Space Coast Candles and Our Bathroom Renovation

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If you follow along on my Instagram, you may have seen that we renovated our bathroom this summer. It was a painstaking process, as we did it all on our own. This involved installing new floors, painting, and plumbing. It is officially finished now with all the decorations added, including our new Space Coast Candles.

Space Coast Candles Bathroom Renovation

When we moved into our townhouse, we knew we would have to renovate pretty much every part of it. None of the bathrooms had been touched since the eighties, so I have been dying to redo them. We started with the downstairs half bath, since it would be a lot easier than the two full ones. Here’s a side by side of what it used to look like and what it looks like now.

Space Coast Candles Bathroom Renovation
Space Coast Candles Bathroom Renovation

Renovation Overview

First up was demolition and we stripped the entire bathroom down to nothing. We got rid of the tile, the vanity, mirror, toilet and all these wall inserts which annoyingly left huge holes in the wall. The vanity was also built into the wall and the drywall was pretty beat up once we removed it. We decided to put beadboards on the bottom half of the walls, so that we wouldn’t have to retexture them.

I decided to paint next before the tile was put in. This way I wouldn’t have to worry about drop cloths. It was harder than I expected painting such a tiny space! We chose this tropical blue color since the rest of our downstairs is a grayish blue and we wanted to add some more color.

Space Coast Candles Bathroom Renovation

From there, Andrew and my Dad installed the tile, moulding, toilet and sink. We bought pretty much everything from Home Depot except for the tile. The tile was a splurge from Island Tile & Marble. I think it really elevated the room

Renovation Challenges

We ran into a big issue when installing the moulding. This house has so many irregularities and the piping happened to be another part of that. The pipe to the toilet ran directly along the the entire back wall. We didn’t realize this though until a few days after installing the moulding and water started pouring through the wall! Turns out one of the moulding nails had gone right through the pipe!

We ended up having to take out the toilet and the moulding and then replace the pipes and redo it all over again. That was a painful experience! If you can, make sure you avoid any pipes when nailing in moulding.

Space Coast Candles Bathroom Renovation


Once the flooring and fixtures were installed, it was time to decorate. It’s a small room so there’s not a lot to work with. I found the porthole painting at Homegoods and the wooden signs at Joann’s Fabrics. Then I saw this adorable framed rope design at a boutique in San Diego and decided to add that as well.

The vanity is pretty small, so I could only fit the essentials-soap and a candle! We wanted the bathroom to feel beachy so we of course got some coastal smelling soap and candles. When I heard about Space Coast Candles, I realized they would be the perfect fit for our beachy bathroom.

Space Coast Candles

The Space Coast candles have a coastal farmhouse style with a simple, yet fun label. I love that it plays up the “space” part of the Space Coast, as I always try to add references to it in our decor. Many of the candles have names reminiscent of the space, like Orbital Orange or Blueberry Blast.

Space Coast Candles Bathroom Renovation

I have the Hibiscus Horizon and the Moonlight Breeze Candles currently. Both has noted of jasmine in them, which can be quite calming. The Hibiscus one is obviously more floral and the the Moonlight has some notes of juniper.

We hope to renovate our master bathroom this year and I’ll definitely be getting some more Space Coast Candles once that is done! If you would like to see how good these smell for yourself, you can purchase one at For a limited time, my readers will receive 10% off when you use the code FTG2019.

Future Plans

Now that the bathroom is done, we have almost renovated the whole first floor! The laundry room still needs some work, but all the main parts are looking so much better. This year we will focus on the upstairs which needs new floors, doors, closets and bathrooms. We haven’t gotten nearly as much done as we have wanted with all our traveling, but it is coming along slowly. The upstairs is sure to be a difficult experience, but we are getting better at managing.

Space Coast Candles Bathroom Renovation

Let me know if you enjoyed this look at our coastal home. I have plenty more I could post in regards to the kitchen and living room renovations, but I want to make sure people are interested. I am planning on doing a big post about all the changes once we finally finish, but that is probably a long ways a way 😉