Mr. Manatees

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We tried a new restaurant in Vero Beach this weekend while my brother Patrick was visiting. We were looking for a nice spot on the water and came across Mr. Manatees. We got a nice spot overlooking the river where we could watch the boats pass by.
Looking through the appetizers, we noticed there was alligator tail and none of us had tried it before. So we went for it! It was very good, and tasted similar to me to fried clams. I am not a huge fan of fried foods but it was definitely worth a try. We are now officially floridians.
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After our adventurous appetizer, we went with entrees we knew we would love. Andrew and I got Mexican bowls which were literally chipotle burrito bowls with slightly different flavors.
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I did love the creme fraiche and the avocado. The signature habanero pepper sauce also added a kick to this. Patrick got his standby of buffalo chicken tenders and they were also delicious. I would not say this was a very unique restaurant or anything but for lunch with a view it is a cute spot to check out. We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in vero beach.