Mangetsu at Downtown Melbourne Review

One of my most visited restaurants in the area this year has been Mangetsu. This place has so many menu items that I am always craving! Mangetsu primarily serves Korean BBQ, but there is also Japanese, Thai and sushi on the menu.

This restaurant is in Downtown Melbourne, near Crush XI and Ember and Oak. It’s a tiny spot, and because of this, there can be a wait on weekend nights. I am hoping this review doesn’t exacerbate that issue, because it is a true Melbourne gem! I have been nothing but impressed since they moved here about a year ago and highly recommend it to people, even picky eaters!

mangetsu dolsat bibimbap

Location and Atmosphere

Like I mentioned above Mangetsu is on the main Downtown Melbourne strip. If you don’t see any street parking, the lot near the Burger Place is one of the closest areas. This restaurant used to be on the corner of US 1, but recently moved because of the Wawa that was built there.

Inside, it’s a pretty unassuming spot with some minimalist Asian décor. If you want to cook your own Korean BBQ, make sure you get a table with its own stove top. You can still get a Korean Grill entree if you don’t, but it’s more fun to cook your own!

Mangetsu Downtown melbourne

Korean and Sushi at Mangetsu

Like many other Asian restaurants in the area, the menu here is almost ten pages long. It can be a little overwhelming and I usually just stick to the Korean BBQ or sushi options. However, with such a large menu, there is something for everyone!

For the Korean options, you can get an entree from the grill, such as bulgogi beef and either cook it at your table or have it cooked for you. They also have Korean favorites, including my favorite Bibimbap, which is a rice dish. Other options include. La Galbi (Short Ribs), Kimchee Fried Rice, and Ja Jang Myeon Noodles. As long as you get a Korean option, you will get six sides dishes with your meal. These are called Banchan, and usually include little plates of kimchi, pickled radish and bean sprouts, and some sort of beans. I have liked most of these sides and they make for an enjoyable accompaniment. mengetsu sushi

There is a huge variety of sushi here including hand rolls, specialty rolls, nigiri and sashimi. You can even get a boat for two or three people! I’ve only had a few of the rolls and they are pretty good, although they don’t top Umami down the street.

The Rest of the Menu at Mangetsu

For other Japanese options, you can order meat served teriyaki, tempura or katsu style. Mangetsu even has Japanese bento boxes, as well as Korean ones but only during lunch time. If you are looking for a deal, pretty much all of the entrees are below $15, and many below $10 at lunch!

Mangetsu menu

There’s so much more I could say about the menu, but I’ll try and keep it brief! For Thai food, there is a variety of noodles, including pad thai, as well as spring rolls. The menu also includes some different fried rice, curries and soups. The drink menu at Mangetsu is equally as lengthy, as they serve beer, wine, sake and soft drinks.

You can even get dessert like tempura ice cream, but I never have any room left for it! As for kids, there is a small menu of teriyaki and katsu dishes with rice. There is no specific vegetarian or gluten free menu, but with so many options, you can definitely find something to fit your diet!

mangetsu korean barbecue

Our Experience

We have been here quite a few times for all sorts of occasions. This includes going with a group of friends, sitting at the bar for a quick bite and even picking up food to go. Each time, the quality and the service have been topnotch.

My favorite thing to order is the Dolsot Bibimbap. I have no idea how to pronounce it, but it is basically a rice bowl with veggies, mushrooms, bulgogi and a fried egg. Usually Andrew and I each get an entrée and then split the heavenly sushi roll that is the hangry roll. Unless we are super hungry, have enough of each entrée to take home for leftovers too!

mangetsu melbourne fl

I also have enjoyed the pineapple fried rice and the spicy chicken bulgogi in the past. I can’t vouch for much else on the menu, because I so frequently get the same thing! The reviews online look pretty good, including for the Thai options, so I would be open to ordering anything here. Definitely stick to the Korean options if you want to try what they are known for though!


Mangetsu is a pretty low key place as far as events go. You can expect a crowd on weekend nights, but there usually isn’t anything going on here besides dinner.

One event they always participate in though is the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. At this annual event, they serve up some Korean barbecue classics, including their bulgogi. This is actually the first experience I had trying Mangetsu, and I have been hooked ever since!

korean barbecue melbourne fl

Know Before You Go: Mangetsu

I am always on the lookout for different cuisines to try, so I was elated when I saw this addition to Downtown Melbourne. I encourage you to try it , even if it seems out of your comfort zone. If you like flavorful food, you won’t regret it! Here’s some things to keep in mind before visiting.

  • Mangetsu is open 11 AM to 3 PM for lunch Tuesday through Friday and 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM for dinner. On Saturday they open from 12 PM to 3 PM and 4:30 PM to 10 PM. On Sunday, they open noon to 9 PM and they are closed on Monday.
  • They occasionally take call ahead a for big parties, but there is often a wait.
  • The lunch menu includes special deals, including bento boxes.
  • There is no outdoor seating and dogs are not allowed.
  • You can find plenty of parking in the Downtown Melbourne area for free, unless there is an event going on. Then lost nearby parking is $5.
  • You can order take-out, and delivery is available through third party apps.
  • Most meals include vegetarian as an option and they can be flexible with modifications.
downtown melbourne mangetsu

Have you been to Mangetsu before? It’s one of my favorites, but there are so many other good local restaurants too! For more recommendations, check out my top Melbourne, Florida restaurants post here.