Holler & Dash at Celebration Review

In my last post, I share my favorite brunch on Disney World property. However I have another Disney World breakfast option that I prefer when I need a quick and yummy meal. If I’m not rope dropping the parks, I love to go to Holler & Dash in Celebration for a chicken and biscuit breakfast. This restaurant has so many options, is super affordable and is only ten minutes away from Disney World.

Holler & Dash Celebration Florida

The Location and Atmosphere

Holler & Dash is located right near the entrance to the town of Celebration and across from Celebration place. In case you didn’t know, Celebration is a community that was planned by the Disney Company. It was supposed to continue the legacy of the Epcot designed town that Walt dreamed up, but its pretty much just an extra cutesy suburb. I have been to their town center a few times, and even got my wedding dress from a boutique there. However, most of the restaurants are located in this plaza where Holler & Dash is.

Holler & Dash Celebration Florida

The plaza is just off I-4, making it only thirteen minutes from the Magic Kingdom. The other parks are less than ten minutes away. I have to say that Holler & Dash is really the best off property breakfast option you can find.

The restaurant is set-up like a counter service restaurant, where you order at the counter and then bring your food to your table. I so prefer this for breakfast and lunch because it’s way faster! I’ve never had to wait more than ten minutes for my food here and never have trouble finding a seat.

Holler & Dash Celebration Florida

The decor of this fast casual can be described as modern farmhouse. A lot of their decorations are chicken or breakfast themed, but it is not overwhelming. There are booths and tables inside and then a large amount of tables outside as well.

Drinks at Holler & Dash

The most surprising thing to me about this restaurant is the coffee selection. I did not expect such delicious cold brew and nitro brew to be available. We don’t have many options for nitro cold brew in Melbourne, so we almost always get it. Theirs has a foamy like texture just how I want it and is so flavorful.

Holler & Dash Celebration Florida

They also have juice, soda and a variety of tea. This includes sweet, unsweet, a seasonal iced and then a variety of tea bags for hot tea. One thing Holler & Dash does not have is alcohol. They advertise this restaurant as a great place for brunch, but I would say not in the traditional sense. It’s not really brunch if you don’t have a mimosa in my mind. I think of Holler & Dash to be more like a spot for a quick bite.

The Chicken and Biscuits

The chicken and biscuits are the star menu items at Holler & Dash for good reason. Believe it or not, this fast casual is actually owned by Cracker Barrel and it’s their attempt to appeal to millennials. I haven’t been to a Cracker Barrel in over a decade, but my husband always said he used to love the biscuits there. It’s turns out the biscuits here are almost exact, and you don’t have to walk through a country store to get some!

Holler & Dash Celebration Florida

Even if this is their shameless attempt to rebrand, I couldn’t care less because the food is delicious! The biscuits are super flaky and fresh tasting and the fried chicken is perfectly crispy. My favorite combination is the Kickback chicken which adds goat cheese, sweet pepper jelly and green onion to the chicken and biscuits. The jelly has a bit of kick and the result is a creamy, sweet, slightly spicy sandwich that is absolutely heavenly.

Andrews favorite is the Chicken Set Go, which of course if a spicy pimento cheese and jalapeño chicken biscuit. I love this one too, but I’ll choose goat cheese over pimento any day. We’ve also got the classic Chicken Holler which simply had cheddar and pickles. This sandwich puts Chick Fil A to shame because it tastes ten times fresher.

img 6682

All of the entrees are under $9 and come with a side of either tater tots, grits, charred corn salad or roasted sweet potato salad. The grits are my favorite side, but I’ve also tried the tots and the corn salad and they were both delicious.

The Rest of the Holler & Dash Menu

If you don’t like chicken and biscuits, don’t worry! They have a large variety of other options on the menu. Other biscuit entrees include biscuits and gravy, which is only $4 for a couple of biscuits and a large amount of sausage gravy. The Pork Rambler is another favorite, with fried pork instead of chicken and then crispy onions and a blackberry butter on top.

Holler & Dash Celebration Florida

Have no fear, you can actually eat healthy at Holler & Dash! I have yet been able to because the biscuits are always calling my name, but there are quite a few different options. For breakfast you could get a goat cheese omelette, peanut butter or avocado toast, a parfait or an oat bowl.

Holler & Dash is open until 2, so it is a great spot for lunch as well. They serve sandwiches on sourdough or multigrain bread if you are not feeling biscuits. Bowls are the menu items I’ve been tempting to get. The brussel sprout, cranberry, apple and pecorino cheese sounds like a healthy but tasty meal. The grit bowl with bacon and eggs has tempted me in the past too.

IMG 5825

I rarely order dessert at a restaurant, and even less frequently after breakfast or lunch. However, I made an exception this one time and ordered one of the three items off the dessert menu. The Strawberry & Dash was a strawberry shortcake like dessert with freshly made whipped cream. This was the sweetest way to end the meal and I highly recommend it.

Know Before You Go

I discovered Holler & Dash a little over a year ago and was completely delighted. I have been back multiple times and it has yet to disappoint. Here’s everything to know if you want to check it out for yourself.

  • Holler & Dash is open from 7 AM to 2 PM every day, including Sunday’s
  • Entrees range from $6 to $11, with most dishes being $8
  • The restaurant is counter service where you order and then find a seat
  • There is indoor and outdoor seating
  • You can also find locations in Atlanta, Brentwood TN, Charlotte, Homewood AL, Nashville and Tuscaloosa
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Next time you are looking for breakfast or lunch in Orlando, my recommendation is for Holler & Dash! They are actually pretty similar to Maple Street Biscuit Company, which we went to in St. Augustine. Have you been to either? I would love to here which chicken and biscuit spot you prefer!