Grandview Public Market at West Palm Beach

If you live near a major city, you may have heard of the new Food Hall concept that I am absolutely in love with. The dying retail market has taken the only profitable part left of American malls, the food court, and turned it into a trendy experience. Now big spaces with all sorts of different cuisines, live music, artisan vendors and of course tons of colorful murals are popping up everywhere. I couldn’t be more happy when I saw the Grandview Public Market opened West Palm Beach, and I don’t even care how extremely basic that makes me sound!

Grandview Public Market

Location and Atmosphere

The Grandview Public Market is located in the Warehouse District nearby breweries and distilleries, including my favorite Civil Society Brewing Company. There are eleven different restaurants and bars and two shops. It opens every day at 7 AM and closes at 10:30 PM, so there’s plenty of time to try all the food options!

Grandview Public Market

Seating is mainly outdoors, but there’s an overhead roof covering the patio. It was actually raining the day we went and we didn’t feel a drop. There’s a few tables in the food hall area, and also a “living room”. I did not see anyone eating there and it seems like more of a cafe/coworking space as there were people on their laptops. It would be such a great place to work and get a snack!

It’s a little small inside, but I didn’t find it too crowded. The lines were only a few people long, as there’s enough options to disperse people. I loved the vibes at the two stores as well. Quinn sells cute household and office goods and Gyspy Life Surf Shop sells beach clothes and gear (including surfboards!).

Grandview Public Market

Dogs are allowed on the patio, and I didn’t see anyone having a problem with them being inside while owners ordered as well. There was also a live band playing on the patio while we were there which set a nice tone. It seems like a place where different people from all over the city can connect!

Vendors at Grandview Public Market

Currently there are eleven different vendors at Grandview Public Market. However, they have had pop-up shops in the past, so you’ll never know what they have next! Here’s the options as of April 2019.

  • The Bar at Clare’s – Selection of cocktails, wines and local craft beer
  • Locanta – Vegetarian pita wraps, bowls and salads.
  • Tropical Crepes – Mainly sweet crepes and a couple savory crepes.
  • Clare’s Chicken- Southern style food like fried chicken and hamburgers with unique flavors and sides.
  • Sugar Milk- Hong Kong influenced dessert bag with boba tea and waffle ice cream.
  • El Cochinito – Cuban restaurant with traditional sandwiches and specialties, as well as Cuban coffee and tropical shakes.
  • Poke Lab Eatery – Create Your Own Poke bowls and sushi burritos.
  • Pump House Coffee Roasters – Variety of coffee and tea and local pastries.
  • Ramen Lab Eatery – Locally sourced pork belly or vegan ramen, gypsum and bao buns.
  • Pizza Paradise – Flatbread pizzas with a variety of toppings and Mediterranean snacks.
  • Zipitios – Mexican American fusion tacos, papusas and yucca.

Our Experience at Grandview Public Market

We went here after a Nationals Spring Training Game. My obsession with food halls started after trips to California where I have been to the Anaheim Packing House, the Liberty Public Market and the Santa Barbara Public Market. The Golden State definitely has a leg up on the Florida food halls I have been to, but the Grandview Public Market has basically everything one needs in a food hall, and I hope to see more come to Florida.

Andrew and I and our out-of-town friend had had a small lunch, so we ended up trying a lot of food when we came here for dinner later. We started with a favorite of ours that we cannot get in Melbourne, which is sushi burritos. The Poke Lab Eatery has a variety of options to choose from or you can create your own.

Grandview Public Market

I opted for an ahi tuna burrito and Andrew got one with yellowtail. We both chose our own ingredients and added cucumber, edamame, tempura flakes, jalapeño, and fried shallots out of those dozens of options. They even offer Flamin’ Hot Cheetos as a topping! This sushi burrito was love at first bite for me and Andrew agreed that they were delicious. At $13 for a burrito, it’s definitely on the higher end of options here, but it was all very high quality.

Our friend Kirk went in a different direction and started with a cheese and loroco pupusa. This is kind of like the Spanish version of focaccia and it tasted so savory in a pleasing way. This was only $4 and was a huge portion, but Kirk still had plenty more to order.

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He ended up getting a few other things, but the only other one I remember was the Chicken and Waffle Bites from Clare’s. We tried a few of these and they were definitely unforgettable! The chicken is fried in waffle batter, topped with powdered sugar and cilantro and served with a side of Thai maple blueberry syrup. This might sound like a weird combo, but it was such a sweet treat!

Andrew and I were almost full from the sushi burritos, but it was still early and all the food stands sound so good. We decided to get a pizza and have a slice there and then eat the rest when we got home. We went to the Pizza Paradise stand and ordered the Honey Pie.

Grandview Public Market

This was the only thing I tried here that I didn’t love. It was a pretty good pizza, but I’ve definitely had better. It came with sopressata, chili peppers, basil and honey. The toppings were pretty sparse and neither the heat or the sweetness came through. It also was too greasy for a flatbread and expensive at $14. They have a lot of good sounding pizza on the menu, so I wouldn’t necessarily write them off, but I definitely won’t be ordering the Honey Pie again. The Burrata Pie or the Goat Please sound more worth it cost wise.

Drinks at Grandview Public Market

In addition to all the food vendors, we also got a couple of drinks from the Bar at Clare’s and the High Tide Bar. The High Tide Bar just opened and has frozen drinks and tropical cocktails. The palm tree sippers were a fun touch!

Grandview Public Market

The Bar at Clare’s has a much bigger selection of cocktails, beer and wine. Most of the beer is local and this included options from Funky Buddha Brewing and some breweries in Wynwood. Like most things here, the prices are on the expensive side at around $10 per drink, but at least they offer unique beers and high quality cocktails. I definitely wouldn’t mind paying $10 for the Purple Drank which had broker’s gin, blackberry, apricot, Greek yogurt, and rosemary!

Events at Grandview Public Market

If you can’t tell already, this food hall is a happening place! There’s something going on almost every day of the week. On Mondays they have a Family Fued style game and then trivia on Tuesday. Thursday is salsa night in addition to half off Happy Hour. There is almost always live music Friday – Sunday in addition to yoga and a farmers market. And those are just the weekly events!

Grandview Public Market

Every month, there are also a variety of pop-up shops with additional food and drinks to try. This has included crab cake, oysters and s’mores pop-ups! Even better are the holiday events, such as how they are giving away free trees to celebrate Arbor Day and Earth Day this weekend!

Know Before You Go

I’m seriously jealous that the people of West Palm Beach have such a cool venue to hang out at. I could see myself here every weekend if I lived closer. Between all the events, the cute stores and the variety of food, it’s the type of place you would never get tired of! If you are in the area, here’s everything to know about Grandview Public Market so you can see it for yourself.

  • The Market opens at 7 AM every day and closes at 8 PM on Sundays and 10:30 PM the rest of the week.
  • There’s a variety of food for any appetite or diet.
  • Parking can be limited so they often offer a free valet service.
  • Most of the seating is outdoors under a roof, but there is some indoor seating as well.
  • Dogs are allowed on the patio.
  • It can get noisy during the live music, but makes for such a fun atmosphere!
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Grandview Public Market

Have you been to a food hall before? If not, I highly recommend checking one out. For more ideas for where to eat in Palm Beach, check out my Palm Beach Restaurant Guide!