Ten10 Brewing Company at Mills 50 District Review

One of my goals for this year is to try more Orlando breweries. I have been to so many breweries in this state, but barely any in Orlando! I was able to cross two off my list a couple of weeks ago and Ten10 Brewing Company was one of them.

Ten10 Brewing Company

I had heard great things about this brewery, so I was eager to check it out. Andrew, Nancy and I came here with my out-of-town friend Brittany who was visiting a couple of weeks ago. It was conveniently on the way to Winter Park and a lovely spot to visit for our day of Orlando exploring.

Location and Atmosphere

Ten10 Brewing Company is located in the Mills 50 District, which is between Downtown Orlando and Winter Park. We were coming here from playing Topgolf in the Universal area, and it was a little over half an hour drive. If you are at Disney World, it will be closer to an hour. However, this area is worth visiting for many reasons, including this brewery.

Ten10 Brewing Company

It’s right off the road in a cute neighborhood, but this inside is very classic brewery. It’s a decent size, with a bar, tables and a view into the brewing facility. It feels like the perfect hangout place, especially with the rock music playing throughout. The only downside is that there’s no outside area to hang out it. On this day we needed a break from the afternoon sun anyways!

The Beer at Ten10 Brewing Company

When we visited Ten10 Brewing, there were eighteen beers and ciders on tap. They don’t seem to really have core beers, but some are definitely frequently available. The four of us each got a flight, so we tried quite a variety! Here are some of our favorites:

  • Mostly Maui Wowie-8.2% Double IPA
  • Sundae Best-5.5%, Neapolitan Brown Ale
  • Paradise Apparatus-5.5% Golden Milk Ale with Coconut, Pineapple, Mango and Vanilla
  • Urban Trail-5.5% American Pale Ale
  • Dopplebaklava-7% Dopplebock with Pistachios, Oats, Rose and Orange Water
  • London’s Burning-5.2% English Tea Beer
  • Subtle Weeaboo Flex-5.5% Golden Ale with Strawberry
  • Pedaler’s Hard Cider
Ten10 Brewing Company

As you can tell, we love the fruity ones! My favorite was the Paradise Apparatus, as it almost tasted smoothie like between the fruits and the lactose. Andrew loved the Mostly Maui Wowie, as did I, because it had a delicious blend of hops. My sister has been here a few times and always goes back to the Sundae Best. It really is the best ice cream flavor beer out there. My friend Brittany really liked the cider, which is not made by Ten10 Brewing, but they tend to have a cider options available.

There were many other beers that sounded great as well. Ten10 Brewing has gotten high remarks for their East West IPA and their Black Bombers in the Night Black Lager. Flights were four five-ounce pours for $10 and full pours are $6. You can also get half pours for $3, thirty-two ounce growlers ranging from $6-$12, sixty-four ounce growlers ranging from $10-$20 and thirty-two ounce crowlers from $9-$13. A couple kinds of wine are also available for $9 per glass.

Ten10 Brewing Company

The Food at Ten10 Brewing Company

One thing I did not realize about Ten10 Brewery, is that they had such excellent food options! We had had a big breakfast at Holler & Dash, but couldn’t resist ordering a few snacks. They offer snacks, hot dogs and sandwiches. We ended up getting a Spent Grain Pretzel, Ten10 Nachos and a Grilled Cheese.

Ten10 Brewing Company Nachos

Everything was so tasty and a delightful compliment to our beer! If you like cheesy food, this is the place to visit. We loved the beer cheese that came with the pretzel and the nachos with the fresh toppings! They had two kinds of cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, and crema. It might sound simple, but it was perfectly-executed!  The Grilled Cheese was another a savory snack, especially with the bacon tomato jam.

Ten10 Brewing Company makes five different kinds of sandwiches, tacos and mac and cheese as well. We could even see the smoke outside where they were cooking up the smoked ham for the Croque Goddamn sandwich. If you want healthy food, this is not the place to go, but it’s excellent for guilty pleasures!

Ten10 Brewing Company

Specials and Events at Ten10 Brewing Company

This brewery is dedicated to being part of the community and you can tell because there’s fun stuff always going on here! Just like Dirty Oar Brewing, they have a weekly fun run on Tuesdays at 6:30. If you walk or run, you get $1 off your pint of beer! Ten10 also has a $1 off for happy hour from 6-8 PM Monday-Thursday and half off pours on Friday and Saturday at 10:10 PM!

Ten10 Brewing Company

Live music is a frequent occurrence at Ten10 Brewing as well. You will usually find a band here on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons or nights. They really go beyond that though with their festivals! A couple weeks ago, they had a pop-up record store with a fun London Calling theme. If music isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other events, including a Rib Cooking competition, a coffee beer festival, and a Halloween trick or treat event with multiple breweries! I definitely have to give this brewery points for creativity and just looking through their events on Facebook makes me wish I lived closer!

Know Before You Go

If you are in the Orlando area, Ten10 Brewing Company is not to be missed. We enjoyed all the beers we tried and were impressed by the diverse selection on tap. They have been an established part of the community for years now and I can’t wait to see what else they do!

  • Ten10 Brewing Company opens at 11:30 AM every day and closes at 10 PM Sunday-Thursday and midnight Friday and Saturday.
  • Seating is inside only and dogs are not allowed.
  • They have at least a dozen beers on tap at all times going for $6 a pour.
  • Growler and Crowler pours are offered for most beers, as well as flights.
  • Wine from the local winery Quantum Leap, local ciders and house made root beer is available as well.
  • Food is served all day and includes bar food and sandwiches.
  • There’s a decent sized parking lot with free parking.
  • They offer happy hours on week days and a variety of other events and specials.
Ten10 Brewing Company

Have you been to any Orlando breweries? I made it to Park Pizza and Brewing on this same weekend that I’ll be reviewing next!