Highlights of Sail Cocoa Beach Boat Tour + Promo Code

Getting out on the water is a must in Cocoa Beach and I can’t think of a better way to do it than on a boat tour. I recently took a sunset sail on the Sail Cocoa Beach Catamaran and had a fantastic time. We saw dolphins, learned about the area and relaxed while surrounded by incredible sunset views.

This post contains everything you need to know about the Cocoa Beach boat tour offerings from Sail Cocoa Beach. I have included a review of my experience, an FAQ, and even a promo code to apply toward your own sail. Read on to find out why taking a boat tour is a must on the Space Coast!

sail cocoa beach sunset boat tour catamaran

Disclaimer: Sail Cocoa Beach offered me a free tour, but all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Sail Cocoa Beach Tour Options

First, before booking your sail, you should decide which type of experience you want. There are three different boat tour options to choose from. During the day, a Dolphin Watching Catamaran Sail is offered at 12 PM and 3 PM. These tours last two hours and provide a relaxing sail in the sun while spotting dolphins, manatees, birds, and more along the intercoastal.

cocoa beach boat tour sightseeing

In the evening, the Sunset Catamaran sail is offered typically at 6 PM, although times can vary with sunset times. This two-hour boat tour will also provide plenty of dolphin and wildlife viewing opportunities with the addition of sailing at sunset making for an even more magical boat ride.

Sail Cocoa Beach’s newest offering is the Pedal Pub. Instead of a sailboat, you and up to 11 others can pedal the boat along the tour. Along with this experience, there is a cooler in the middle of the bar making it easier to drink and socialize. These pedal pub boat tours are offered during the day and at sunset, daily.

sunset in intercoastal cocoa beach

Our Sunset Sail Review

My mom and I got the opportunity to take a sunset cruise thanks to Sail Cocoa Beach! We went on a gorgeous evening in February and were accompanied by ten other guests on the cruise. There was plenty of room to spread out and even lounge on the hammock spots at the head of the catamaran.

The tour started off with our captain providing some history and facts about the waterways we were cruising. While listening, we all had our eyes glued to the water for a dolphin sighting. Not even fifteen minutes in to the cruise we saw a pod of dolphins hunting in the shallow water! It was amazing seeing them dart and jump around the water!

sail cocoa beach complimentary photos

Once we were out of the channel, the cruise alternated between relaxing music and some fun tidbits from the crew. During the boat tour, Sail Cocoa Beach will take pictures of you for free and provide soft drinks and water. You can bring your own food and drinks as well.

Another highlight of the boat tour was interacting with the crew. After chatting, I ended up getting to man the helm of the boat. They also had us raise the sail at one point and it is harder than it looks! Of course, there is an electronic system to raise up, but it’s fun to make some of the group try.

Once you head back to shore, the crew plays some island music and everyone gets to relax and take in the sunset. We found the view and overall experience to be so stunning!

sunset boat tour in cocoa beach

How to Get to Sail Cocoa Beach

Though it is called Sail Cocoa Beach, the dock is actually located on Merritt Island. This makes it a convenient spot to get to from both Cocoa Beach and Titusville.

To get there from the mainland, take 95 North or South to 528. Then you simply drive over the bridge to get there. To get there from Cocoa Beach, drive up A1A to West 528. The dock is right off the exit near the Cape Crossing Marina

sunser boat tour sights in cocoa beach

Cocoa Beach Boat Tour FAQ

This boat tour is pretty straightforward but I wanted to address some of the questions I got about it on Instagram. Here are some things to keep in mind before booking!

  • What is included in the tour?
    • The tour includes a two-hour boat ride, pictures of you on board, and soft drinks.
  • Can you bring your dog?
    • Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on any Sail Cocoa Beach boat tours.
  • Can you bring food or drinks?
    • Yes! You can bring anything you like to eat or drink, as long as it is not in a glass container. Alcohol is allowed as well. There are no concessions sold on board.
  • Is there a bathroom on board
    • Yes, there are actually two bathrooms on board.
  • How big is the boat?
    • The MaineCat 41 commercial catamaran is pretty spacious! It can fit up to 32 people and is about 40 feet long. The pedal pub boat is slightly smaller with 26 seats.
sail cocoa beach catamaran seating

Where to Stay and Things to Do Nearby

Sail Cocoa Beach makes for a great weekend trip activity. If you are planning a hotel stay around it, I recommend staying in Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, or Titusville. Depending on your interest, you could make this a part of a beach or Kennedy Space Center trip.

As for things nearby, the tiki bar in the marina, Dolphins, is the perfect after-dinner spot. We enjoyed tropical drinks and a seafood meal outdoors after ours! You can also easily get to some of my favorite restaurants in Cocoa Beach or Merritt Island, including, Rising Tide Tap and Table, Florida’s Fresh Grill, or Pacific Rim. If you want other things to do in the vicinity, check out the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, the Cocoa Beach Pier, or Cocoa Village.

cocktail at dolphins tiki bar in Merritt Island

Know Before You Go: Sail Cocoa Beach Boat Tours

If you have not been on a Space Coast boat tour before, I recommend planning one! It’s a spectacular experience that brings a new appreciation to being on the water. Between the accommodating crew and the gorgeous catamaran, I think the sail Cocoa Beach boat tours have everything you could want and more! Here are a few things to keep in mind before your visit:

  • Use Promo Code FLTRAVEL to get $5 off your sail! Works for any sail, any day.
  • Make sure to bring sunscreen and apply it before the cruise
  • Be sure to get there at least fifteen minutes before your departure time so that the boat tour can start on time.
  • During the tour, the crew will take plenty of photos and send them to you for free! Don’t be shy about posing!
  • If you want to celebrate something special, you can book the catamaran or pedal pub for a private sailing! Contact Sail Cocoa Beach to find out more.
  • There is a covered part of the boat if it rains or it is very hot. Boat tours will take place in the rain, but will be rescheduled if it storms.

Have you ever been on a boat tour? I didn’t realize how amazing it could be until I went on this one! If you are looking for more Florida things to do, check out my Ultimate Florida Bucket List or for local attractions, my Cocoa Beach Things to Do Guide

sail cocoa beach boat tour review