SUP Eco Adventure

sup-eco-tour-2For my birthday, Andrew surprised my with a Stand-Up Paddleboard tour! I have been paddleboarding many times and really enjoy the feeling of gliding across the water and the great workout you get from it. I was looking forward to get a guided tour of the lagoon and even more excited at the chance to see dolphins(which we did)!sup-eco-tourThe tour started out with a brief lesson. We already knew how to paddleboard but it was helpful to get some pointers. They definitely gave enough instruction for people who had never done it before-no one in our group fell off during the two hours!sup-3We paddled around the lagoon practicing skills at first and then going down a secluded area lined with mangroves. Less than half an hour in, a few dolphins appeared playing together! This was the closest I had been to a wild dolphin before so I was overjoyed. We had not brought our cameras but the tour guides had a waterproof one and took lots of pictures during the trip.
sup-4After an hour, we stopped and took a water and snack break which they provided. It was a very accommodating tour! While we were hanging out Andrew and I showed off our yoga skills. I have done SUP yoga a few times so I was happy to do a half wheel pose. Andrew almost got into a full head stand but chickened out when the board started shaking. Maybe next time!sup-5Over the next hour we went more into the main part of the river. We saw some rays and a small turtle in the shallow water as well during the journey. We have told all our friends to go on this tour as we thought it was a great way to see some scenery and it is such an enjoyable water sport. The tour guides made the tour even better as they were so friendly and full of paddleboarding knowledge. This is a must do experience if you are visiting the Space Coast or a resident.