How to Have A Progressive Dinner Date Night

For those who have not heard the term before, a Progressive Dinner is one where you eat an appetizer, entree and dessert at three different restaurants. We have always wanted to try this, but had not found the time until now. I had just had my hair and makeup trial for the wedding and we wanted to go out to a nice dinner. We went to City Place in West Palm Beach and were having a hard time picking a restaurant so we decided to try multiple ones!

img 3519For appetizers, you want to start somewhere with some happy hour specials so that way you have a delicious appetizer with some drinks. A charcuterie board is the perfect way to start your meal as they often have so many great flavors and you can make it as small or as large as you want. I recommend small because you have to pace yourself with this type of meal!img_3515We started at Bowery Coastal which had a relaxing atmosphere on the 2nd floor of the town center. The cocktails we got were well made and we thought all the meat and cheese on the charcuterie was delicious and  high quality. We were tempted to stay for entrees since everything was so good, but we were determined to have our progressive dinner.img_3521From here, we stayed on the second floor because we loved the view and the people watching. Our next choice was City Cellar, an italian restaurant with a great wine selection. We planned to just get an entree, but we like to have a salad with pasta usually, so we ended up having two courses here. img 3523We tried to not eat the bread since we did not want to be too full for dessert, but that can be pretty challenging! For our meals we each got two side Caesar Salads and then we split a Squid Ink Orecchiette. This was some of the best pasta we had had. The squid ink is nothing to fear, it just elevated the pasta’s taste. The combination of the pancetta, shrimp and sweet corn had such an amazing taste. We really want to try more squid ink pasta now since we liked this dish so much.img 4693The restaurant split our meal before bringing it to the table which was a nice touch. It ended up being  a huge portion for one person so we were glad we split it.We were still pretty fully after all these courses so we stuck to a light dessert for the final part of the dinner. We finished the night at Rita’s with some juicy pear italian ice-our favorite flavor! img 3527We had so much fun going around City Place and trying different food! I think any couple would enjoying doing this in their own town. It definitely is more fun than a typical dinner date night.