Mustard’s Last Stand

IMG_5781Today I am spotlighting Mustard’s Last stand which is basically a Melbourne institution. This hot dog stand has at least 30 unique hot dog flavor combinations, along with classic options if you are not up for an adventure. I have gotten so many flavors throughout the years and have liked pretty much all of them, so I am sure this is a place most people would enjoy.img 7021The atmosphere is simple and laid back, with walls decorated of license plates from all over the country.  However the dogs we get are anything but simple. We love sriracha so we often get the firecracker dog which has a drizzle of it over cheese and fresh garlic. The Hangover dog also has sriracha and fries in addition to a fried egg, bacon, chilli and cheese, so its a good option if you want all sorts of toppings!IMG_5780I can’t figure out what this last picture was, it might have been a special, as they have a weekly special that always changes. It had onion rings, jalapenos, bacon and cheese on it though and was delicious as the rest. The combinations are really endless here!

IMG_5779 If you are looking for a more basic hot dog, I would have to recommend the Chicago Dog or a Polish Sausage with sauerkraut.  They are just as good at making the classics as they are the crazy options. This is such a fun place to go on a sunny day for a casual meal. There are two locations in Melbourne, but we usually go to the one in Downtown Melbourne. There are more tables there and this way we can walk around and enjoy the town after dinner.

img 6499Mustard’s Last Stand is a family favorite for us! Sometimes a simple hot dog stand is all you need for an enjoyable meal. If you are in the area, this is the perfect stop after a day at the beach. Do you have a favorite food stand?