The Space Coast Ale Trail: Cocoa Beach and Melbourne, Florida Breweries

One of my favorite parts of living on the Space Coast is getting to experience all the great breweries we have here. From Titusville down to Melbourne, there are nine different breweries and I have visited and reviewed all of them. I decided to put together this Space Coast Ale Trail to spotlight each brewery from north to south, to give you an idea of what you will experience there.

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Playalinda Brewing Company

Titusville is home to one of the most popular breweries on this list, Playalinda Brewing Co. This brewery actually has two different locations. There is the Hardware Store in Downtown Titusville and the Brix Project slightly south of there. I have been to both, and while I love the cozy feel of the Hardware Store, I always recommend going to Brix Project because of the food! This spot is a full restaurant with a nice outdoor patio.

The types of beer made by Playalinda Brewing Co. varies greatly. They always have a mix of IPA’s, stouts, sours and even lighter beers. Some of my favorites from here are the Pleasure Chest IPA, the Starliner Simcoe Lager and the Barnlight Saison. I especially love the Key Lime Ale because the whip cream rim makes for the perfect dessert experience. If you are coming from Orlando, this is the best place to start the Space Coast Ale Trail and get some food as well.

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Florida Beer Company

The next brewery on the list is beachside in Port Canaveral. Florida Beer Company is the Space Coast’s oldest and largest brewery. Since being bought by Carib Brewery, they have a more commercial feel, but it’s still a great place to grab a pint or even take a brewery tour.

If you like ciders, this is the brewery for you because Florida Beer Company offers at least three different kinds at all times. My favorites from here are the fall beers, like Gourd Shorts and Conchtoberfest. However, throughout the year you can find solid options like the Key West Sunset Ale and the Hurricane Reef IPA. For a brewery only a mile from the beach, Florida Beer Co. has all the tropical brews you desire!

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Cocoa Beach Brewing Company

The smallest brewery on this list is located in the heart of Cocoa Beach in a tiny little house. Cocoa Beach Brewing Company only has two beers on tap, but if you want a cozy experience, this is the place to go! It’s a great place to bring some friends to play board games or to chill out on the patio with a pint.

I’ve only been here a couple of times, but I really like the Cocoa Beach Pale Ale and the “Not Just Some” Oatmeal Stout. Both of these beers have won awards in the Florida Beer Championships, in addition to the 888 IPA. If you want a break from the busy bars of Cocoa Beach, this brewery is the perfect place to relax at.

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Dirty Oar Beer Company

Over in Cocoa Village is Dirty Oar Beer Company, which is the biggest up and coming brewery on this list. I continue to be amazed by their lineup and absolutely love the sours they make. If you like fruity beers and sours, this is the best in the area, although they have some tasty IPA’s as well.

The brewery itself is a little small, but it has a decent sized bar and a large patio. Most nights, you will find a food truck here and possibly a community event, like the running club. The tap list is very large, so be ready to order a flight so you can try a bunch! My favorites from here are the Smurfberry Milkshake Sour, the Cash Me Acai’d Wheat Beer and the Hobo Carnival DIPA. and they have even won the Central Florida Top Brewer Competition with their Deadbeat Paycheck Kiwi and Kumquat sour. For sour beers or creative beers in general, get to Cocoa Village for Dirty Oar Beer Company!

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Bugnutty Brewing Company

There’s another Cocoa Village brewery that just moved here. Bugnutty Brewing Company was open in Merritt Island for a few years, but now you can find them a couple blocks down from Dirty Oar Beer Company. This brewery is known for its large tap list of classic brews and it’s lively, warehouse atmosphere.

If you love live music, this is an awesome place to come on the weekends. We have so much fun here getting a couple of pints and listening to a band play. They even have wings and other food to snack on! For beer, I love the Pineapple Tiki Beer and the Zeus Will Smite Thee IPA. With over 20 taps, there is a beer for whatever you are in the mood for at Bugnutty Brewing Company!

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Charlie and Jake’s Brewery

As you reach Melbourne, the first brewery you will find is Charlie and Jake’s Brewery. This unassuming spot is in a strip mall and is also a full restaurant. The food here is decent, but the beer is what I especially recommend coming for.

Charlie & Jake’s Brewery usually has eight beers on tap of varying styles. They are definitely a lot more classic than the ones you will find at Playalinda Brewing or Dirty Oar. However, I still really enjoyed beers like the Anniversary Pale Ale and the Oktoberfest. If you are looking to go somewhere that would appeal to both beer and non-beer drinkers, Charlie and Jake’s is a choice sure to please everyone.

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Intracoastal Brewing Company

In the heart of the Eau Gallie Arts District, is Intracoastal Brewing Company, another community favorite. This spot has grown from a small taproom to a large operation with a fantastic patio. Intracoastal has gained a lot of recognition through the years and most nights, its packed with people enjoying the beer and live music or playing trivia on Monday nights!

This is the Melbourne brewery that I frequent the most whether it be to check out the new release, go to yoga or participate in the Intra Run Club. I highly recommend checking out Intracoastal if you are in the Melbourne area. The beer varies here and they have a mix of juicy IPA’s, robust stouts and fruity sours. The IPA’s are my favorite thing to get here and I am always there for the release of a new coastal series IPA!

I have had too many favorites to name through the years, but some that come to mind include the Yard Milkshake IPA’s, the Lost Shaker Gose and the Peanut Butter Jelly Time Brown Ale. You can find their Dragonpoint IPA all over town , but it’s worth it to visit the brewery and drink a flight in the biergarten.

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Beachfly Brewing Company

A quick drive across the bridge will lead you to the area’s newest brewery, Beachfly Brewing Company. This is a really fun spot with some tropical craft beers and food to go with the beachy vibe. They have a pretty large taproom and a small outdoor patio.

Beachfly has at least ten beers on tap at all times of varying types. Their core beers include the Turtle Trax Wheat and the Space Kolsch. So far, my favorites have been the Papaya and Starfruit Beer, as well as the Dry Doubt Stout. They are trying some new things and I can’t wait to see how they grow. Beachfly is the perfect spot to visit after the beach for a refreshing beer and some jalapeno poppers!

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Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Company

This Space Coast Ale Trail ends at the Downtown Melbourne brewery, Hell ’n Blazes Brewing Company. Not only does it have the nicest tap room of all breweries on the list, but they also have a ton of unique beers. This is a pretty popular going out spot at nights, but you can go any time of day for a brew and even food.

This is another brewery I recommend because of the wide variety of beer and the fun game room. Through the years, I have tried so many good beers here like the Hurricane Repellant (you can thank me for drinking enough of this to save Melbourne from Dorian) and my all time favorite, the Sap Tap Maple Amber Ale. They even have some crazy experimental beers, like a saison that tastes just like Big League Chew! With delicious beer, food and lots of games, this is a great place to start or end your Space Coast Ale Trail.

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Know Before You Go: Space Coast Ale Trail

With nine different Space Coast breweries to visit, there is no shortage of good craft beer here! If you are coming over from Orlando, the Titusville and Cocoa Beach breweries are the closest to visit. As for anyone coming from the south, the Melbourne, Florida breweries are a good place to start. Here’s a few things to keep in mind before you go on the Space Coast Ale Trail

  • The only breweries without a patio are the Playalinda Hardware Store, Bugnutty Brewing and Hell ‘n Blazes.
  • Breweries serving food include the Hardware Store, The Brix Project, Bugnutty, Charlie & Jakes, Intracoastal, Beachfly and Hell ‘n Blazes.
  • Pretty much every brewery listed will fill up growlers for beer to go.
  • All the breweries include their events list on Facebook, so check there to see if live music, trivia or running events are going on.
  • Lost Shirt and Quarters are two other Space Coast breweries that have closed. They will be missed by locals as they were a great addition to the beer scene!
Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Florida Breweries

How many Space Coast breweries have you visited? For more breweries to visit in Florida, check out my brewery series reviews!