Ocean 302

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Andrew and I felt pretty lucky when Ocean 302 opened right down the street from us. Now we had a restaurant with all sorts of foodie options in our own town! We now go here pretty often for all sorts of occasions when we are in a “Treat Yo Self” mood.

One things that this place has mastered is burgers. They have a bunch of delicious options with quality beef and sensational toppings. We love coming here for lunch midday beach day and having a burger along with a craft beer. My favorite is the Beefy Fun Guy which is topped with a variety of mushrooms and gruyere. img 3653

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We have also had their flatbreads a a few times. They have a brick oven that they use so the pizza comes out nice and crispy. The Pig and Fig was a great option as the savory goat cheese ricotta contrasted well with the smoky pork and crunchy pecans. 

One night we were in a dessert mood so we went over just for a treat! We got lucky because they had Funk Buddha Strawberry Shortcake beer there which was a dessert in itself. We love all the rare options they have as this beer was super hard to find in stores. We also got this s’mores cake and it was to die for! The chocolate was heavenly and the marshmallow was perfectly toasted. It was all the delicious s’mores flavor and none of the sticky mess.

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Another awesome offering they have is brunch! We could not be more onboard with this. Their brunch menu was easily the best this side of the causeway. Though I am usually an Eggs Benny girl, I could not resist the chicken and waffles! It was the perfect mix of savory and sweet. The portion was also huge, so two people could easily split this and a side dish. We might have to do this next time so we can try something else on the menu…. although I am not sure Andrew will be willing to share this fried chicken!