Tips and Tricks for Navigating Florida in June

Summer may not officially start until June 21st, but you can bet it feels like summer all month long in Florida! With school out and high temperatures, June tends to be a mixed bag in regards to tourism and experiences.

This guide aims to help you navigate the Sunshine State in June, ensuring you make the most of your visit amidst the humid weather and occasional rain. Read on to unpack what to expect with crowds and events, as well as tips for where to visit!

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1. What to Expect from Florida’s June Weather

By June, Florida is experiencing the full heat of summer, although not as much rain as later months see. Though hurricane season has started, storms tend to be less frequent this time of year.

Below is a breakdown of what type of weather to expect by region

North Florida

If you want to stay cool, North Florida is your best bet in June. From Jacksonville to the Panhandle, temperatures tend to be in the upper 80s to low 90s°F (around 31-34°C), but it is slightly more manageable than southern parts of the state. I find the coastal cities to be nice in the evening, though there can occasionally be rain.

Central Florida

Orlando and the cities around it all rarely see temperatures below the 80s°F (around 27-30°C) this time of year. Afternoon thunderstorms are also common in June and one may often find the theme parks to be more pleasant when they occur (due to crowds leaving and cooler temperatures).

storm clouds over melbourne beach

The beach is enjoyable, especially in the morning this time of year, but I highly recommend wearing lightweight breathable clothing for all other activities.

South Florida

June is one of the hottest months, especially in South Florida. You can expect heavy rainfall frequently and extremely humid days otherwise, even when it’s cloudy. Staying hydrated and seeking shade during peak sun hours is a must when visiting South Florida in June.

2. June Packing Essentials

Most people visiting Florida in June are planning to enjoy the beautiful beaches. Because of this, in addition to the typical advice I recommend in my Packing Tips Blog Post, I want to share a few beach-focused items to pack.

The water temperatures are perfect for swimming and snorkeling this time of year, so I recommend bringing goggles or a snorkel kit if you have an interest in that. For time on land, you will want to make sure the beach shoes you pack are fine for walking on sand. The sand is SCORCHING hot this time of year and you will want some protection until you get to the shore.

island cottage inn flagler beach access

If you are driving, you may also want to bring a beach umbrella, beach chair, and an inner tube (for floating in the ocean). I find these accessories make the beach more pleasant during heat spikes and resorts will charge high rental prices.

Lastly, if you plan to look for nesting turtles, bring a flashlight that emits red light or red tape for a regular flashlight. This way you can see the turtles at night without disturbing them! It doesn’t hurt to bring bug spray along with that, as night is when you are most likely to get bit. 

3. June’s Must-Visit Spots

Visiting Florida in June requires a plan for beating the heat! Because of that, I recommend the following destinations where you can have fun in the sun while staying cool in the pool (or beach!)

The following destinations are my top picks for planning a June vacation:

kennedy space center atlantis shuttle and nasa sign
  • Sarasota: Another great beach town for this time of year, Sarasota is a haven for those seeking a blend of cultural and coastal things to do. Hang out at Lido Beach on sunny days and explore The Ringling on rainy ones.
  • Pensacola: While Panama City Beach is often the go-to for many summer travelers, Pensacola offers a quieter, more family-friendly alternative. Its historic downtown, beautiful beaches, and the National Naval Aviation Museum present a perfect mix of relaxation and education.
  • The Florida Keys: Before the peak of hurricane season and after the spring break crowds have dissipated, June is the ideal time to visit the Keys! You can often find deals on accommodations and attractions, as well as enjoy excellent fishing, snorkeling, and kayaking through the mangroves.
  • Miami: Miami in June is not only more affordable in terms of accommodations but also offers the last chance to explore the Everglades before parts of it close for the rainy season in July. Take advantage of the lower prices and fewer crowds to enjoy the vibrant nightlife, exquisite culinary scene, and diverse ecosystem.
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4. June Festivities in Florida

June is a quieter time in Florida events-wise, with fewer festivals than other months. The theme parks are gearing up for summer vacation crowds and the beach towns tend to save festivities for cooler months. However, you can find some local events like Pride parades and concerts.

Here are some June experiences to look out for in Florida:

Turtle Nesting Season

One of the coolest things I have ever seen in Florida is turtles laying their eggs on the beach. This is a frequent occurrence in June along the East Coast and you can witness this occurring at night!

turtle sighting walk in melbourne beach florida

A variety of local organizations offer guided tours where you can see this phenomenon without disturbing the sea turtles. Find out more in my guide all about seeing sea turtles during nesting season.

Theme Parks Experiences

As stated earlier, this is a more subdued month for theme park happenings. Neither Disney World nor Universal Studios offer special events this month. Luckily SeaWorld and Busch Gardens tend to offer some unique summer activities and this year you can expect the following.

  • Viva la Musica at SeaWorld: Every weekend in June you can celebrate Latin American culture with a musical event. Look out for concerts, food, and drink specials all month long.
  • Busch Gardens Summer Nights: Look out for a new summer experience at Busch Gardens in June 2024. We don’t have many details yet but we can expect thrilling entertainment and fireworks from May 24th through August 4th.

Pride Events

Most Florida cities offer some sort of Pride celebration this month, from parades to parties. If you want to go all out for Pride, Wynwood and Orlando have huge events going on.

pride sign at disney springs

Wynwood Pride kicks off with a vibrant, featuring a mix of parades, live music, and art installations in Miami’s most creative neighborhood. In Orlando, Gay Days transforms the city into a rainbow of activities from theme park takeovers to pool parties. Both cities do an amazing job celebrating LGBTQ+ love in June.

Juneteenth Celebration in Winter Garden

For those in Central Florida wanting to honor African American heritage and celebrate the abolition of slavery, Winter Garden puts on a fantastic event. On June 15th, you can look forward to live music, traditional cuisine, and artistic vendors all coming together for unity at Lake Maude.

Many other towns will have Juneteenth celebrations this weekend as well, but this one is my personal favorite.   

Mango Fest Key West

If you happen to be visiting Key West at the end of June, do not miss Mango Fest! This weekend event is all about the island’s favorite fruit and you can taste them in a variety of ways from June 27th through June 30th. In addition to tastings and meals, expect live music, art, and lots of fun.

mango cart beer with menu

Live Sports in June

Summer in Florida means baseball and soccer and there is plenty to see this month. Both baseball stadiums are indoors so it can actually be the perfect air-conditioned activity for sweltering days!

  • Soccer: See Orlando City SC or Inter Miami CF playing throughout June with weekly games.
orlando pride soccer stadium at sunset
  • Baseball: Attend a Miami Marlins or Tampa Bay Rays and cool off at their indoor stadiums.

5. June Crowd Control

June in Florida marks the beginning of the summer vacation season, which can significantly impact crowd levels across the state’s popular destinations. Because school is out, crowd levels in Disney World and Universal tend to surge, especially on weekends, including Father’s Day weekend. However, early June can be slightly less crowded when some schools are still in session and graduation events are happening.

Destinations like Miami Beach, Clearwater Beach, and Jacksonville Beach also see a spike in visitors looking to enjoy the sun and surf. I have found it hard to find parking at the beach on balmy weekends, even in Melbourne Beach! If you want to avoid traffic and crowded attractions, I recommend taking a trip early in the month and during the week.

6. Expected June Vacation Costs

As far as Florida summer break prices go, June and July are much pricier than May and August. Nevertheless, hotel, airfare, and transportation costs are unlikely to be as high as the peaks between December and March.

plane wing with sunset and clouds

If you are staying at a hotel or Airbnb during the week, you can probably find some deals, especially in smaller beach towns. I would book early if you want to take advantage of any discounts. Theme park prices can vary, but if you are a Florida resident, don’t forget to check for discounts at Disney World and Universal. While the costs do go up in June, planning ahead can help find good deals, making a Florida vacation still accessible and enjoyable.

7. Safety Advice for June in Florida

June in Florida is when the climate and wildlife tend to rear their ugly heads. There are quite a few things that could unexpectedly ruin a vacation this time of year, so be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Though the ocean is warm, you will want to be careful while swimming in it. Be mindful of the following:

  • Shuffle your feet when walking in shallow water on the Gulf Coast to avoid being stung by a stingray.
  • Do not swim in the water around sunset and afterward due to sharks being active at this time. Other tips to avoid sharks include not swimming when you see lots of bait fish or diving seabirds.
florida shark sightings
  • Avoid the coastlines if red tide is occurring, as it is hazardous to lung health and generally unpleasant.
  • Know the flag system. Yellow or red flags indicate rip currents and advise being careful when swimming. Blue flags mean jellyfish are present and you will want to avoid swimming.
  • Leave the beach if you hear thunder.
  • Wear sandals when walking on the beach. The sand is extremely hot and can burn you midday!

Other tips include:

  • Afternoon storms are frequent in June and can lead to heavy rain. Avoid driving long distances at this time if you are wary. If you do get caught in a rainstorm while driving, slow down and turn on your headlights. DO NOT turn on your hazard lights, as this is distracting to other drivers and also illegal.
  • Make sure to wear sunscreen and ideally a hat when outside to avoid burns.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and lowering alcohol consumption for long durations outside.
teal hydroflask at the beach
  • Use insect repellent, especially in the early morning and late afternoon, to protect against mosquitos and no-see-ums!
  • With the warm weather, food can spoil more quickly. Be cautious with food consumption at outdoor events or if you’re packing picnics.
  • When visiting natural parks or reserves, be mindful of wildlife. Keep a safe distance from animals, especially alligators and snakes, which are more active during warmer months.

Know Before You Go

With warm weather and summer vacation breaks, many vacation in Florida to enjoy the state’s natural beauty and entertaining attractions. As long as you do not mind the heat and are prepared for the rainy season and weekend crowds, you can have an excellent time visiting the Sunshine State.

To sum up this post, here are some tips for reference while planning!

  • Weather: Hot and muggy with frequent tropical storms.
  • Ideal Destinations: The Space Coast, Sarasota, Key West, Miami and Pensacola.
  • Areas to avoid: Orlando, mainly the theme parks.
  • Crowds: Reasonable, with upticks on the weekends.
  • Affordability: Average to higher prices for flights and lodging.  

Do you agree with my take on Florida in June? And where’s your favorite place to go? Let me know and be sure to check out my Florida Bucket Lists for more planning resources!

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