Nightlife in Melbourne, FL: Unveiling the 20 Best Local Bars

Though Melbourne is known for its beautiful beaches and outdoor activities, it also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene. Whether you’re into live music, dancing, or unique experiences, you can find just that here. This post is all about the buzzing nightlife that lights up Florida’s Space Coast after the sun sets.

guide to nightlife in melbourne, florida

The Best Bars in Downtown Melbourne

The top place locals go for a night out is Historic Downtown Melbourne. This main street offers a variety of bars that cater to different tastes. Here are a few that stand out:

1. Foo Bar: Trendy Drinks

Known for its chill vibe, Foo Bar is the place to start or end your night. With creative cocktails and an eclectic atmosphere, this lounge promises an enjoyable experience.

2. Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Company: Craft Beer and Games

Hell and Blazes Craft Beer Flight

For beer enthusiasts, Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Company offers tasty craft beer unique setting. It’s housed in a historic building, where you can play bar games, watch sports and mingle. You can even rent out the side room for private parties or special events!

3. Hurricane Creek Saloon: Southern Music and Drinks

Get a taste of honky-tonk fun and Southern hospitality at Hurricane Creek Saloon. Line dance the night away to country tunes, enjoy cold beverages, and soak in the lively atmosphere.

4. Island Root Kava Bar: Tropical Kava

Unwind at the Island Root Kava Bar, where relaxation meets socializing in a distinctive setting. With kava-based beverages and a laid-back vibe, this bar offers a different flavor to Downtown Melbourne.

5. Meg O’Malley’s: Irish Pub

meg o'malleys irish pub in downtown melbourne

This vibrant Irish pub offers a lively atmosphere, traditional Irish fare, and an extensive drink menu. From live entertainment to themed events, Meg O’Malley’s is a local favorite for a night filled with laughter and a great time.

6. Mainstreet Pub: Outdoor Party Vibes

Located in the heart of downtown Melbourne, Mainstreet Pub is a local favorite. With its vintage decor, diverse menu, and live music, it’s a perfect spot to party at night.

7. Crush XI: Upscale Cocktails

cocktail from crush eleven bar

Experience a unique fusion of culinary excellence and nightlife sophistication at Crush XI. This upscale bar seamlessly transitions from a trendy restaurant to a chic bar as the night unfolds.

8. Twisted Rooster Bar: Eventful Gay Bar

For those seeking somewhere to dance and let loose, Twisted Rooster Bar is a great place to be. Enjoy weekly events here like Drag Fridays, White Claw Wednesdays, and BINGO.

9. The Landing Rooftop: Drinks and Dining With a View

The Landing Rooftop Bar at the Melby

Elevate your night out (literally) at The Landing Rooftop, where breathtaking views of Melbourne’s skyline meet social delights. This rooftop bar offers a chic setting for sipping cocktails and getting dinner at sunset.

10. Chumley’s Depot: College Dive Bar

Situated near the historic downtown area, Chumley’s Depot is a sports bar with a lively atmosphere. Enjoy craft beers, delicious bites, and catch the latest sports games on big screens.

11. Debauchery: Dancing and Drinking

Debauchery is the go-to spot for dancing to DJ sets in Downtown Melbourne. With a stage, pool tables, and a full liquor bar, you can have a fun night out on the town.

12. Iron Oak Post: Craft Beer and Cocktails

hazy ipa from Iron Oak Post

For a more relaxed vibe, check out Iron Oak Post. This gastropub offers a unique selection of craft beers and cocktails and a cozy taproom.

Eau Gallie Nightlife

Just north of Downtown Melbourne, the Eau Gallie Arts District also provides a multitude of bars and pubs to spend a night out at. Though the neighborhood is known for being the less lively Melbourne area, do not sleep on Eau Gallie!

13. The Salty Fox: Trendy Dive Bar

Discover the perfect fusion of style and entertainment at The Salty Fox. This trendy venue offers a unique atmosphere, blending modern aesthetics with a lively nightlife scene.

14. Intracoastal Brewing Company: Local Brewery

Immerse yourself in the world of craft beer and community vibes at Intracoastal Brewing Company. This local gem combines a laid-back atmosphere with a diverse selection of brews.

15. Traditionals Cuts Shaves and Brews: Punk Rock Beer and Wine

Barbershop by day, BAR by night, Traditionals is easily the most unique bar in town. Enjoy craft beer and wine while rocking out to punk music at this Eau Gallie bar.

16. The Cottage Irish Pub: Outdoor Pub

patio at the cottage irish pub

The Cottage Irish Pub offers a relaxed ambiance, hearty pub fare, and a selection of your favorite Irish beverages. Gather with friends and enjoy the warmth of this Melbourne gem, which frequently has local musicians performing.

17. The Oleander Club: Trendy Cocktails

For those seeking sophistication, The Oleander Club is the epitome of refined nightlife. With a refined atmosphere, signature drinks, and a relaxing vibe, this cocktail bar promises an elegant night out in the heart of Melbourne.

18. Lourdes Library: Literary Speakeasy

Lourdes Library Gin and Tonic

For a real speakeasy experience, Lourdes Library offers a literary escape with a curated selection of craft cocktails. Step into the Gilded Age by checking out this local bar.

Beach Side Late-Night Hotspots in Melbourne, FL

To savor Melbourne’s beauty from a different perspective, head over to the Indian River Lagoon to explore beach bars and waterfront locations. Indialantic, Melbourne’s neighbor, comes alive after sunset, providing a laid-back yet lively atmosphere for those seeking a memorable night out. Here are five nightlife spots I recommend checking out.

19. Lou’s Blues Bar & Grill: Rowdy Music and Dancing

Lou’s Blues is an iconic spot that captures the essence of Melbourne’s coastal charm, offering awesome music, delectable bites, and a dance floor that invites you to let loose under the Florida night sky.

20. Monkey Bar: Beachy Dive Bar

Step into the playful realm of Monkey Bar, where fun and frolic rule the night. This vibrant venue combines energetic vibes with a diverse drink menu, making it a go-to spot for those seeking a lively night in Melbourne, Florida.

21. Squid Lips: Waterfront Food and Drinks

squid lips at eau gallie art district

Squid Lips takes nightlife to the waterfront, offering a unique blend of dining and nautical vibes. With stunning views, great food, and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s a perfect destination for those looking to savor the flavors of Melbourne’s coastal evenings.

22. Copperhead Tavern: Laid Back Tavern

For a cozy dive bar experience, check out the inviting ambiance of Copperhead Tavern. Known for its extensive beer selection and laid-back atmosphere, this tavern sets the stage for a night of great company and exceptional libations.

23. Coasters Pub & Biergarten: Sports Bar and Outdoor Dining

coasters blue cheese burger

Coasters Pub is a hidden gem for night owls and craft beer lovers alike. With its laid-back vibe, diverse selection of brews, and outdoor biergarten, it’s the perfect spot to unwind, share laughs with friends, and enjoy the local scene.

Know Before You Go

I hope this blog post helped you find some places to visit for nightlife in Melbourne! Though this town is not Miami, it also is far from Mel-boring. Here are some things to keep in mind when going out at night in Melbourne, FL.

  • There are no 24-hour establishments in Melbourne, so expect to end your night by 2 AM.
  • Live music is frequent at many of these bars on the weekend. Check out the bar’s Facebook page or website to find out about upcoming events.
  • Going out in Melbourne is generally safe, especially in the areas above.
  • There are other parts of Brevard County great for nightlife including Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, and Cocoa Village.
  • Melbourne is known for being very casual. You can dress up if you like but do not expect to see people in jeans, flip-flops, hats, and even beach wear.
  • Uber and Lyft both service these areas, so stay safe and call a rideshare for your night out.

What’s your favorite place to go for a night out in Melbourne? I am a sucker for a good cocktail so I love Crush XI and Lourdes Library. For more Space Coast recommendations, be sure to check out my guides for things to do and restaurants to try.

Places to go for a night out in Melbourne, Florida