The Fat Snook at Cocoa Beach Review

I’ve been raving about Crush XI for over a year now, so it is about time I reviewed their sister restaurant, The Fat Snook. It’s located at the southern part of Cocoa Beach and focuses on seafood more than Crush. The menu has some similarities though, as they offer a small selection of unique appetizers, entrees, and sides that would be hard to find elsewhere on the Space Coast.

the fat snook wine

Andrew and I have been here in the past, but we tend to visit Crush XI more because it’s closer to us. We decided to head up to Cocoa Beach for a date night last week and finally give the Fat Snook a proper review.

Location and Atmosphere

The Fat Snook is on A1A just south of the Cocoa Beach strip. The location is pretty unassuming from the outside, as it is a small building. There are a couple of artsy signs to let you know you are in the right place.

Inside, there is an inviting coastal farmhouse vibe. There are a small amount of tables and we were seated in a little alcove area. The Fat Snook had just completed some renovations and now have a pretty fish mural along the wall alongside slats where plants are hung.

the fat snook bar

Everything about the Fat Snook says cozy, so it was ideal for a date night like we were having. It is recommended to make reservations. You will definitely need one if you have a large party.

Drinks at The Fat Snook

The main difference between the Fat Snook and Crush XI is that Fat Snook does not serve the very creative cocktails that Crush XI is known for. However, they have an extensive wine menu and a variety of beers on tap to make up for it. The beer selection included local favorites like Hell ‘n Blazes and Intracoastal Brewing for $8 pours.

The wine list is actually a book, with options for by the glass or by the bottle. We were treated to the François Montand Brut Blanc, which usually comes by the bottle for $36. This was an exceptional sparkling wine that was the perfect way to start off the meal.

the fat snook menu

Afterwards, we each for a glass of rose for $9 a piece. This was very refreshing and we prefer it with seafood to white wine. The by the glass pours are between $8 and $20. The bottle prices are extremely varied, with some being very high end. I’m not a wine aficionado, but many of the Yelp reviews said the wine list is too pricey. I saw plenty of options in the $30 range which seemed reasonable to me though.

The Fat Snook Menu

As of July 2019, the Fat Snook menu features five appetizers, seven entrees and seven side options. Even with the handpicked menu, it can be very hard to decide what to eat! I like when menus are on the smaller side, because you know the restaurant puts care into each option and that is definitely the case here.

The appetizers range from $9 to $22 and are mainly seafood based. Four of the options include seafood and this ranges from grilled oysters to a jumbo scallop. The southern tomato pie is one of the few vegetarian options on the menu, in addition to six of the seven sides. If you are vegetarian or vegan, the chef will most likely be able to make you something special, but you will have to ask!

the fat snook appetizers

The only other option for vegetarians is to have a meal of side dishes. I have done this in the past at other restaurants, just out of preference and loved it. The Fat Snook offers two salads, cornbread, grits, potatoes and broccolini. Of course the sides are more intricate than I’ve laid out here. Each one had a distinctive blend of spices and accompaniments, including cheese and fruit.

For entrees at The Fat Snook, you have a choice of four seafood dishes, one chicken, one duck and one steak. The Tomahawk Ribeye steak is $75, which is definitely a splurge, but surely unforgettable! The rest of the entrees range from $24 to $31, though potentially higher because of market price.

the fat snook entrees

I would highly recommend getting seafood, because that is The Fat Snook’s specialty. The fresh catch options are especially a favorite and though they are usually Mahi Mahi and Arctic Char, the options can vary. On the night we went, they also had a special pork option on the menu. You never know what you might find here!

There are also a few dessert options which can change at times. The waitress gave us four options that all sounded delectable. This included Key Lime Pie, Crème Brûlée and Hazelnut Chess Pie.

Our Experience

Because of my blog, The Fat Snook provided us with some complimentary items. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

After receiving our sparkling wine and ordering, we were delighted to see an amuse-bouche brought out. They ended up bringing us three over the course of the meal, however they normally only bring one at the start. The first was a shooter of chilled broccolini soup and lobster claw meat. Lobster is my favorite, so this was a delicious surprise!

the fat snook amuse-bouche

Our appetizers came shortly after. We actually ordered the side of corn bread as an appetizer, along with the poutine. Bread just seems more like a starter to me than a side! It was a huge slice of Caribbean corn bread which had a slight pineapple flavor and a decadent butter topping.

The Rock Shrimp Poutine was even more an instant hit though. It has a Fontina and Poblano mornay sauce in addition to white cheddar cheese curd for a savory delight. I really couldn’t get enough of this cheesy dish with the onions on tops. The shrimp added a succulent bite with the crispy fries.

Before our entrees, we were treated to another amuse-bouche. This one was a duck and mushroom filled ravioli. Duck is not my favorite to eat, but you could tell the pasta is homemade. Such an earthy bite had me very much in the mood for dinner!

the fat snook mahi mahi

For the main course, we each got a seafood dish and shared one side. I opted for the Poblano Pesto Shrimp with pumpkin cheddar grits and a chorizo cream sauce. Andrew got the Fresh Catch of Wasabi and Almond Crusted Mahi with black forbidden rice, a pineapple beurre blanc and cucumber seaweed salad. For the side we chose the Grilled Broccolini with ricotta and crispy onions.

Both entrees and the side were delectable. The shirmp was perfectly balance by the slightly spicy poblano and the sweet pumpkin. I loved it, although Andrew’s choice may have been slightly better. I had a few bites of the fish with the coconut rice I was amazed by the flavors! The broccolini rounded out the meal, although it was a lot of food for the two of us.

the fat snook key lime pie

Our meal ended with one more amuse-bouche and the Key Lime Pie. The gingerbread crusted sorbet they gave us was a delightful palette cleanser especially before the rich, buttery pie. This dessert was quite impressive looking with the large amount of meringue, but honestly flavor wise, the meringue didn’t do much for me. The crust on the key lime pie was perfection though! We left the meal extremely full, but so pleased with the experience!

Brunch, Events and More

Currently, The Fat Snook is only open for dinner, but between February through May, they offer a popular Sunday brunch. It sounds heavenly with options like a Fried Donut Monte Crisco and Paprika Spiny Lobster Tacos. I’ll be sure to remind everyone when brunch is back on Instagram!

the fat snook cocoa beach

They also occasionally have specials like the June menu where you could get three courses for $35. In October, The Fat Snook also participates in Flavor Dining Month where they have a three course dinner for $40. Considering most entrees are $30, this is a great deal!

Since The Fat Snook is such a community staple, they also participate in a few local events every year. This November, they will be one of the many local restaurants participating in the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. It takes place on November 16th in 2019 and you can get tickets now here!

Know Before You Go: The Fat Snook

If you are looking for seafood in Cocoa Beach, The Fat Snook is the place to go! I especially like this restaurant for celebrating a special occasion, because it is such an intimate environment. Here are a few things to keep in mind before dining here.

  • The Fat Snook is open 5:30 to 9 PM every day. Sunday Brunch is served February through May from 10 AM to 2 PM.
  • Seating is indoors only and reservations are recommended. You can make them on Open Table.
  • There is a small bar area you can sit at that serves wine and beer.
  • Most of the patrons wore semi-casual attire, although given the atmosphere, you probably don’t want to be dressed like you just left the beach.
  • There is no kids menu and barely any vegetarian options. I recommend calling ahead if you want to inquire about dietary requests.
  • Parking is limited and make sure to be parked in a legal spot if the lot is full because people have gotten towed.
The Fat Snook Cocoa Beach Restaurant

Do you prefer Crush XI or The Fat Snook more? I have a hard time choosing between the two! Make sure to try them if you are in the area. If you want more local restaurant reviews, check out my Top 10 Restaurants in Melbourne, FL post or if you are here on vacation, I have a complete Space Coast Travel Guide.