Homecomin’ at Disney Springs

IMG_0482-2Of all the new Disney Springs restaurants, Homecomin’ is the one I have been most surprised by. Despite its new name (I preferred Homecoming) it manages to be an upscale comfort food dining experience. I love how it combines Florida and the south for a decor that is coastal and rustic, which works well with its placement on the bright blue springs. This restaurant has so many options for an indulgent meal and I have enjoyed the food greatly.


The drink menu here is vast and unique. There is no basic Disney World menu book here like you will find inside the park. That is another plus side of dining at Disney Springs, as you can find better themed beverages and more variety. I went with a not so unique cucumber cooler because I love cucumber drinks. It was served in a fun glass with a cucumber garnish and was strong but refreshing.
IMG_0518Andrew was in the mood for even stronger and went for the moonshine flight. This was a great choice if you like tasting liquor. You can pick three of many different moonshine options and it comes with a spiced pickle juice chaser and candied pecans. I cannot remember which types of moonshine he got, but I know they all were excellent and very sip-able, as moonshine should be. The spicy pickle juice was odd to drink, but it was a good palette cleanser between the different types of moonshine. For $18 it’s not the best value, but it is a fun tasting experience, especially if like us you rarely drink moonshine.  IMG_4174
 On this visit we had spent the day at Epcot so we opted for just a few appetizers. I had to order some Church Lady Deviled Eggs, as I feel like I only get the chance to try some deviled eggs when I am home for the holidays. They seem to be making a comeback though as I have been seeing similar Deviled Egg appetizers in a few restaurants lately, which is good with me! These ones tasted just like home with the added garnish of bacon. This was a very tasty appetizer to share.


We had seen the large jasper board before and we knew it would be a good option to split. The jasper board is like a southern charcuterie board. There’s some artisanal ham and sausage that I liked the flavor of, but even better there is a variety of crackers to dip in pimento cheese. Then for some vinegars flavor there are pickles, as well as more candied pecans to round out the sweet side of this board. This is another great option for a group or a pretty decent sized snack for two people. We also got a side of mac and cheese, which is crispy and extra cheesy-just how I like it!

IMG_1811My go-to appetizer is the hush puppies, but unfortunately I do not have a picture. They come with jalapeno jelly and pimento cheese which makes for an amazing combination. I think we devour them to fast for me to get a picture! I also usually order the fried chicken which I don’t have the best picture of, but here it is regardless. I found this to be the perfect fried chicken-crispy with breading that doesn’t fall off, but not too greasy. The Coop in Winter Park might be more authentic, but I find the greasiness of it can be a bit much for me. This is much more preferable and doesn’t sacrifice flavor! It comes with creamy mashed potatoes to complete this comfort food dish. It’s definitely not the healthiest meal, but it tastes so good! IMG_5622Most nights they have a musician on the patio and an outdoor pop-up bar. There are really just so many ways to enjoy this restaurant, and that is why we love it. For a drink or for a four-course meal, it really satisfies any craving.

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