Unique, Local Places to Eat in Jacksonville, Florida

I still have yet to spend much time in Jacksonville, despite it being one of Florida’s most visited destinations. I am hoping to get up there sometime soon, but in the meantime, it helps to have other bloggers share their Jacksonville tips here. Today, Laurel McDaniel from Rose Colored Wandering is here to share her favorite places to eat In Jacksonville. Read on to find out some restaurant recommendations for the next time you are in the area!

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Guest Post by Laurel McDaniel from Rose Colored Wandering

One of the first things I research when I am visiting a new city is the best local places to eat. There are always a few stipulations I try to stick to in my research. I want to find somewhere unique that I cannot find in my own town and it has to be affordable. So of course, when I moved to Jacksonville, I instantly started looking for stellar restaurants and we have found some amazing local places. Thankfully, Jacksonville Florida has a multitude of amazing restaurants with a lot of variety for all my foodies. Keep reading to find out my top ten unique, affordable, and local places to eat in Jacksonville, Florida.

1. Treylor Park

We actually discovered Treylor Park on a trip to Savannah, Georgia last summer and fell in love. When we found out they only have two locations, one in Savannah and one in Jacksonville, we were thrilled to say the least. Their menu is reminiscent of classic southern foods, but they put a unique twist on their dishes. They also offer a wide range of drinks and cocktails to sip on while enjoying the modern, updated twist.
Recommended Order: Treylor Park Nachos Grande and Shrimp and Grits Tacos
Location: Nocatee (158 Marketside Ave, Unit 10, Ponde Vedra, FL 32081)
Website: https://www.treylorpark.com/nocatee

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2. Woodpeckers

My favorite local place to go when I want to feel like I am “home.” Woodpeckers Barbeque is truly a hole-in-the-wall, local place and to visit is to love it. Although it is right outside of the city, it feels like you have been transported to a small town with their small building and dirt parking lots. You will find bikers and families alike sharing tables at this restaurant that closes when the food runs out. They offer sit down service and a walk-up and order window with picnic tables.
Recommended Order: Brisket with Datil Baked Beans and Coleslaw
Location: (Orangedale) 4930 State Road 13 Jacksonville, Florida 32093
Website: https://woodpeckersbbq.weebly.com/

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3. Happy Grilled Cheese

Reminisce on your childhood memories as you dive into a grilled cheese with a twist at the Happy Grilled Cheese. They took two slices of bread and cheese to the next level with all of their creative combinations of grilled cheese sandwiches. They have a food truck which changes locations and two storefront locations that you can visit. If you are looking for somewhere unique in food and experience, this is the place for you. Fun Fact: The theming in their bathrooms are selfie worthy.
Recommended Order: Mac Melt with Garlic Parmesan Fries and Smores Melt for dessert
Location: (downtown location) 219 N Hogan Street Jacksonville, FL
Website: https://thehappygrilledchees.wixsite.com/grilledcheese

4. Timoti’s Seafood Shak

Originating in Fernandina Beach Florida, Timoti’s now has three locations around Jacksonville offering up their simple yet satisfying seafood plates. They take the casual, beachy atmosphere that normally dons a seafood restaurant and makes it a modern restaurant. They offer poke bowls, seafood baskets with fried, blackened and grilled options, tacos, and MORE. If you are looking for a seafood place while close to the beach, but want something different, stop by Tomoti’s Seafood Shak.
Recommended Order: Blackened Shrimp Basket with Fries and Coleslaw
Location: (Five Points) 1043 Park Street Jacksonville, FL
Website: http://www.timotis.com/

5. Maple Street Biscuit Company

Maple Street started right here in Jacksonville, Florida and the heart behind their business just makes you love them more. They are huge proponents of not just making a profit but helping the community and this mindset has grown their restaurant locations to many different states. Specializing in breakfast food with a twist, Maple Street is the perfect place to brunch. You walk in feeling like home and walk out stuffed with biscuits and gravy.
Recommended Order: The Squawking Goat or The Five with Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice
Location: (Jacksonville Beach) 410 North 3rd Street Jacksonville Beach, FL
(Now with 7 locations around Jacksonville, so if this is not close to where you are traveling look at their website to find more.)
Website: https://maplestreetbiscuits.com/

6. Angie’s Subs

When you look up the definition of a local, hole-in-the-wall restaurant, Angie’s Subs would be listed as a synonym. They don’t even have an official website! Casual and relaxed, go eat one of the best subs you will ever put in your mouth and relax in their outdoor area to enjoy the Florida sun.
Recommended Order: The Peruvian Sub
Location: (Beaches) 1436 Beach Blvd Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Website: https://www.facebook.com/angiessubs/

7. Johnny Angels Diner

We stumbled upon Johnny Angel’s Diner one day when the brunch restaurant we were headed to had a two hour wait. I’ve never been so happy for a change of plans. A completely themed retro diner, when you step through the doors you are transported back to simpler times with the jukebox bumping and the milkshakes pouring. It is absolutely precious, completely unique, affordable, and one of the best places to eat in Jacksonville, Florida.
Recommended Order: The Dixieland Skillet and a Chocolate Malt
Location: (Town Center Area) 3546 Saint Johns Bluff Rd Unit 120 Jacksonville, FL
Website: http://www.johnnyangelsdiner.com/

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8. Hawkers

Inspired by the culture and cuisine of Asian street fare, Hawkers brings the idea of small, inexpensive plates of authentic Asian street fare to Jacksonville, Florida. The detail that has gone into creating this restaurant from the owners personal trips to Asia makes Hawkers not just a place to dine, but a place to experience.
Recommended Order: YiYi’s Chicken Dumplings and Korean Twice Fried Wings
Location: (Five Points) 1001 Park St. Jacksonville, FL 32204
Website: https://eathawkers.com/

9. Mission BBQ

After shopping until you drop at the St. Johns Town Center, grab a bite to eat at Mission BBQ, a restaurant that not only serves great food, but supports those in service of our country. Everyday at noon, they pause everything and sing the national anthem. All of their food is amazing, and the service is incredible. We eat here at least once a week, usually on Sunday’s after church, it’s a tradition. Pro Tip: Ask for the Alabama White Sauce. It’s so good they have to keep it hidden behind the counter.
Recommended Order: Pulled Pork Plate with Fresh Cut Fries and Maggie’s Mac and Cheese
Location: (St. John’s) 4852 Town Center Parkway Jacksonville, FL 32246
Website: https://mission-bbq.com/

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10. 10/Six Grille and Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop

Located in the same building, you can grab dinner and dessert all in one! 10/Six Grill is an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant that just opened in the end of 2019. Sweet Pete’s Candy Shop is a unique experience and a popular dive in Jacksonville creating and serving up sweet treats. Experience both by checking out this unique local restaurant.
Recommended Order: Deviled Eggs and Beignets
Location: (Downtown) 400 N Hogan St Jacksonville, FL

Website: https://www.10sixgrille.com/

These are just a few of the many great restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida, but it will be hard to find any that are as unique, yummy, affordable, and local as the ones above. Have you ever been to Jacksonville? What is the one place you would recommend everyone to go eat? Let me know below!

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Thanks again to Laurel for sharing her favorite places to eat in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been to a couple with other locations like Hawkers and Maple Street Biscuit Company and can definitely vouch for how good they are. I can’t wait to try the rest on my next visit! For more tips on this area, check out my Things to do in Jacksonville post and my review of the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville.