La Crepe de France

blogger image 1686407976We tried another new restaurant this weekend in downtown Melbourne. We were going to go back to Backwater for brunch, but the place was too crowded. We could have gotten a seat quickly but knew it would take forever for food. So we ended up at this crepe place for brunch a little down the road. We were very glad to try it, as it was so unique!
blogger image 707083775We got this nice seat by the kitchen window so we could see all the crepes being made. It was very fun to watch. I got the crepe florentine in the picture which had eggs, spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella and hollandaise sauce. It was delicious! All the ingredients inside went together well and tasted great with the crepe. Although I think I would get the buckwheat instead of the flour next time. Andrew had the buckwheat type with his salt pork and leeks and it seemed to go better with savory items. We definitely want to go back because there are so many different ones we want to try. And the dessert crepes looked amazing too!