Nautical Wedding Decorations For Your Florida Wedding

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Today, I wanted to share some of the nautical wedding decorations we had at our wedding. Decorating ended up being one of the harder parts of planning for me. It’s one of those things where there are just so many little details to keep track of!

Every time I thought I had them all covered, I would realize there were three other things we needed. I included some checklists in here for reference so if you are planning a wedding, you can keep track of things to get.

Luckily, it all came together nicely and we were happy with our nautical wedding decorations.

Nautical Wedding Decorations

Table Decorations

We had a sweetheart table so we needed decorations for our table and for the rest of the tables. The sweetheart table is the main focal point of the reception and we wanted to make sure it looked nice!

We had the florist move the flowers from the arch to the table during cocktail hour and then I also put my bouquet in the seashell vase. We added some fish netting under it to match the theme.

It’s nice to have some sort of sign (even though everyone clearly knows you are the Mr. and Mrs.!) so we got this light up sign from Michael’s.

I wanted to get little signs to put on the back of our seats, but totally forgot! No one would have seen them anyways, so it probably wasn’t worth it. Another thing to remember is champagne flutes just for you two. It’s nice to get special ones and toast with them on your anniversary!

Our venue, Out of the Blue provided linens for us, so that was one less thing for us to remember, but make sure to find out if your venue does as well.

Sweetheart Table Decorations

  • Floral Decoration
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sign
  • Champagne Flutes
  • Vase or some spot for the bridal boquet
  • Linens
Nautical Wedding Decorations

As for the rest of the tables, we decided to keep it low budget and not do floral centerpieces. If you have at least ten tables like we did, it can really add up. We kept it simple with a white lantern, some rose petals and sea shells, and navy napkins.

We rented the lanterns from out florist and she set everything up. Polished Petals was our florist and she did a great job. If you are looking for a florist in South Florida, she is an excellent option and helped us stay within our floral budget!

Reception Table Decorations

  • Centerpiece – floral or not
  • Napkins
  • Decorative accent – petals, shells, confetti, etc.
  • Tablecloths
Nautical Wedding Decorations

Other easy to forget areas to decorate include the seat assignment table and the gift table. They already had designated tables for these at our venue, so we just needed to decorate them.

We debated between printing out a poster with the seat assignments, or doing place cards, and ended up going with that after seeing these cute ones on Etsy. This took up a lot of table room lining them all up, so just get a poster board if you do not have the space!

We then added some more rose petals, a few framed pictures and this wine cork ‘A” we have and an extra bouquet. Of course, we had some sea shells and sea glass scattered around too, as they are a must for nautical wedding decorations.

Nautical Wedding Decorations

We also got a card box from Michael’s and these little chalkboards from Target to write on. You definitely want a card box to be in an obvious location. I have been to a few weddings that do not have the card box or basket out and then spent half the wedding worrying we will forget to give the card!

It’s best to put it near the entrance so people do not miss it.

Gift and Place Card Table Decorations

  • Card box and indicative signage
  • Place cards or poster with seat assignments
  • Decorative accent – petals,  shells, confetti, etc.
  • Picture frames or trinkets
  • Linens
Nautical Wedding Decorations

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Decorations

Then we had the favors to figure out. I already mentioned the favors we got for wedding guests here, but we forgot to plan how to disperse them. We decided to include the coozies in the napkins at the table setting, where they added a cute pop of color.

Then we put the sunglasses on each chair on top of a program we made. We had a lot of extra sunglasses and programs so we set the extras on a table in a random basket we found at the venue. Then we just had a little crate with the sea shell soap favors we had, and had that on a table near the exit.

We also had a candy table set up at the reception, so if you want to see what you would need for that, check out this post.

Our nautical wedding

The ceremony had less decorations, but there were a few we needed to remember. We were outside, so we did not need a ton floral decor, besides the flowers for the arch, and a few bouquets on the end of chairs down the aisle.

Our venue provided the aisle runner, but I did get some tulle from Michael’s to drape down the aisles.

Nautical Wedding Decorations

We also opted to do a “wine box” wedding ritual. Our officiant had this idea for our ceremony and I thought it was a nice touch. Basically, we got this wine box from Etsy, and put a bottle of wine and letters we wrote the day before our wedding in it.

Then during the ceremony we had a sip of wine, and it becomes a tradition where every anniversary, we open this box, and read the letters and drink the wine. Then we put a new bottle and new letters in every year.

Our first anniversary just recently passed and we really enjoyed this tradition. It was a great way to remember how we were feeling a year ago. We are definitely going to try and keep up with it through the years!

I have seen similar ideas to do during a ceremony, such as both partners pouring sand into a jar together or lighting a unity candle. If you plan to do something like this, make sure to get the needed materials!

Nautical Wedding Decorations

A guest book is another fun thing to have at a wedding. We decided to take it a step further and have our guests sign oars. We found this cute pair on Etsy as well.  Having the guestbook out during cocktail hour is a good idea so people can sign before they forget as the night goes on.

Nautical Wedding Decorations

We set up our photo booth inside for guests to get some fun pictures with! Andrew actually designed it himself, by building a box that held his camera and iPad in place. Then we bought a photobooth app and wirelessly connected it to a little photo printer so people could get a copy of their pictures! It came out really well and was WAY cheaper than renting a photobooth.

Comment below if you are interested in how to build one yourself and I will send you all the details.

We needed some props to go with the photobooth as well, so we found some cute ones on Amazon. There is the standard nautical set, and then the bachelorette party set as well, from my bachelorette party. I thought about getting some boas or hats, but these props proved to be plenty of fun!

Nautical Wedding Decorations

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Decorations

  • Alter or arch
  • Floral decorations for the alter or arch
  • Aisle runner
  • Flower petals for the aisle
  • Other ceremony or cocktail hour floral decorations
  • Ceremony Ritual items – wine box, vase for sand, etc.
  • Place to put favors in or on – basket, seating area
  • Guest book and signage
  • Sharpies or pens for the guest book
  • Photo booth and props
  • Wedding programs
Amy and Andrew's Nautical Wedding Cake

I hope this helped provide some ideas for nautical wedding decorations! Of course there are plenty of ideas on Pinterest, but I had a hard time visualizing how it would all come together.

This is definitely something I would stress less about if I could go back in time, but that’s hard to realize when you are in planning mode! Let me know what wedding decorations are a must for you in the comments!

Nautical Wedding Decorations

Photos by Chris Kruger Photography