Key West Day 2-The Proposal!

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  Day 2 of our trip ended up being one of the most exciting and memorable days of my life. it was the day Andrew proposed to me, something I have always dreamed of! He did it on Sunset Key right before our romantic dinner. I had a feeling he might be proposing this trip, however he did go through a lot to keep it a secret! He seemed so happy and relieved when he got on one knee and I just felt so in love with him! It was a very magical moment after another fun day in Key West.blogger image 605483302The morning of Day 2 we had gone scuba diving. This was my first dive since getting certified and I was very nervous. It was a small group of me Andrew and one other guy and we were dropped off at a shallow reef. I did not find the dive as enjoyable as the last as not only was the water wavy and hard to navigate but the visibility was very low so it was hard to see much. I did see some pretty coral and fish, but not much else. After that had a delicious lunch at Bad Boy Burrito, which was featured on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and then we rested a little and got ready for dinner. We had to take a boat over and it took a bit longer to board then expected. We were going to Sunset Key for dinner and Andrew had us leave early so we could “get some pictures”. We strolled around the resort for a bit and took pictures of the pretty cottages that people either own or stay in. Andrew had me stand in a spot and said he was going to take a picture of both of us with his tripod. Just when I went to pose for the picture, Andrew got on one knee and proposed!
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It was such a wonderful surprise and we were both so overjoyed in the moment! A women from one of the houses ended up walking out and realizing and was very excited too! She took our picture and then we started heading to dinner.
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I love my ring so much!  I love the solitaire style and how beautifully cut the diamond is. I am still getting used to having such a sparkly thing on my hand!
blogger image 829805002When the bartender asked how we were, I could not help but blurt it out! He congratulated us and brought us champagne. Another person also did and took a picture of us by the water.
blogger image 383304657Then it was time for dinner at the beautiful Latitudes Restaurant, even though I was so excited I could barely eat! We had the most amazing sunset view.
blogger image 337899502We ordered cocktails, I had some Moscow Mule variation and Andrew had some Old Fashioned variation. Very typical of us! Then for appetizers, I was in the mood for a Cesar salad and Andrew got the crispy pork belly. We have really been obsessed with that lately. Both of these were delicious and a perfect way to start the dinner, in addition to the yummy bread rolls.
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We just could not get over that we were engaged and kept kissing and taking pictures and texting my family!

I had the hardest time deciding on an entree. They had SO many good sounding seafood dishes and two amazing beef ones too. I ended up going with the scallops and the mushroom risotto and was extremely impressed! I really feel like the scallops I have had in the past do not even compare to these. Andrew had the steak with mushrooms and gruyere cheese which was also so tender and delicious. It came with a little pepper stuffed with chorizo as well. These meals were amazing and we savored every bite!
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We had a wonderful dinner here and we wanted to stay longer! But we took the boat back and called and texted our family and friends about our engagement. And after that we went out for celebratory drinks. It was a night we will always remember.
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