Splitsville at Disney Springs Review

Today I am reviewing an old Disney Springs favorite that I have been visiting for sushi and drinks for years. Surprisingly, it’s the bowling alley Splitsville, where you can order a variety of unique food while bowling. However, you do not have to come to bowl and in fact I have never played a game of bowling here! It works just as well as a restaurant for all sorts of palates.

Splitsville is a chain with a few other locations in Florida, California and Massachusetts, so it is not only at Disney Springs. Regardless, it has one of the most diverse menus here and a really fun atmosphere. With so many Disney Springs restaurants to choose from, find out which type of meals Splitsville is best for in this review!

splitsville at disney springs

Location and Atmosphere

Splitsville is hard to miss, as it is a large red and white building on the West Side of Disney Springs. You will see it immediately when exiting the Orange Garage, but it is not too far of a walk from the Lime Garage either. You check in downstairs and then can eat on either of the two levels.

There are bowling lanes all throughout the restaurant, as well as table areas. If you decide to bowl during your meal, you will have a few tables at the end of the lane. Otherwise, you can sit at a table in the dining area. Another surprise is that the bowling is not too distracting over here, even though you can still see the lanes!

The restaurant has sort of an old-school, retro theme, but not in a tacky way. I also enjoy the Disney and Florida homages, like the mural with a bowling ball that looks like an orange. The second floor has some nice views of Disney Springs from the windows. If you prefer to sit at the bar, there are a couple to choose from, my favorite being the one outside. This is the only outdoor part, and they often have live music here too.

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The Splitsville Menu

As I mentioned before, the menu varies significantly with so much to choose from. There are a bunch of classic bowling appetizers like loaded fries, nachos and chicken tenders. These have been elevated ingredient and flavor wise compared to a typical bowling alley. For instance, the chicken tenders are hand-battered with parmesan breading and can be tossed in Buffalo or Asian BBQ sauce!

The rest of the Splitsville menu is divided into pizza, sushi, salads, entrees and handhelds. I have had many friends get the pizza in the past, but it is pretty average compared to places at Disney Springs like Wolfgang Puck and Blaze. The sushi is really where it’s at in my opinion and they have all sorts of crazy creations. Many have cream cheese or tempura shrimp, so it’s not ideal for sushi purists, but all the sauces and toppings lead to maximum flavor.

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The salads are not at all basic and have toppings like spicy skirt steak and peanuts or chicken tenders and avocados. I can’t guarantee they are healthy, but the look delicious! As for entrees, there is always a different selection like Fish and Chips, an Ahi Tuna bowl or Chicken Fried Rice. For handhelds, Splitsville has options like burgers and chicken sandwiches with toppings like fried onions and avocado.

Overall, this definitely is a place for guilty pleasures. Unfortunately, there are very little vegetarian options, and the best bets here are cheese pizza, an impossible burger, a veggie sushi roll, or a salad without the meat. On the other hand, kids and kids at heart, will definitely be pleased with the chicken, pizza and burger options.

For adults though, there is a huge drink menu for whatever libations you desire. I have splurged on bowl drinks a couple of times and they are fun, fruit concoctions to share. Splitsville also has frozen drinks and craft cocktails, like a Spicy Mango Margarita or a Cucumber Cooler. For those wanting wine or beer, there is a long list for either option too. This is another way that there is something for everyone at Splitsville.

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Our Experience

You do not usually need a reservation for Splitsville unless you are a large party of going bowling, so we often come here spontaneously for lunch and dinner. The service is always quite fast and we enjoy the atmosphere. We have been here at least a dozen times since opening in 2013, and each experience has been largely consistent.

On most visits, Andrew and I each get a sushi roll and then an appetizer to share. The rolls are pretty filling on their own, but we usually like splitting some sort of indulgent starter. This is usually in the form of nachos or loaded fries and can be shared between at least four people.

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My favorite drink is the Cucumber Cooler made with Gin and my favorite sushi roll is the Super Tuna. This one has Ahi Tuna in the roll and on top so it is extra delicious! I also love the Fantasy Roll and the Volcano Roll, but it is really hard to top the Super Tuna.

I really do not enjoy bowling and it is very expensive here, so I have yet to play. However, we have played billiards a lot here. This costs less than $10 for as long as you want (within reason) and is such a nice escape from the crowds and heat of Disney Springs. If you are looking for something to do indoors, playing pool while having a drink here and listening to the update music is probably the most affordable and fun option in Disney Springs!

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Know Before You Go: Splitsville At Disney Springs

For those looking for a fun and flavorful meal, Splitsville is the Disney Springs restaurant to visit. It can be a bowling and dining experience for families or a lively bar experience for an adult night. I cannot personally vouch for the bowling, but with entrees under $15 per person, it is definitely a worth while place to eat at! Here are some things to keep in mind before your visit.

  • Splitsville at Disney Springs is open from 11 AM to 10 PM daily with the same menu all day
  • There is no dress code, although you should bring socks if you plan to go bowling
  • You may want to make a reservation here, up to 180 days in advance.
  • The restaurant is located on the West Side at Disney Springs and is closest to the Orange Garage.
  • Seating is mainly inside with a small section outside near the bar.
  • You do not need a park ticket or hotel reservation to dine here and parking is free.
  • Splitsville Orlando is part of the Disney Dining Plan and costs one table service credit.
  • Bowline prices range from $15 to $30 per person depending on what time of day you go. Going earlier in the morning is the best time for savings.
splitsville disney springs review

Have you bowled or dined at the Disney Springs Splitsville? Let me know what you thought about if you did, especially if you tried the sushi! For more tips on where to eat at Disney Springs, check out my best restaurants guide here!