Topgolf – The Best Orlando Attraction That Isn’t a Theme Park

If you haven’t noticed on Instagram, my new obsession is Topgolf. It’s an entertainment complex that operates as a driving range with games, in addition to a restaurant and bar. They are currently in the process of opening locations all over the country right now due to very popular demand. If you live in Texas, Florida or some southern states you might have heard or seen Topgolf in the city nearest you.

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I have been to the one in Tampa multiple times, but I was so happy that there is now one in Orlando too. The concept is a driving range game, where you basically hit golf balls into targets to get points. It may not sound that exciting to non-golfers, but believe me, anyone will have a blast playing!

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For topgolf, you can have 6 people play per bay and you can play for as long as you want at an hourly rate. I think 2-4 people is the ideal bay amount. You can get bays next to each other if you have a larger party.

As far as time goes, a lot of locations are super busy on nights and weekends, so try to go early in the evening or day if you do not want to wait.  It will also save you money as it costs $30 an hour from open to noon, $40 and hour from noon to 5 PM and then $50 an hour from 5 PM to close.

It seems like a lot but it’s not too bad if you are splitting between people. If there is a wait, you can hang out at the bar or eat in the restaurant.

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We like going in the morning around brunch time. This way it’s not too crowded and you can have brunch brought to the table. The seating options are very comfortable as they have couches and high-tops with plenty of room for six people.

The Bloody Mary’s, mimosas and beer-mosas (Blue Moon, prosecco and orange juice) are all excellent to enjoy while playing, although you do not have to order anything. If you are going to be there for a bit it is nice to have the option, and the food is really actually good!

I haven’t had dinner there, but we love getting the charcuterie board or other apps when we go in the evening.

Orlando's Top Golf charcuterie board in a Bavarian style pretzel

As far as the games go, you can play a variety of styles. The classic game is you take turns hitting the ball and getting points based on which target it goes to and how close to the center.

My favorite game is Top Shot where you have to hit five balls in to each of the four targets. You have to work on your accuracy on this one and even get negative points if you hit the wrong target.

The concept is very flexible though a fun we usually just hit 3-5 balls and then rotate players. That keeps the game moving  instead of constantly switching after each ball. It ends up being such a fun time and you do get to work in your golf skills.

Andrew taking a swing at Top Golf Orlando

One last note, they used to allow dogs, but sadly do not anymore. This was a bummer for us because we loved bringing Charlie! I imagine it was becoming a liability as they expanded.

I really recommend going if there is a Top Golf near you or you are visiting a city with one. It’s an especially fun activity to try if you are in Orlando and the weather is bad. The bays keep you protected from the rain and are temperature controlled so it’s comfortable in the heat or the rare cold day.

If you need a break from the theme parks, get some brunch here and then check out the Orlando Eye after!

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