pool also has a toilet, sink and washer and dryer. This side area definitely is not the most glamorous space, but it is very functional!

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Bedroom and Bathroom Review

The Delmar Beach House comes with two bedrooms and one full bathroom. Both bedrooms have a king bed, night stands and storage room for clothes. We found the bed to be pretty comfy, but the mattress was a bit softer than we prefer. The main complaint we did have was the A/C. The Airbnb doesn’t have central air, but individual units per room. This did not get as cool as we would like (we set our home thermostat to 67 degrees when we sleep) and I wish the rooms could have gotten colder. We did break out a fan the second night which helped!

The bathroom had everything we needed for our stay. The shower got plenty hot and there was enough room to get ready. You could even take a bath if you like, though the tub is on the smaller side. One thing to keep in mind is that there is no hair dryer here, so bring your own if you need one! There were tons of towels and soap though.

delmar beach house bedroom
delmar beach house bathroom

Outdoors and Amenities

The outdoor area of this Fort Myers Beach Airbnb is the biggest selling point! This was seriously my dream backyard. There was a small pool, but it was more than ideal for a couple like us. You could easily fit at least 4 people in it too. I especially liked how it had a shallow area to sit and then a deeper part as well.

Outside also has a pool bar, lounge chairs, a grill and a large TV. We did not watch TV out here, but we did use it frequently to cast music from our phones! All the trees, bamboo and plants add to the secluded feel. You could easily have a barbecue out back and there is even a mini fridge.

fort myers beach airbnb with pool

Nearby Things to Do

A big perk of this Airbnb is how close it is to the main Fort Myers Beach strip. You can walk to the Times Square area where there are countless restaurants and bars. Some of our favorites in walking distance were Little Palm and Heavenly Biscuits for breakfast and lunch and Felipe’s Taqueria for dinner. We also walked to the Shamrock Irish Pub at the end of the street a couple times for beer. It’s a lively place, but very entertaining!

The beach is also very close by and a beautiful place to walk, swim, bike or enjoy any way you like. We came out here often to watch the sunset. You can even walk your dog on the beach too! The house includes a couple beach chairs, and even a wagon for you to use for free, although these items are not guaranteed. Other things to do nearby include checking out the Fort Myers Fishing Pier, exploring Mantanzas Pass Preserve and countless watersports excursions.

Fort Myers Beach Area

Know Before You Go: Fort Myers Beach Airbnb Review

If you are looking for an Airbnb in Fort Myers Beach, I can’t recommend the Delmar Beach House enough! Though I am usually more of a hotel person, I found this Airbnb to be the best option for a stay in Fort Myers Beach. Many of the hotels nearby looked overpriced or dated to me and this Airbnb had everything we needed and more! Here are a few things to keep in mind for your stay:

  • A stay in the Delmar Beach House Airbnb in Fort Myers costs between $295 and $400 per night, not including cleaning and service fees.
  • There is free parking and also pets stay for free!
  • The Airbnb has two king beds and one sleeper couch. It is ideal for up to four adults or kids.
  • There is a pool and patio complete with a grill and outdoor bar. The kitchen is also stocked with essentials.
  • This Airbnb is within walking distance of the beach, and many restaurants. Though you will probably want a rental car to get here, you can walk around the Fort Myers Beach area for much of your stay.

Unfortunately, this Airbnb is no longer available for stays. To read more about our trip to Fort Myers, check out my trip report here.

Fort Myers Beach Airbnb review