Birthday Drinks at STK

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With the possibility of Nancy leaving Florida after her college program, I made sure to visit her on her birthday and celebrate! We went to one of our favorite places-Disney Springs! It keeps getting better every time we go. We met up after work and made a beeline to a bar to get out of the hot Florida sun.
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We would have loved to eat at the new STK restaurant, however with most entrees over fifty dollars, we decided to stick with drinks. I got a cucumber vodka drink which is always a winner in my book. Nancy was wanting something sweet so she went with the strawberry cobbler. It tasted just like that and the glass was rimmed with graham cracker crumbles. They were both delicious and refreshing!
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We checked out a lot of the new stores that had opened up. I purchased a new pair of Sperrys at the store there, the sale was too good to pass up!
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For dinner we went to Raglan Road, which was fun as usual but a bit hectic! We ended up waiting forever for a table despite having a reservation and eventually ended up at the bar.
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I didn’t take any pictures of the food, but I got the Shepard’s pie which was as savory and filling as always. They really make the best potatoes! I had to head home afterwards, and Nancy enjoyed the rest of her birthday checking out some more new bars with her friends.